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The NY Times reports:

DASHIV is in town and the celebration has not ceased.

Strange women are opening their apartments to him. Three parties have been given in his honor. His beer mug has been constantly refilled.

All hail DaShiv. Who in the world is DaShiv?

Well, in one sense he is Bob Hsiao, a 28-year-old part-time wedding photographer from Berkeley, Calif., who does not have a girlfriend and lives with a roommate.

But thanks to a particular wrinkle of Internet culture, DaShiv is a star, an internationally famous portrait photographer, feted and fawned over during his 10-day visit to New York. This fame is not thanks to his own blog. He doesn’t have one. Nor has he scored big by creating a clever YouTube video or a flashy MySpace page.

DaShiv’s notoriety stems from the popularity of the comments and photos he posts on blogs run by other people…

Here’s the full story.

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