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After a brutal smear-campaign from Key, Gilmore is gone. Nothing he did made him unfit to be an MP ,* but lying to Key meant Key had to get him out of the caucus or look weak. And the only safe way to do that was have him resign. That done, we get Claudette Hauiti. Who’s she? Well, here’s a measure of her calibre. In a 2010 Auckland local board competition, she came 10th out of 12.

*that is, in a world where we have a man who used his Parliamentary privileges to gain inside information on Tranzrail when he was a shareholder go on to be PM and another took out of town accommodation money that he wasn’t entitled to is Finance Minister, not an ideal one.

60 comments on “Claudette Hauiti”

  1. jpwood 1

    Yes but that is only because the Left were so desperate to win they employed bully boy tactics to get people out to vote (according to her blog).

    • Clockie 1.1

      Here is the actual quote you refer to in full and in context:

      ” How desperate were the ‘left’ to get Len Brown into the job, very desperate. You got to admire the job they did on South and West Auckland. They rallied the people, constantly attended to them, it was almost bully-boy tactics. How desperate were they, very desperate.”

      Having read a fair bit of what Hauiti wrote about that campaign I’d say Labour weren’t the only ones who were rather keen to get over the line. In fact, I think it’s fair to say Hauiti herself was gagging to win and the “bully boy” comment is a sour grapes moment which reflects her disappointment. Could it be that she is now working with National because it is a promising vehicle for her political careerist ambitions rather than out of deep seated ideological commitment?

    • Eddie 1.2

      ‘bullying people into voting?’ lolz.

      • Clockie 1.2.1

        “rallied the people, constantly attended to them” That’s the kind of bullying I wouldn’t mind seeing from the Labour Party on a full-time basis..

        • QoT

          It just says so much about a person when they using “rallied the people” as a term of abuse, doesn’t it?

    • Dr Terry 1.3

      NB: “according to her blog”.

  2. karol 2

    Hauiti on Citizen A last year.

    near the beginning, Hauiti answers the question , “Is John key disconnected from the reality of poverty?”

    Hauiti’s answer: “No. No politician is disconnected from that reality of poverty.”

    • prism 2.1

      Broadband connects the country that’s why. Obvious eh!

    • AsleepWhileWalking 2.2

      Oh I see, THAT lady.

    • Dr Terry 2.3

      To a misleading extent she may be right. Probably all are well aware, at a mental level, of the existence of poverty. Problem is that so often it stays right there, awareness with no action.

  3. Tiger Mountain 3

    Another trout features tory, where are you now Melissa Lee, Worthie, Wongie, and all the rest. Pecuniary interest? get real old chap…..

  4. Gilmore is in serious trouble now, sending out utu emails, that could be considered to be threatening violence.

    Have to wait and see what his replacement will be like.

    • Pascal's bookie 4.1

      “that could be considered to be threatening violence.”

      err, ok.

    • Morrissey 4.2

      …that could be considered to be threatening violence.

      Rubbish. As usual, you have no idea of what you’re talking about.

      • Brett Dale 4.2.1

        Pascal Bookie:

        Utu means revenge doesnt it, and not revenge in a your going to put his stapler in jelly type way, I would consider that to be threatening language.

        • marty mars

          Utu means a lot of things mainly imo reciprocation. So i suppose he means he will reciprocate by telling the truth about those he has emailed.

          • marty mars

            actually reciprocity is the better word in english. The key is that utu is neutral – both positive and negative. Below is a good definition


            “an important concept concerned with the maintenance of balance and harmony in relationships between individuals and groups and order within Māori society, whether through gift exchange or as a result of hostilities between groups.”

            brett could have argued revenge is correct and it is true that it can be contained within the concept but too often it is the only interpretation and is based upon ‘other factors’ pertaining to the individual making the assertion – which Pb covered.

        • Pascal's bookie

          What Marty says.

          You might want to reflect on your reaction to the word utu. (coz it ‘could be considered’ to be pretty damn racist)

          • Brett Dale

            Pascal Bookie:

            FFS, seriously? I wont be reflecting on my reaction to that word.

            • Eddie

              yeah, if there’s one thing we know about Brett Dale, it’s that his motto is ‘ignorance is bliss’.

              Look it him: ‘ahh, Maori word. Maoris are scary. The Maori word for revenge is really scary!’ He then has it explained to him that utu doesn’t mean revenge, it means reciprocation, and refuses to consider why he jumped to stupid conclusions.

              • Really Eddie, you can do better than this, ask 100 kiwis in the street what they think the word Utu means? But it so easy for the left just to name call. Enjoy being in opposition for the next two or three elections.

                • fender

                  Even if he uses English it’s not a crime to threaten revenge. Hell maybe he will actually get someone sacked, can’t see him going to jail for that.

