Crushed Collins, the most over-rated minister of all?

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3 years on and Crusher Collins has yet to crush a single car. There’s one car meant to be crushed. But it turns out PC Plod got tricked into seizing some old wreck instead of the car in question.

So, cars crushed by ‘Crusher’, as she cast herself: zero..

But she has crushed the career of a fellow Cabinet Minister and, as a result. And she’s crushed her own plans to be National leader within 3 years. And she’s put the squeeze on her own credibility so hard it is difficult to see how she can hold out as minister. Especially after her bizarre behaviour in the House this week.

This Iron Lady wannabe’s reputation has turned to rust.

Collins is proof that an enormous ego, a whole lot of bluffing, and a disturbing, Joker-like, fixed smile will get you far in politics … but only so far.

54 comments on “Crushed Collins, the most over-rated minister of all?”

  1. Cactus Kate 1

    So a Minister brings in hanging for murderers. Three years on under their watch there are no murders and no one as faced the noose. And that is a failure?

    Come on Zet, better spin required.

    • RedLogix 1.1

      umm.. and no boy racers ever squeaked a tire in the last three years either?

    • Colonial Viper 1.2

      Wow Cactus!

      Are you reporting that its been so effective that there have been no boy racers on the roads doing doughnuts, burnouts and street races since Crusher brought in this law!!!

      You’re losing it

      edit – RL more succinct than I could manage.

    • millsy 1.3

      You have to admit, Miss Prickly, that there is no point in crushing a car when a confication and sale to recover court costs as well as a lengthy driving disqualification seems to me a perfectly adequate penalty. A boy racer is still deprived of a car.

    • North 1.4

      Stupid, facile response CK.

      Resort to a patent unreality in a vastly different criminological context is apples and oranges thinking and a palpable distraction. Her erstwhile puppeteer Juhn Key has had Collins parade a hardarse, Iron Lady countenance for political purpose alone……though I daresay her hubris may actually have her believe she’s Thatcher II.

      No, the screech of “We’ll get tough on crime !” directed towards a particular constituency it was thought would appreciate it. In other words, a ridiculous “look at me…..look at me” measure never intended to deliver what she promised. It’s that or incompetence.

      If it’s not the latter (can’t be discounted although I wouldn’t expect such a wicked fail from the drafters of the legislation) then it’s a cynical abuse of the power and opportunity to legislate.


    • Imagine there’s a very specific type of murder that a couple people recently got arrested for- say, accidentally killing someone during a home invasion.

      Then imagine Collins claims there is an urgent need to legislate tougher penalties for this crime, in order to deter other home invaders from killing people they find, and consumes a large amount of parliament’s and the media’s time getting a law passed to hang those specific murderers. (which she would have to, given we don’t have anything as silly as a death penalty and the numbers aren’t there for it)

      That’s the analogy here- Collins portrayed boy racers as a serious problem that deserved national attention and needed additional deterrent, but not a single case of that deterrent being used has happened, because her proposed punishment is too extreme for the crime, and because she was wrong, it is not a problem that needed national attention. (just more resources for kids interested in cars, IMO)

      • mickysavage 1.5.1

        One good example the Union has raised is the blatant disregarding of the Easter Trading laws.  Every year the same companies ignore the law.  There should be a three strikes law for them, after the third strike their shops are crushed.  Such blatant lawlessness should not be tolerated …

    • Rosemary 1.6

      Your analogy makes as much sense as Slater and others saying that repealing s 59 has been a failure because it hasn’t stamped out child abuse. Totally dumb response. Or what do you usually say? That’s right, “DUH!”

  2. Zetetic, are you overhyped on a chocolate overdose?
    Yeah, the car crushing was always a gimmick, that was fairly obvious from the start.

    And she’s crushed her own plans to be National leader within 3 years.

    Key has once again confirmed he intends standing at the next election. There’s never been any suggestion that won’t be happening apart from sputious speculation.

    And your attempts at crushing Collins’ career seem a bit over Easter egged.

