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Classy right wing politics

Written By: - Date published: 8:05 am, June 13th, 2013 - 41 comments
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Here’s a classic case of classy right wing politics from Australia:

Julia Gillard’s ‘small breasts’ served up on Liberal party dinner menu

Fundraiser for Liberal candidate Mal Brough in Queensland featured ‘deeply sexist’ dishes based on prime minister

A photo of the menu from a fundraiser for Queensland Liberal National Party candidate Mal Brough
A photo of the menu from a fundraiser for Queensland Liberal National Party candidate Mal Brough.

A Liberal National Party fundraiser menu which served up Julia Gillard quail with “small breasts, huge thighs and a big red box” has been labelled tacky and scatological by the opposition leader.

Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey was the guest of honour at the fundraiser which was held in Brisbane in March for LNP candidate Mal Brough who has apologised for the menu and admitted it was sexist, according to the ABC.

Gillard has quite rightly challenged Tony Abbott to ditch the candidate.

Reminds me of our own sexist right-wing politics. All the gender specific hate poured out at Helen Clark. And then there was this little gem from April last year:


What your ruling party got up to at its South Island Regional Conference. Michael Woddhouse, list MP and failed candidate for Dunedin South, speaking at a podium behind a toilet seat with Dunedin South MP Clare Curran’s face attached. It’s witty, too. That’s what I like about it.

The political right try justify this sort of thing as “just a bit of fun”, and “don’t be so PC”. It’s an ugly, ugly mindset.

41 comments on “Classy right wing politics ”

  1. King Kong 1

    That’s some funny shit. I reckon Backbenches should add a few dishes like this to their menu.

    How about “complete chicken a la Cunliffe” – sounds important but is just a total coq
    “Kung pow Norman” – doesn’t come from here and is very gingery

    • You_Fool 1.1

      John Key Dessert – Looks pretty but has no substance and flakes away completly

  2. Appleby 2

    Oh look, the right wing nuts are first off again. It does not take so much as a whiff of tackiness to set them off , showing for the world, their sick little minds

  3. Saccharomyces 3

    Honestly, this kind of stuff is just stupid. Shouldn’t politicians be above this kind of behaviour?

  4. Tiger Mountain 4

    During the last Aust election there was a scene of Tony Abbott exiting the surf wearing speedos, prompting one male commenter to say “looks like he is all smuggler and no budgie” hahaha, and male bulges were certainly very slight in his cossie. I laughed like a drain thinking what a wimp. I was stereotyping too I suppose about men in speedos, and then thought I would shut up, maybe he had had cancer or something.

    With his utterances about women since I could not care less now if Abbott is lampooned for how he looks in a speedo.

    Yet am most unimpressed with the attack on Ms Gillard. It is an attack really on all women (most) that don’t match the idealised standards of media producers and fashion designers. And it is an attack on a woman being leader of a party and a country, like Helen Clark used to cop.

    Flick the candidate at the very least.

    • tracey 4.1

      you dont wear a speedo in front of a pre arranged press gaggle without expecting comment. The “menu” allegedly between father and son but posted by the chef is not the same thing at all.

      Every now and then the right forget themselves thinking they are protected behind closed doors to be their real selves… and then we see the selves we believe them to be.

  5. Typical. Labour is the nasty party, but this is just a bit of good clean fun among good blokes who know how to take a joke.

    [lprent: Read the policy. We take a dim view of people implying that this site is the NZLP. You lose your ability to write comments because I really don’t like complete fuckwits like yourself who are too thick to read it before attracting my attention.

    BTW: yes I am nasty, and I’m also not the Labour party either. I just don’t like dumb dipshits who drop in from Whaledrecks site. I have fun with those useful idiots… ]

    • Winston Smith 5.1

      You’re half right. Labour is the nasty party (though not for lack of trying from the Greens) but this is pretty shallow stuff and even worse is its not original or funny.

