Country divided: Key can’t rule

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Sunday 21 September:

After the election result last night showed how divided the country is, it is unclear how the nation can unite behind John Key to let him be Prime Minister.

Key got less than half the vote, with more of the public not backing him than giving him their vote.

The country was split between a number of contenders and it’s not clear now how it can proceed with Key so undermined by their disunity.

Key got over the line to be PM with backing from the crucial business sector, which will leave him beholden to them, and unable to respond to Joe Public’s interests.

Or alternatively, after an election the result is accepted and the electors accept the result and move on.

Labour will unite around Little, no matter how much the media goes on about the unions or slim margins.  It was often a slim margin behind closed doors in caucus (Brash rolling English by John Key switching sides at the last minute for instance) – but once a party has decided, if they get on with it, that margin matters not a jot.

Little: the party’s behind you, and it’s your move.

43 comments on “Country divided: Key can’t rule”

  1. Draco T Bastard 2

    Little: the party’s behind you, and it’s your move.

    Nice sentiment but apparently not everyone agrees:

    Darien Fenton MWU ‏@DarienFenton 10h10 hours ago
    @mcquillanatorz yep I’m not gonna be nice about this. It’s a disaster

    She has apologised, kinds, but this is the type of shit that the Left just don’t need.

    Now can Labour please, please, please, please, please, take Labour MPs and candidates Twitter accounts off of them as they’re all tweeting disaster areas.

  2. McFlock 3

    good call

  3. dale 4

    Just think about how many caucus votes and membership votes Little got. The party is definitely not behind him. The infighting will continue and as we can already see it will spill into the public domain. Fenton is right this is a disaster.

    • sabine 4.1

      Maybe the Party needs to realise that they are nothing without the votes of the Citizens.

      so if the leader is called the party can get behind him, or the Party can go fishing.

      It really is that simply. And it is up to us to enforce it.

      Btw. Who is Darien Fenton, and why does she still get to moan publicly about something that does not affect her? If she does not like the outcome booo effn hoo,
      many of us did not like the back stabbing Mr. Cunliffe received, but we moved on.

    • tc 4.2

      Fenton along with other self serving MP’s like shearer, cosgrove, curran, goff etc are the disaster not another leader that does not suit there personal agenda like the last one.

      • Keith Ross 4.2.1

        there is a real problem with the long time MPs not getting behind the leader. If they can’t support the leader then they need to get out of the way and let the party move on. I feel that the single largest factor in the loss just past is the inability to support the current leader,whoever it is. This is so blatant and everyone in the public who is not involved knows it.This is supposed to be a democratic organization not some old boys club(that’s the national party). The appearance of this is very off putting for voters like me.It is not the cabinets party or any single persons but an all encompassing democratic party, Isn’t it?TC sums it up in two words – self serving
        support the leader or get out of the way!Poor people like me need this to work.
        Jerry – a concerned voter

  4. Dreamland 5

    Key got the most votes. The next guy(who was that agin?) wasn’t even close. Get over it.

  5. Tracey 6


    Paddy gower was a dog with a bone. I waited for Little to say

    “Even if you get John Key to apologise for being leader of the Nats on the back of a few people with big bags of cash, I wont apologise for having the support of people working hard on behalf of our most vulnerable workers and their families to get safe workplaces and a fair wage.”


    If you are in a job with

    Holiday pay
    Paternity leave
    Bereavement leave
    Sick leave

    You have it because of the historic and recent existence of unions. Even if you do not join a union but feel you are wrongfully dismissed you can join and they will legally represent you for free.

    These are not devils.

    • b waghorn 6.1

      When asked on 3 about his Union support for him Little turned it on to national s problem with people joining together in a single voice .I thought it was a good reply.

    • Clemgeopin 6.2

      Even if you do not join a union but feel you are wrongfully dismissed you can join and they will legally represent you for free

      Are you sure? Then what is the incentive or need for anyone to join an union early at all before crap hits the fan?

  6. meconism 7

    They do not ‘rule’, they govern.

  7. Tautoko Mangō Mata 8

    +1, Tracey.
    We need to reframe the argument. Unions have been badmouthed by people who want to exploit workers and the only way to fix that is to counter it with the facts.
    The clear, precise counter you give is perfect. Altogether, now

    “If you are in a job with

    Holiday pay
    Paternity leave
    Bereavement leave
    Sick leave

    you have it because of the historic and recent existence of unions. Even if you do not join a union but feel you are wrongfully dismissed you can join and they will legally represent you for free.”

    Thanks, Tracey.

