Chaos at National

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It seems the suggestion of “Deutschland uber alles” as a campaign song has got National’s General Manager Chris Simpson the boot. I also hear that there’s no love lost between him and Judy and apparently it’s a matter of madness. One of them thinks the other is.

Jo de Joux has been appointed Interim General Manager and Campaign Manager (I think she’s the 3rd since the election).

And over at Labour, Mike Willliams has been appointed Campaign Director for the 4th time after 3 election wins in a row.

9 comments on “Chaos at National”

  1. Robinsod 1

    Ah the Tories – remember the days the left spent all their time bickering amongst themselves? Sometimes I wonder if the good ship National will even get to the next election without breaking up completely.

  2. Greg 2

    Do you have any sources for this information?

    (I’m doing my thesis on National’s organisation, so I’m immediately interested in infighting)

  3. Eddie 3

    Well apparently they’ve seen The Standard and moved quickly to appoint Steven Joyce as campaign manager. As for your thesis Greg, the grunt of National’s organisation, I think we will find, once again, is the Exclusive Brethren.

  4. dancer 4

    is that a relation of Phil de Joux (Deputy chief of staff in the Nats leaders office)?

  5. insider 5

    I think they may but I hasten to add that I am open to debate and could be wrong so please don’t sue have a relationship defined in law that is not a civil union.

  6. Santa Claws 6

    Ahh Labour, still run by the same gang of thieves that stole 800k from the taxpayer, protected Taito Phillip Field and David Benson-Pope etc.

    Did Mike Smith resign after telling the Chief Electoral Office that Pledge Card spending would be counted before the election, then withdrawing that offer just after – I think not.

    Nor did Mike Williams or Heather Simpson.

    I think you lefties need to consider the integrity of those running the Labour party too.

  7. Robinsod 7

    DPF Claws – you’re back! Someone tried to pretend to be you earlier today but I called them on it (I couldn’t have anyone thinking DPF was that dumb). Don’t worry bro, I’ve got your back.

    Oh and that “gang of thieves” rhetoric is just going to scare people off your argument bro but thanks for counterpointing the clever stuff they put up here – it makes it look even smarter.

  8. Billy 8

    If only National had a Mike Williams. You know, someone who is prepared to lie to the Chief Electoral Officer in order to perpetuate an election rort to secure power at any cost.

  9. Robinsod (moderator) 9

    Billy – national’s got lots of folk prepared to lie to the CEO, in fact they’re happy to lie to anyone. What a flexible crew…

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