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Keep it seemly …

53 comments on “Caption contest”

  1. joe90 1

    There are two bull statutes in Bulls, one without a pile of shit, and the one Soimon posed with.

  2. Lettuce 2

    One produces constant bullshit, the other’s just a bull.

  3. mac1 3

    Simon received media training last week.

  4. Philg 4

    ‘I’m holding this Govt to account…’ – No bull Bridges.

  5. One Anonymous Bloke 5

    There’s a screen-cap doing the rounds on Facebook from Bridges Twitter account. The caption is hilarious.

    “Brilliant! Posting that now – this caption ok? …”

    Looks like Simon slipped on some media training.

    • Carolyn_Nth 5.1

      this tweet?

      On a road trip to Whanganui today to give a speech so made a quick stop for the obligatory photo in Bulls.

      • One Anonymous Bloke 5.1.1

        Sorry my bad, it was an instagram post.

      • Descendant Of Sssmith 5.1.2

        Actually it was always obligatory to go to the local dairy and buy some milk.

        We still do every time we pass through – it’s like tooting in the Mt Vic tunnel, or digging a hole at hot-water beach.

        That way you add to the economy and have a small chuckle at the same time.

    • mac1 5.2

      This is Simon Bridges photographed with his media trainer.

      Or is that his source?

      • One Anonymous Bloke 5.2.1

        See reply to Carolyn Nth above – it was Instagram not Twitter. My mistake.

  6. Philg 6

    ” Simon perfects the selfie.”

    ” Opposition Leader Announces Latest Successful Education Policy “

  7. mauī 7

    National aiming to pull back rural voters with new “Bull si-men” industry.

  8. mauī 8

    Man happy with how first bovine to humanoid artificial insemination went.

  9. mauī 9

    Mayor of Bulls unveils new Simon statue.

  10. mauī 10

    Organiser speaks out:

    “We tried to tell him that matadors use the colour red but he wouldn’t listen, he said he wanted to make his political statement… All I can add right now is that it was an accident.”

  11. Steve 11

    Standing outside National Party HQ talking BULL as usual.

    (Check out the sign above the bull, he’s standing in front of ‘The RAT HOLE’)

  12. Bill 12

    As long as I’m only beside the bull, no-one will ever think I’m as useless as….

  13. mary_a 13

    One is a bovine beast, which contributes to NZ. The other object just happened to find its messy way out of said bovine’s arse!

  14. Mark 14

    A cheap shot against the next PM of this country, but I wouldn’t expect anything else. imagine the outrage if someone posted a photo of jacinda standing next to a cow.

  15. Keepcalmcarryon 15

    “The ensimonator”

  16. Hooch 16

    He’s a pretty cowmmunist

  17. repateet 17

    A bull and a minor shot.

  18. repateet 18

    Beef Wellington – half baked.

  19. mauī 20

    The use of a translator had been a huge success in widening the party’s support the leader said.

  20. repateet 21

    Fine ‘un and Carbuncle

  21. Keepcalmcarryon 22

    National steering committee

  22. cleangreen 23

    Hi Mum!

  23. Incognito 24

    Simon has a beef with Bridges.

  24. Mac1 25

    Media training lesson #1

    ” “Quick, look, over there.” Whenever the business of government gets difficult, diversions serve a useful strategic purpose.”

    Media training lesson #2

    “Get photographed with Someone Famous, who shares your core values.”

    Media training lesson #3

    “Show that you’re a good bloke, and ready to muck in whenever the going gets tough. No task is too lowly. Remember the common touch.”

  25. Stuart Munro 26

    The National Party recreation of the Pamplona bull run is “fairly legal” according to its leader, Simon Bridges. He claimed the substitution of fiberglass protagonists was not a problem, “The public will never know the difference,” he said.

  26. patricia bremner 27

    Simon couldn’t get a real person for his selfie.

  27. mikesh 28

    “I’ve just found a replacement for Jonothan Coleman”

  28. Jenny 29

    Simon Bridges cuddles bull, modeling for his suggested sculpture to replace the Wall Street Fearless Girl which outrageously stands defiant against the raging bull of Wall Street.

  29. Ankerrawshark 30

    When Paula goes, my friend here would be a perfect deputy

  30. Philg 31

    Bridges shows us the Brighter Future, again!

  31. John 32

    National unveils its new leadership team. No bull on my watch says Simon

  32. AB 33

    Bridges announces the new Opposition Spokesperson on China (Shops)

  33. mac1 34

    Which of the two is more outstanding in his field?

  34. Incognito 35

    One statue, one placeholder.

  35. Hanswurst 36

    A side-by-side comparison between Key 2.0 and the new, improved Key 3.0

  36. Doogs 37

    And this, my friends, is where I get all my wonderful policies for your brighter future!

  37. Tricledrown 38

    Micro Bovis and Butt head

  38. Treetop 39

    For his size this man can sure talk a lot of bull.

  39. Michelle 40

    I’m all bull -shert

  40. Mistah P 41

    No bull savage!

  41. AmaKiwi 42

    My political inspiration.

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