    • Areobubble 8.1

      Green entrepreneur s globally are turning the Green movement into cold hard profits.

      Yet instead of the farming sector thanking them for their straight talking, speaking hard truths to farmers, the Herald and rightist press/TV still conflate Greens with flacky and wacky.

      Labour then runs into the corner sobbing the Greens are holding them back.

      Please, Labour get a hold of yourself and start dealing to National anti-Ational agendas that store up bad results. Whether our kids, high incarceration, leaky nonexistent houses, etc, etc.

      Its an absolute disgrace how Labour grovels to Key, like they love him.

      • Clemgeopin 8.1.1

        Its an absolute disgrace how Labour grovels to Key, like they love him

        What brand of mung beans are you seeding?

  8. Gosman 9

    I didn’t realise that the left wing parties were all behind John Key being Prime Minister. Nice to see such unity in the nation at large.

  9. Wayne 10

    We live in a democracy. People accept that the winner governs. In this instance the winner had a big margin over the next party.

    After 6 years people know what a John Key government is like.

    I reckon things are quite calm compared to the period from about 1970 to say 1993. Nothing like Vietnam, the Springbok tour, the Douglas/Richardson reforms. No leader as divisive as Rob Muldoon.

    Overall it is just politics as usual with the typical debates that occur in a democracy.

    • framu 10.1

      wow – another one who didnt get the point

      also – the nats didnt win, the coalition they formed did

    • Lanthanide 10.2

      Lets see:
      – Christchurch earthquakes
      – GFC, largest since the depression
      – Pike river, showing the H&S legacy of National is terrible
      – Leaky buildings hit the fan, showing the building regulations legacy of National is terrible
      – Droughts covering all of the North Island
      – Record dairy payouts, dropping precipitously to 5-year lows within a season
      – Record government debt

      What part of that is “politics as usual”?

  10. fisiani 11

    The union bosses of the EPMU gave their votes to Andrew Little yet 40% of EPMU members gave their vote to National and in 2017 it will probably be 45% giving their vote to National. National has won the hearts and minds and votes of the centre. The centre are not interested in the Union Party making policy that suits the Unions and not the people in the centre. The Union Party is a dinosaur Party. It used to be a broad church that could be supported by a wide range of society. Waitakere men and women used to be comfortable with Labour but are totally switched off from the Union Party. Changing leader is merely rearranging the deckchairs.

  11. Sable 12

    Yes Labour will save us “not”. I’m still left shaking my head at the slavish adoration of a party that has behaved in the last 30 years far more like a right leaning political entity than left. It was Labour who kicked off the neo con bullshit we are forced to endure today. Oh but they are Labour. No they are a party called Labour and that’s all.

    The only thing I believe that will radicalize people enough to want to wipe away the ugly philosophy of greed and graft is the passage of the TPPA. Indeed even then it may take a few years worth of pillage by the US before people have had enough and oust those responsible. Labour and National are both in their own way culpable and I think even now many people are slowly waking up to this fact. I don’t see a future for either party once people realize the degree to which they have been deceived and that is no bad thing.

  12. KJS0ne 13

    Am I the only leftie which thinks this sort of thinking is head in the clouds bullshit? This is MMP, absolute majorities are hard to achieve for even extremely popular parties. Saying that Key will not be able to rule this close to an election where they won convincingly is just foggy thinking.

    • karol 13.1

      Did you see the “satire” tag at the top of the post? Do you not understand the parallel being drawn with the negative reactions to Little being elected Labour leader?

      • KJS0ne 13.1.1

        Oh my bad, I did not see the satire tag, I don’t often read tags. Consider me fooled. And yes now, the parallel is evidently clear and the point being made is a good one.

  13. Areobubble 14

    Talk in EU of deflation. Diary prices continue to drop. China no year of dragon soon.

    Key came to power, lower company tax rates, switch the tax system so lower and middle incomers would pay more of the gross tax revenue. Farmers went boring for dairy conversions. Millions invested.

    Now we stand waiting for the farm debt crisis. Housing prices liable to stagnate all thing be equal, which they are not, all it takes is a rollout of fibre to shift workforces to the regions and burst Auckands bubble.

    So what a mess Key got us into.

    • Liberal Realist 14.1

      You forgot to mention; theft of public assets for private gain, bailouts for dodgy finance companies, effectively encouraging the Auckland housing bubble (by doing nothing) and the list goes on. Not to mention the continuous attack on beneficiaries, worker & civil rights. Then there’s the blatant naked disregard for democracy that is ‘Dirty Politics’.

      Key and NAct have caused much more than just a mess. They’re unmitigated disaster!

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