                  • Maybe he needs to explain what he means, Im sure he will become a hero of the left either way.

                    Perhpas he’s going to go all Jim on his National colleagues.

                    Best form of utu.

                    • felix

                      Strange, I would’ve picked you to identify more with Dwight.

                    • North

                      Well Brett Dale in the second place you concede no idea by saying that maybe he should explain what he means. So where do you get off telling us in the first place what the fuck he means.

                      Typical Dumb Mouthy Tory Caught Out.

                • Why won’t you reflect on your misunderstanding of the concept brett, why is it so hard? If 100 people don’t understand it why not be the first to move towards the understanding instead of knee-jerking abuse.

                • QoT

                  And just to be clear, everyone, when Brett says “ask 100 kiwis” he’s talking about white people.

                  • Actually QOT, IM not, but way tom throw an allegation out there, the left is good at that. So ya not going to name call national’s new list mp then??

                    • freedom

                      you asked the question Brett
                      “Utu means revenge doesnt it,”

                      people have clearly answered it
                      the polite thing to do is respond

                • tracey

                  what does it matter what 100 kiwis think it means? That’s like saying 100 kiwis think blue is green, doesn’t make it so.

                • Clockie

                  Brett: Most Kiwis are / choose to be ignorant about most things Maori. Asking 100 ignorant people what they think utu means will get you an ignorant answer. So yes, you’re right that those 100 people will probably agree with you. That doesn’t make either you or them correct in their interpretation of the meaning of utu. It means reciprocity. As a non Maori I don’t pretend to have deep insights into the workings of Maori society and I’m sure Marty and others will correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂 My understanding is that utu as a concept is tied in with the concept of mana. Maori society like many traditional societies, eg. pre-christian Norse, is what’s known as a “shame society” as opposed to British culture which is a “guilt society”. The two cultures have subtle differences. Maori derive social standing from their Mana. The Mana of an individual or a group varies depending on how they are perceived through the lens of an honour system that keeps track of how they respond to positive things such as good deeds and gifts and negatives such as theft, insults, violence etc. Utu is the word used to describe the reciprocity system that keeps these positive or negative forces in balance.

            • fender

              You don’t seem to reflect on much at all really.

  5. Nick 5

    A ‘brutal smear-campaign’? The guy flat out lied to the PM and refused to take any responsibility for it. If he had done anything less you would have accused him of failing to hold Gilmore to account for his abusive/lying behaviour.

    • Morrissey 5.1

      The guy flat out lied to the PM and refused to take any responsibility for it.

      So did John Banks.

      It’s interesting that, of all the appalling behaviour by National Party MPs, you should obediently parrot the condemnation of the one that is targeted by the Prime Minister and his cronies. What a useful idiot you are.

      • Nick 5.1.1

        Name another National MP whose behaviour was similar to Gilmore’s but recieved different treatment. Closest I can think of is Richard Worth, and he was eventually forced out (albiet in somewhat unclear circumstances).

        • Colonial Viper

          So National holds ACT Ministers to a lower standard?

        • Te Reo Putake

          “Name another National MP whose behaviour was similar to Gilmore’s but recieved different treatment. ”

          John Key? How many lies has he told? It must be in the hundreds by now.

        • North

          The Worth business has no similarity to the Aaron business. Worth’s was deeply dirty, Aaron’s was just deeply arrogant. Aaron suffered because he committed the sin of publicly reflecting the innards of his idol and mentor Shonkey Python.

        • tracey

          John Key wanted Clark to sack Peters from cabinet over the owen glen affair. Key’s words not mine… so the idea that he couldnt dealw ith Banks cos he’s not int he Nat party makes a fool of Key, again

    • Eddie 5.2

      this post says that Key had to get rid of Gilmore, as did the previous one. Of course he did to, politically, and of course we would have continued to call him weak if he couldn’t control one of his MPs.

      I’m going to explain a sophisticated difference to you. a) there’s Gilmore’s behaviour and b) there’s the political imperatives that his lying about it to Key created.

      Gilmore’s roguish behaviour wasn’t so exceptionally bad that he had to resign. He only had to resign because of Key’s political imperatives after the fact that Gilmore had lied to him became public.

      • marty mars 5.2.1

        True. – as soon as the shit began to stick to key it was all over – to key, image is everything and that is his Achilles heel. As for gilmore – fuck I can name most cabinet ministers who are thicker, more self absorbed and shallower than him and that is starting from key on down. Gilmore wasn’t an issue – the sticky shit on key was the issue.

  6. Blue 6

    Yeah Nick, I love the irony that Standardistas are outraged that Gilmore was somehow unfairly treated and has been the victim here. Transparent and desperate.

    • Eddie 6.1

      I’m not outraged at how he’s been treated. His actions themselves weren’t resignation level but once it became public that he had lied to Key, politically, Key had no choice but to force him out.