      [lprent: You’re not suggesting that this post was put up by the Labour party are you? The post says Anthony was the author – he isn’t the NZLP and nor is the site.

      It’d pay you re-read the policy again because next time I see you intimating in any shape manner or form that this site is run by Labour I’ll start with at least a two week ban.

      Now that would be funny…. This is your warning. ]

      • framu 5.1.1

        “though not for lack of trying from the Greens”

        such as….?

      • Winston Smith 5.1.2

        You’re not suggesting that this post was put up by the Labour party are you? The post says Anthony was the author – he isn’t the NZLP and nor is the site.

        No I’m not saying the post is put up by the Labour party, I’m saying Labour is the nasty party. Big difference.

        • ak

          Good old Smitty, repeated bleats of “Labour is the nasty party” while posing as a reasonable observer, sadly unaware that this merely confirms the Natsies’ terror of the adoption of a very appropriate label.
          Likewise the farcical “the Standard is the lefty sewer” refrain. Pathetically, typical Natsy pasty behaviour – sewer rat pets of heartless scum, shouting “vermin!” in the vain hope of being taken remotely seriously in anything they ever say.

          • Winston Smith

            Never said I was reasonable…and as to not liking Labour being the nasty party, well just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it wrong.

            • fender

              “Never said I was reasonable”

              No need to…we can read.

              And by the way…. National are far nastier than Labour, for proof look no further than Judith Collins, she could single handedly halt global warming with a single glance.

      • Rosetinted 5.1.3

        Sounds very like farmboy. Same meathead approach.
        (meathead – urban dictionary – Gets upset very quickly when he cannot complete his own sentences and thoughts.)

      • the pigman 5.1.4

        Schoolyard stuff, Winston, initiated by the schoolyard bully of blogging (and parroted endlessly by his pack of goons) – that you’re prepared to parrot his little meme brings into question your understanding of the word “nasty”.

    • toad 5.2

      I guess in your world repeatedly yelling out “faggot” and other homophobic slurs at a rugby match and patting the woman who objected on the head is just a bit of good clean fun among good blokes who know how to take a joke too.


    • Colonial Viper 5.3

      “This is just a bit of good clean fun”

      I worry about what you teach your children.

      “Among good blokes”

      Again, I worry about what you teach your children.

    • One Anonymous Knucklehead 5.4

      Does anyone else other than me read CJ’s comment as critical of the Right, rather than Labour?

      • felix 5.4.1

        Now that you point it out, yeah possibly.

        Tone is difficult to infer from the written word, especially with minimal context.

      • weka 5.4.2

        I did the first time. The second time I read it it seemed the opposite. New people should make posts clearer, as felix says, it’s hard to infer tone.

        • King Kong

          Do you mean let everyone know what side of the divide they are so you know whether to automatically hate on them?

        • One Anonymous Knucklehead

          Check the link provided by CJ’s handle for supporting evidence 🙂

          • Colonial Viper

            This is way too subtle for daft lefties like us…

            • Cemetery Jones

              Colonial Viper
              13 June 2013 at 4:06 pm

              This is way too subtle for daft lefties like us…

              I blame myself – my impersonation of an empty headed right winger justifying Nat candidates suggesting that it’s ok to euphemistically shit on Labour MPs while insisting that Labour are the nasty party was just a little too well executed for my own good!

              Maybe I’d do well trolling tories on Kiwiblog after all…

            • Mary

              It’s that full-stop after “Typical” that got me.

      • Macro 5.4.3

        When you flick over to the link – Understand where CJ is coming from – this is satire in it’s purest form….

    • “[lprent: Read the policy. We take a dim view of people implying that this site is the NZLP. You lose your ability to write comments because I really don’t like complete fuckwits like yourself who are too thick to read it before attracting my attention.

      BTW: yes I am nasty, and I’m also not the Labour party either. I just don’t like dumb dipshits who drop in from Whaledrecks site. I have fun with those useful idiots… ]”

      Sorry LP, I forgot to deploy the sarcasm tags, allow me to explain …

      Beginning with the fact that I’m not right wing, and proceeding via my intention to satirise the right’s ‘Labour is the nasty party’ meme by contrasting it with their insistence that nasty things that conservatives do as being boys having a bit of laugh.

