Chaos between supposed coalition partners

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ACT is so desperate for some publicity that – Act’s David Seymour calls out National’s law and order policy

Act leader David Seymour has launched an attack on National over its law and order policy and over a claim by National campaign chairman Steven Joyce that Seymour might be trailing in his Epsom seat.

He has compared National to criminals.

The tone of Seymour’s attack on the law and order policy – to send the worst youth offenders to an Army-run boot camp – is more like that of New Zealand First or another Opposition party.

“National are the worst re-offenders in youth crime”, the headline of his press statement said.

He correctly pointed out that the boot camp policy was previously announced by John Key – in 2008 when he was in Opposition – and said it had failed because National did not want to commit to addressing youth crime beyond slogans.

“If National can’t even break their own cycle of behaviour, how can they hope to break the cycle of failed families and youth offenders who cause so much damage to New Zealand society?”

So, open warfare between supposed coalition partners in the run-up to the election. Just imagine what would happen if the Greens were attacking Labour like this.

9 comments on “Chaos between supposed coalition partners”

  1. Carolyn_nth 1

    David Seymour is sounding increasingly desperate as this election goes on. He used a nasty line of venom in attacking Metiria Turei. Now he’s attacking the Nats.

    Is this for the benefit of his comfortable electorate voters, and/or some potential liberal voters possibly voting for Goldsmith?

  2. savenz 2

    David Seymour is an attention seeker, but he is right to point out that the National’s policy are mostly slogans – nothing beyond the slogan – and any money that they commit to help causes seem to be siphoned off for their cronies.

    Just look at what the benefits of having Bill English’s wife on the board for a suicide prevention hotline, or millions in foreign aid being used in a contract for scenic hotel Niue which is just a coincidence that their founder just happened to give a donation to National. It’s all such a coincidence these days that ‘friends with benefits’ benefit with tax payers money, while the value is questionable or unproven to the people who really need it.

  3. esoteric pineapples 3

    Every once in a while Seymour does this sort of thing to make ACT appear as if it is a planet rather than a satellite of National. I think both Seymour and National understand that this is much ado about nothing, and there is a metaphorical nod and a wink between the two blind horses.

  4. This election may become known as the ‘red election’ – not just for the victory of the left but also the trail of blood and bodies that led to it.

  5. ianmac 5

    Seymour and Dunne use the same strategy. Very minor party, so near the Election yell loud about the difference they have with National and show how brave they are to be so independent. And the Maori Party does it too to a lesser extent. Does it work? Hardly.

  6. feijoa 6

    Yeah well, supposedly squeaky clean Mr Perfect David Seymour did all the shouting in the Meteria affair. Cos if National had it may have backfired if someone actually thought to ask about Bennett and English etc
    Dirty Politics still here.

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