Celebrating Youth Unemployment

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Celebrating Youth Unemployment

Written by The Jackal at 8:02 PM

There’s a major problem with National’s policies that was highlighted in Parliament today; Youth Unemployment levels are the highest since records began and higher than in the great depression.

The dysfunctional process that has led to such a huge increase is a direct result of National’s archaic policies that have caused an extended and deeper recession and worsening social conditions including a lack of good jobs for the young.

It’s a pressing matter, especially considering the recent social disorder similar prehistoric policies have caused in Britain. Despite that violence, National is intent on going down the broken laissez faire path, which has been proven a complete failure especially for the young and impoverished.

When questioned on the fact that there’s a huge increase in Youth Unemployment since National took over, Minister for Social Development, Employment and Youth Affairs Paula Bennett made a strange statement;

“There’s really a lot to celebrate.”

FFS! There are enough young people not in employment or training to fill the new Eden Park stadium. Obviously 39,300 unemployed people between the ages of 15 to 19, is not something to celebrate, but try telling Bennett that.

Trevor Mallard was asked to leave because he called John Key a chicken btw. You might have also noticed Lockwood Smith stepping in to protect Paula Bennett when the questioning became difficult for her to answer. This is not how democracy should work, MP’s should be able to stand on their own two feet without being mollycoddled by the Speaker of the House.

By trying to spin National’s failure into something positive, Bennett has effectively mislead the house. Bennett then tried to mislead reporters by saying the increase was only for youth aged 15 to 19, when in fact there is an increase in unemployment for those aged 18 to 24 years since 2009 as well.

The Household Labour Force Survey put New Zealand’s unemployed youth rate at nearly 30% the highest in the OECD. This is a ticking time bomb and one that must be addressed in a timely fashion, and not just by throwing kids off welfare. That just leads to further resentment and social disintegration.

If National was addressing the problem properly, it would not have got so bad. High youth unemployment is another symptom of National’s endemic contempt for New Zealand’s young and poor. A couple of examples of that was when National removed $146 million for youth training, affecting 31,000 positions. They also made cuts for funding for higher education for sole parents, taking away the very same incentive Paula Bennett used herself to get ahead.

National is shuffling the deck and stacking it against the young. By removing funding that they themselves had the benefit of, they’re showing their only loyalty is to themselves and their rich mates. The consequences of such selfishness and hypocrisy could be disastrous.

18 comments on “Celebrating Youth Unemployment”

  1. Craig Glen Eden 1

    National obviously believe many young Kiwis wont get to the polling booths this election,but just to make sure lets put the boot into 16 and 17 year old beneficiaries aye.

  2. Rijab 2

    Very strategic move from Mallard in the context of that video, a bit less strategic with a longer view of House business. The moves from National are disgusting, they’re stealing an election by stealth.

  3. marsman 3

    National do not want to be answerable to the people of New Zealand Nor do they want to take responsibility for their appalling management of the Economy, of Health, Education, Transport, Welfare Etc. With every grudging reply in the House they always manage to get a snide criticism of the last Labour Government, a criticism often based on distorted facts or lies.
    National has nothing to offer this country except harm.

    • billy fish 3.1

      “With every grudging reply in the House they always manage to get a snide criticism of the last Labour Government, a criticism often based on distorted facts or lies.”

      I’ve always thought the idea of black rod being linked to a fact checker would be great – a team of impartials checking statements for truth and when they find a lie black rod whacks the perpetrtor over the head with a rubber mallet.

      • freedom 3.1.1

        why rubber, according to gerry there are plenty of easily accessible heavy ores avalable

      • Vicky32 3.1.2

        I’ve always thought the idea of black rod being linked to a fact checker would be great – a team of impartials checking statements for truth and when they find a lie black rod whacks the perpetrtor over the head with a rubber mallet.

        Cool idea!

  4. aerobubble 4

    The world economy is far far riskier than it has been for a very long time, and many
    NZ anchored investors would be very wise to bring their wealth closer to home.
    Farmers also. NZ supported global capital exchange in the good times, does not
    mean its smart to do so in the bad times.

    • freedom 4.1

      Fonterra moving into Brasil is probably pretty safe as most of the Republican party and the Xe/Lockheed boys also have large amounts of property there.

  5. mik e 5

    Paula Benitto has shot Key And Joyce and herself in the foot the “letter”

  6. Tombstone 6

    Paula Bennett is revolting. Guess when you’re as well fed as she is it’s hard to imagine what it’s like having to eat shit food because you can’t afford a decent meal. Goff made her look like a chump and where was Key to answer these questions? Another photo op? Bunch of tossers.

    Something to celebrate??? How gullible would you have to be to fall for that? Wake the f*ck up NZ – you’re being taken for a ride!

    • mik e 6.1

      Paula Bennitto’s double standard, letters to her daughters partners parole hearing explain what a nice man he is he was jailed for 4.5 years for aggravated assault. Maybe she could write letters for all the others as well.And take them in while their on trial .Give them a stable home when they come out .

    • HC 6.2

      Happened to be able to see most of it all live yesterday and today! It was quite entertaining to see that wobbly big pudding belly wobble up and down as she tried and struggled to answer the questions from King and Goff.

      The news about her mentioning in a letter a few months ago that payment cards were too intrusive to be introduced for regular payments topped it all off today. She was truly caught out and embarrassed about the whole agenda they now have announced on their conference, when questions re that were thrown at her.

      Slowly Labour appear to be getting into higher gear, at least during question time.

  7. weka 7

    Bennett’s idiocy and abhorrent politics have nothing to do with her weight or body shape. Please don’t indulge in fat phobia.

  8. weka 8

    straight from the horse’s mouth –

    Dear [      ],
    Thank-you for your email which I received in my office on 22 February 2011 about a special credit card payment system for all people receiving a benefit. You suggest that alcohol and tobacco be forbidden purchases.

    You may be unaware that there is already a payment card in place where for any food grant that is made alcohol and tobacco are forbidden.

    I would like to explain that a  key principle of the benefit system is that benefit payments are payable to the individual who qualifies for that assistance. Youre suggestion would require the Crown to make moral judgements about the appropriateness of each decision. Such oversight by the Crown would be highly intrusive and rob individuals of their freedom of choice. Spread across the entire benefit system, this kind of oversight would impose an enormous administrative burden and cost upon Work and Income. Most people do not receive a benefit for a long period of time and move into work as soon as they can.

    It is most unfortunate that there is a small minority of income support recipients who do not use their monies prudently. I cannot agree that this should change the way welfare is paid or assessed. These people are generally well known to Work and Income and are often under the watchful eye of other organisations such as budgeters and welfare groups.

    Thank you for taking the time to write. I am always interested in receiving suggestions.
    Yours sincerely
    Paula Bennett


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