      And finally, arriving at the point of it all, I am ridiculing the political right for using the Jeremy Clarkson defence when they get caught doing stuff like this, while at the same time accusing the left of being ‘nasty’ when they light a fire under the ass of the right, or of being overly uptight when they complain about the right engaging in nasty politics.

      As far as my reference to the NZLP goes, allow me to explain: the article I am commenting on has a Nat holding a toilet seat with Clare Curran on it. It pretty much exemplifies what I am talking about in my post: the political right’s extremely one eyed approach to what they consider (at their own convenience) to be political nastiness.

  6. Pete 6

    The political right try justify this sort of thing as “just a bit of fun”, and “don’t be so PC”. It’s an ugly, ugly mindset.

    I’ve formed the view that “political correctness” is a synonym for “common decency”. And, okay, there’s no law against being a dickhead, but that doesn’t mean people can’t be called out for such behaviour. I also think railing against “political correctness” demonstrates a lack of empathy.

    • tracey 6.1

      hear hear. PC is actually about showing respect to others, usually different from you. PC is a sadly effective tool to turn something like respect into a pejorative and thereby close down an argument.

      • One Anonymous Knucklehead 6.1.1

        I treat it as a euphemism for “shut up”, but it isn’t hard to find some way to offend those who use the phrase so mindlessly, whereupon it can be turned back on them 😈

  7. BeeDee 7

    I’m not a “good bloke”.
    Sexist jokes undermine respect for the office of Prime Minister. It undermines a woman Prime Minister. It hurts all other women. I feel sick each time. I want to add that I admire Gillard tremendously for her party’s policies and for being able to rebut such nasty slurs.

  8. BLiP 8

    John Key shows his class – http://youtu.be/2jOrWFvDmSw

  9. tracey 9

    Like or dislike her policies there has been sontant and consistent efforts of this nature against Gillard (usually stemming from the Rudd camp). It’s nasty. Akin to the helengrad and snide comments about our former PM’s sexulaity. Remember “Alan Clark”. We are not immune from it and it seems most hateful toward women PM’s.

  10. tc 10

    There are some comparisons to NZ.

    Labour may lose to a very unsavory character well backed by big business beacuse they have the wrong leader who has split the party further than it already was and more importantly can’t get the job done.

    She only won last time because Oz didn’t have long enough to judge her IMO, Kev’s mining tax she’s watered down to nothing and mining is backing the Liberals big time and like here the lib’s backers control the media.

    It also shows what a largely blokey, sexist and old school society Oz is once you scratch the surface.

  11. joe90 11

    Ann Summers on the vileness of the Australian opposition toward Gillard.


    • Pete 11.1

      I know it says r-rated in the URL, but it should be clear that some of the images in your link are NSFW.

  12. vto 12

    So what would the Key lot look like on a menu? A brownlee slow-roasted pork belly with fresh ryall chives? Or the big comfy sausage roll perhaps ma’am..

  13. millsy 13

    Only one way for the left to react to things like that. Fling the shit right back in their Tory faces.

    No more Mr nice guy.

    The time has come to fight fire with fire. The right will give no quarter, so the left must not either. National and ACT gave up their right to be treated decently when they pulled shit like this.

  14. Draco T Bastard 14

    Trivialising women in power

    The problem is not humour. A dirty joke can be a work of knowing absurdity: witness Benjamin Law on Jane Eyre’s core strength. The problem is low-grade, unambitious humour, which is only funny to an adolescent mind, for whom the very fact of small breasts and pubic hair is hilarious. In other words, what’s so head-shakingly pathetic is not smut, but dull, cliché smut, of the sort expected from gangly fifteen year-olds.

    Pretty much sums it up – the RWNJs haven’t left puberty yet.

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