Carter’s last fan

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How fitting that Audrey Young is Speaker David Carter’s very last fan in the world – Labour’s mini revolt smacks of pettiness.

There has been one egregious error by the Speaker this term, in letting the Prime Minister get away with claims that Labour supported murderers and rapists.

There have been multiple egregious errors by the Speaker this term. He is nakedly biased and utterly inconsistent, and everybody knows it.

But Labour and Little’s constant clash with the chair smacks more of frustration that the party is not making gains where it wants, in hits against the Government or its own policy triumphs.

“Smacks” is in the eye of the beholder. Labour and Little are challenging the rubbish decisions of a rubbish Speaker. As they should. As should an unbiased media.

15 comments on “Carter’s last fan”

  1. Macro 1

    Hear! hear!
    Carter is a disgrace as a Speaker. The House is now little more than a rabble, and a very toxic environment. Govt MPs are allowed to get away with almost anything and are seldom held to account as they should be to properly answer at Question Time. It’s an absolute disgrace.

  2. Stuart Munro 2

    And what a fan she is! Makes Flight of the Conchord’s Mel look like an amateur.

  3. veutoviper 3

    Audrey will not be enjoying the vast majority of the comments on the Herald to her article (49 so far), which slam Carter and her article.

  4. Gabby 4

    It would help if Little and co. learnt how to ask questions. Too often they’re of the ‘Is the government going to admit they’re hopeless?’ variety. Blow me down if the government is seldom going to do that. They lay themselves open to Ponyboy’s sneery fourthformisms over and over again.

  5. crashcart 5

    The Beehive press department must have been up late last night as she has a second article out now blowing so much hot air up Coillins’ ass you could use her to get around the world in 80 days.

    Not even an attempt at hiding her own political bias. She has the gumption to point to Collins overseeing the introduction of Serco to corrections as a high point in her career.

  6. Once was Tim 6

    “How fitting that Audrey Young is Speaker David Carter’s very last fan in the world ”

    And what do you surmise is the reason. Are they ‘courting’ perhaps?
    She’s got to be star-struck in some way. Unless of course she’s an MSM troll trying to push a political agenda under the ‘dis’/’anti’-guise of being a paid up member of the johnalist’s association – and all those ‘values’ that go with it.

    Oops – I forgot – this isn’t the Farrar/Slater anti-blog.
    Let me take it all back. Audrey – you’re gorgeous darling. And Mr Carter (Sir), I bow down before ye – and may I say those feathers and the mary look that adorn you certainly give you the perception of concern and legitimacy

  7. Brendon Harre -Left wing Liberal 7

    Again can I recommend that when Labour next gets into power they put some dignity back into parliament by having a unanimously or super majority elected speaker.

    • Tracey 7.1

      THIS ^^^^^^^

      Maybe turn it over to Clerk of the House… Get a constitutional/House Rules expert in
      the chair

      • Brendon Harre -Left wing Liberal 7.1.1

        John Key has undermined anyone in the civil service who might be critical to his agenda and promoted his own people. He would do the same to a Clerk of the House.

        If that person was appointed by a decision making process separate from the ruling govt executive then maybe.

        It is stupid to expect a fair referee in parliament when one side of the House controls the appointment process. kiwis understand that neutral refs are needed in sport -surely they would understand it for politics were the stakes are that much higher.

        • Tracey

          Which is why Lockwood stood out for me. He had a good ethical compass, imo, and that is what drove him, until the Nats needed that compass replaced.

  8. acrophobic 8

    Carter is painful to watch. But so are Labour. Their tactics in dealing with Carter’s ineptness have made them look childish.

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