Compulsory vaccination for shareholders’ children

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In a bold new initiative the government has announced that the shareholders of companies that receive corporate welfare will be compelled to vaccinate their children or sell their shares to people who are willing to have their children vaccinated.

Fronting the announcement, Prime Minister John Key rubbished claims the new policy was a draconian infringement on human rights.

Look if Rio Tinto wants carbon credits, if finance companies want bailouts, if Warners wants taxbreaks, and if Fletchers want rebuild dollars, then they need to tell their shareholders to line their kids up quick smart. If my state house childhood and free tertiary education taught me anything it’s that you don’t get something from the taxpayer for nothing. That may be the way the borrow and spend opposition do things but not us. No sireee.

However opposition to the policy is lukewarm with Labour Leader David Shearer saying his party may oppose the move.

This might be a good idea but I’d like to check with Trevor… I mean Grant… I mean see the legislation before I can tell you what I really think real ordinary hardworking new New Zealanders think about what I should really boldly think about it.

It is understood that, despite being recipients of ongoing taxpayer largess, there are no plans to bring parliamentarians into the compulsory scheme.

12 comments on “Compulsory vaccination for shareholders’ children”

  1. Draco T Bastard 1


    BTW, You probably want to add a satire tag as well.

  2. Dr Terry 2

    “Many a true story spoken in jest”! While the word “ethics” is being dropped from parliamentary language, the words “coercion” and “compulsion” must be highlighted in every charter school, the words which must be clearly understood and obeyed by every disadvantaged person.

  3. Dr Terry 3

    Please clarify your terms, are you confusing “vaccination” with “euthanasia”?

  4. Socialist Paddy 4

    Can they also be compelled to use contraception.  The world will be a better place if the buggers don’t breed.

  5. captain hook 5

    hey dude you have a choice now.
    thats the tory way mate.

  6. Jimmie 6

    Heh – at first I thought the purpose of this post was to poke a stick at John Key, but to be honest I think Mr Shearer was more the target here – very subtle Mr Eddie I like it.

    Quite possibly what a lot of Labour supporting lefties are thinking currently.

  7. Pauline 7

    Please explain ..

  8. Vicky32 8

    Dunno about anyone else, but I am getting well sick of all the Shearer bashing on here! Especially as I don’t really understand the motive, but fear there’s nothing ‘left’ about it!
    Blue-Green? Or identity-politics faux left?

  9. Jason 9

    Left, Right,National, Labour,this is what sheeple are told to think there is a choice,that there is democracy WAKE UP
    They all get their orders from the UN, WHO, WTO, not you the people

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