    • yawn – your puns are awful oh spurtious one.

    • Colonial Viper 2.2

      Key has once again confirmed he intends standing at the next election. There’s never been any suggestion that won’t be happening apart from sputious speculation.

      I don’t think he’ll make it as leader for that long. His inner circle have been jockeying for position in a post-Key world since before Power left.

      • Tigger 2.2.1

        Key told the inner National coven he wants out prior to the last election, PG. stop running spin lines on here. It’s annoying. And boring.

        • Pete George

          You would know that how? Mine wasn’t a spin line (you’ve been reading too much Zetetic), I’ve never heard anything credible doubting Key leading to the next election, and he re-confirmed his intention on Q+A last Sunday.

          SHANE You mentioned a future prime minister, and I do want to put this question to you, about you seeing out the rest of this term.

          JOHN Yeah.

          SHANE Absolutely?

          JOHN Yeah.

          SHANE What about the next election?

          JOHN (CHUCKLES) Oh, look, OK, well address that when we come to it, but it’s my expectation I will be.

          Can you back up your claim? I’ll be interested, not bored or annoyed, if you can.

          • mickysavage

            Gawd Petey do you think that is a promise Key will stand?  Really?

            • McFlock

              If he does, it would explain why he thinks that Dunne is man of principle.

          • Ed

            That’s hardly a promise, or even a decision. Even ‘seeing out the rest of this term” could be taken as saying he won’t be in the position but will continue to watch. John Key also ‘expects” Crusher Collins to do a good job – that hasn’t meant much either.

  3. infused 3

    As usual, no evidence what so ever. Full of shit again zet.

  4. felix 4

    So… so… you mean this picture is just…. bullshit?

    I don’t understand. That’s her. With a hammer.

    Something doesn’t add up. She wouldn’t have just faked it, would she?

  5. Hillary 5

    Did anyone else think Collins is acting a little unhinged this past week like a trapped rat?

    Only two parties benefit from the leaks -ACC & Collins.

    I understand Judge was out of country at time of the email being sent and the leaked. Judge wouldn’t deal with tabloids like Herald on Sunday and he wouldn’t expose himself to dubious characters like David Fisher.

    Ralph Stewart was blind sided by the whole thing, crapping himself and was too scared to do anything. He looked embarrassed, remorseful and does not come from a business background associated with leaks – but one of commercial confidence.

    Collins confirmed her office printed it – so it was no longer an email that got leaked. Her cute answers in Parliament confirms she knows exactly how it was not leaked. Also everyone knows she has a close relationship with Slater, and Slater has Collins by the balls. Collins comes from a working environment associated with deliberate leaks, she has balls, her nickname is crusher and she threatens anyone who gets in her way – just look at her reaction to Pullar, Mallard and Little. I suspect that is exactly why Key had to ask Collins twice.

    The Listener article by Jane Clifton gives more weight to the view that Collins was responsible.

    I guess only time will tell and if only Collins printed it then it lies with her.

    • Anne 5.1

      I suspect that is exactly why Key had to ask Collins twice.

      Yeah funny that. I mean, Collins would have given the ‘hard copy’ (or one of them) to someone in Key’s office and Key would have been aware of it. Where exactly ‘the copy/copies’ ended up after that is yet to be determined so… why did he have to ask Collins even once let alone twice. Doesn’t anybody else smell one hell of a big rat?

    • deuto 5.2

      Definitely, Hilary – in terms of Crusher’s behaviour in the House. There was some discussion of this last on the post Nats Civil War, Crusherls last day at 8.2/8.21 and 10.2 or thereabouts. Haven’t time to search out, but Mallard and various media also thought that her behaviour was weird/manic. Of course PG and others thought that she was looking “relaxed”. …….

  6. Did anyone else think Collins is acting a little unhinged this past week like a trapped rat?

    Don’t think so, everything I saw here was praise for her integrity and fortitude. Zetetic just has an odd way of showing it, but it’s a longstanding insider joke.

