Closed for tax evasion

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I see the BNZ’s got itself a new PR campaign:

On 4 November, most BNZ people will be working on projects around New Zealand to help our communities be better off – we’re calling it Closed for Good.

Um, thanks all the same, but why don’t you just pay your f*cking tax bill instead?

Update: Hilarity ensues over at Editing the Herald.

7 comments on “Closed for tax evasion”

  1. gitmo 1

    Very fair comment, these idiots rate right up there with the ASB Bank ‘we’ve been a NZ bank since XYZ’ ……. yeah right.

  2. andy 2

    And the interest on the unpaid tax, like the rest of NZ.

  3. toad 3

    Yep, gitmo, wonder what the Commerce Commission might have to say about the ASB one – actually it’s “WE’VE BEEN A KIWI BANK…”.

    Might just drop them a line.

  4. Pat 4

    Watch this space – soon you will be standing in a queue at bnz and they’ll be trying to sell you an ipod. I kid you not.

  5. AJ 5

    This will make me sound completely stupid, but I went to a BNZ branch today and saw the sign saying “Closed for good”. I assumed that’s exactly what it meant – until I went to another branch and saw the same sign. Aha! They’re not closing all their branches forever. They’re just making me drive 45km into town for nothing. I don’t care how many babies they fed or trees they planted today. (I am not a BNZ customer, I hesitate to add – was doing something for an organisation.)

  6. sunny 6

    Yep and Westpac’s got the same PR bull shit going too, running full page ads rabbitting on about how much they’ve put into the community…JUST PAY YOUR TAX you wankers! Talk about bank robbery

  7. Jaseco 7

    You people are jokes yourselves….. So you can educate yourselves, the “tax payment” which you keep rabbitting on about is the result of some transactions that were entered into (by all the big banks) with the blessing of large accountancy firms, solicitors AND it appears, the IRD at the time. It also appears what they did was lawful, however in retrospect the new guard at IRD have decided the coffers are a little light this year. The banks in this country would be up there with the largest tax payers, no doubt subsidising all of the above named who are on the benefit. On the volunteer front, I would imagine having up to 4000 people in the community for the day has made the day of many charities, who will be struggling in difficult times this year. People like Zetetic should get off their chuffs and put their efforts into assisting the needy versus using offensive words and childish behaviour on sites like this. In response to AJ, obviously you don’t watch the TV (maybe you live in a commune or something) or read the newspaper, the event appeared to be well documented (I certainly read about it). It a classic in this country that everyone spends fair too much time moaning and groaning (Zetetic) when their efforts could be better placed in a productive project that is not self indulgent – after all “bank bashing” is nothing new – suggest you get a little more original. Just coming back to the tax thing one more time, I’m sure Zetetic if you were charged with being a “right prat” (if I was on the jury a nitwit like you would be guilty as charged) you would expect a fair trial (and possibly a appeal if you were undoubtedly found guilty). I read that BNZ was found guilty in the High Court and now intend to appeal (which is anyone’s right). I wouldn’t be surprised if a more savvy appeals Judge understood that the Banks entered into these transactions on the basis of sound advice and will in fact reverse the earlier decision – we can only hope that this is the case, because I would love to see you eating humble pie! Cheers

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