      I’ve no tears to shed for a tory.

    • Pascal's bookie 6.2

      Hilarious that tories can’t see that a wanker can still be a victim of things like blackmail.

      This whole tawdry business has just exposed the Nats for the little nest of scorpions that folk here always assumed them to be.

      Initially Key took Gilmore’s word and was demanding that Heritage staff make an ‘official complaint’, whatever that means. At that point he should have had staff investigating the mess, but nope.

      Then when the textses (sic) came out Key was sying , ‘oh look, there are some discrepancies that hard to reconcile but it’s up to Gilmore if he resigns, and it’s a bit expensive to kick him out the party so I’m not gonna do anything’. Then he finally got the Party President involved.

      Meanwhile whale and co went into active blackmail mode. Seems the National party rules are a bit like the USSR constitution; kind of pretty but not how things actually work.

      Now they’ve got themselves in the situation where Gilmore has got nothing to lose. He doesn’t seemed to have ever cared what the public think, but when Whale/Lusk started threatening his relationships with family, things went booom.

      Comments from his old man seem to indicate Gilmore has had a wee chat with his kin, and so whatever whale/lusk have on him is now worthless. And so he’s free to use parliamentary privilege to explain just how National operates.

  7. dumrse 7

    “Nothing he did made him unfit to be an MP,…”. He lied or was very economical with facts of what he got up to. He was caught out, he lied. Off with your fucking head.

    • Te Reo Putake 7.1

      “He lied or was very economical with facts of what he got up to.”

      So that’s all it takes for you to condemn Gilmore? I must have missed your comments calling for Key’s head to be offed.

    • Draco T Bastard 7.2

      Oh, good, are you going to demand that Key resign for all his lies as well?

  8. Felix,

    How can you not love dwight???, actually, if you think about it , Jim could be considered to be a a workplace bully in some episodes, but im glad in these final few episodes, there is a deep tender bond between the two, its been beautiful writing.

    • felix 8.1

      Haven’t been keeping up with it to be honest, will have to have a marathon session soon. Still prefer the original version, but the U.S. one is much, much better than just about any other remade series I can think of.

      • Brett Dale 8.1.1


        Yeah they’ve done it so well, season nine has been a wonderful send off for
        the show, just one episode left, Greg Daniels has to be given so much credit
        for the last few episodes.

  9. History of Violence 9

    Wait for his speech tomorrow, will get a definition good of utu, then. I will suggest.

  10. Murray Olsen 10

    WhaleSpew seems to be taking this personally. I expect he’ll be posting pictures of himself with weights at the gym soon, telling us he weighs 100 kg and once took a lollipop off a uniformed girl guide, or was that a patched Black Power? Can’t remember, but he’s real tough. Always worth a laugh because you can see that, deep down, he just wants love and approval. I wonder how he’ll be rewarded for proving once again his absolute loyalty to Key, who, btw, his daddy convinced to stand for NAct. Not that horrible Michelle Boag, no.

    His dark threats are only a worry because they make me wonder how low someone actually has to be before NAct won’t put them on the list. They’ve obviously not found out about Gilmore’s sins only in the last week. They obviously didn’t see them as a problem before the Don was made to look weak. Bloody hell, is NAct a political party or a Mafia clan?

    • xtasy 10.1

      “Whale****” was enjoying mainstream media attention yesterday, getting a word in on Gilmore via radio, television and I suppose also in print, and one scene of him on the TV news showed him in front of a wall full of posters and newspaper pages, one of the “The Truth” frontpage!?

      That sicklish looking large, oversized specimen – of what I am told a “human” type – was there criticising stupid Gilmore for “threatening” Nat members and others by sending out textmessages mentioning “UTU”. Here is actually one expert intimidator, accusing Gilmore (who fell out with Whale’s greatest benefactors and supporters – the National Party), of threatening people.

      Go get a life, Whale, how sick thou art! Promoting yourself again, and really nothing much else! And how sick the media is to even give that specimen any airtime. That tells the state of affairs and “quality” of this crap media in NZ!

      A head so big and ugly that would send every ordinary child running for cover, that is “threatening” enough and should not be shown on television.

      So who is Ms or Mrs Hauiti then? I am intrigued, but my first impression is not that thrilling. She has the wrong party book for a start. Anyone who seriously associates with the Nat party at such a level of becoming a list member, deserves to be treated with utter caution and suspicion.

      One consolation there is, if that is the kind of list members they have available, they have surely run out of the already quite mediocre to useless “talent” that has made it into the cosy Parliament.

      Indeed it will likely only be due to Nats running out of own members with merely any slim shade of comptency or “talent”, that Labour may actually “win” the 2014 or 2017 election. Grief!

  11. tracey 11

    Key referred to Claudette’s “colourful history” this morning, is that his synonym for lesbian now?

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