  7. james111 7

    I think Collins is a hardworking Mp ,and is a threat to Labour in the house. She is conservatively worth 10 Annette Kings

    • Pascal's bookie 7.1

      Kinda thouht you were one of them claiming the ‘classical liberal’ tag.

      Am I confusing you with another, or does that not count in your reckoning of MP performance, or what’s the story?

    • bad12 7.2

      By the look of Crusher in the House this week She gave every impression with the hysterical laughter of being on audition for some Psycho movie or other,

      More a danger to anyone encountering Her in a dark alley…

    • Colonial Viper 7.3

      I think Collins is a hardworking Mp ,and is a threat to Labour in the house. She is conservatively worth 10 Annette Kings

      Simply wild and delusional my good man.

    • bbfloyd 7.4

      jimmy’s got a girlfriend, jimmy’s got a girlfriend…

  8. RedBaron 8

    Big fail for Crusher.

    Milton isn’t exactly centre of the universe – sorry peeps who live there – and the offence seems to be some doughnuts on the main highway which doubtless disturbed some sheep and cows. No doubt the charges are laid to keep up Milton’s share in the police statistics up. This is hardly “boy racer disturbing a large community country” because the largest people community in the town is the prison! Boredom rules here I suspect.

    Also, crime south of Cook Strait is a different beast methinks. Every last little offence is published in the daily press and the Dunedin police – wait for this – keep “couch fire statistics” along with
    ” couch fire hot spots”, I kid you not, as this has been a lead story in the ODT. This should be really helpful when “Crusher” turns her sights onto this crime and starts crushing couches of repeat offenders. Hahaha.
    I’m surprised we aren’t inundated with applications from the policemen in NYC or London who can’t wait to ply their trade in a really criminal community.

    This is a ridiculous penalty out of all proportion to the offence, I’m with CV, they are definitely brighter than “Crusher”, that wouldn’t be hard, and yes “boy racers” may lack neither skills or initiative, but they may lack jobs, “Hillside workshops” anybody?

    It’s a poor world too, when we are not trying to do better by the young people in our community. These boys will be needed to fix my car in the years to come.

    • just saying 8.1

      starts crushing couches of repeat offenders…

      Don’t be silly RB, not the charcoaled remains. Anyway, let’s face it, these are mainly rich kids. she’ll crush their cigarette lighters, whipped from their pockets as they are diverted from criminal conviction. Don’t think she wouldn’t dare.

      • fender 8.1.1

        Too late sorry, the woodwork teacher has couch crushing sorted.

        As far as Collins’ crushing goes, it just illustrates how knee-jerk punitive law making is as lightweight as the flake minister who jerked it out.

  9. standby for name change to Crochet Collins

  10. AnnaLiviaPluraBella 10

    Prior to the 2008 election, and in the early days of the government, Collins told supporters and press that she was going to “crush” the head of the Prison Service and the head of the Police. They were the enemy because Clark appointed them. She didn’t score there either.
    She is an ambitious bully without the skills to take an enemy out. A fool. She will be author of her own political demise.

  11. Anonymousey 11

    I don’t dislike National. I have a soft spot in my heart for Bill English (who has always been competent in the House), I am beginning to soften a little towards John Key, and the rest of them are mostly harmless.

    Except Collins. She is a ruthless bitch, which is fine if you’re also ruthlessly smart/competent. She isn’t. Her reign over the Police was notable for two things: (1) cost-cutting and (2) a 19-th century focus on ‘frontline staff’. She didn’t (doesn’t?) understand that reducing crime (from a Police perspective) is more about smart policing and intelligence, rather than more foot patrols.

  12. james 111 12

    [Blatant trolling. …RL]

    • james 111 12.1


      You cant deny that both Ruth Dyson ,and David Benson Pope were far more ineffective as ministers than Collin.

      [That’s a feeble assertion intended to deflect attention from your previous little troll outing. Give up now before you piss me off…RL]

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