CWC15 Final

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    Big day for NZ cricket – all the best to the Black Caps!

    A post for those who want to discuss the cricket. Or if not, I – (r0b) have this theory that right wingers are much more “tribal” about sporting events than lefties – evidence for or against?

65 comments on “CWC15 Final”

  1. Treetop 1

    The Black Caps deserve to win. They can do it in style.

  2. Arandar 2

    Won the toss. Batting first.
    Funny. I know this is the final but I don’t think I can be more excited than I was by the last 10 overs of the semi.
    Still, making the edge of my seat more comfortable than it was; just in case like – I spent a hell time perched there gnawing nails to the knuckle.
    Kia kaha, Black Caps.

    • b waghorn 2.1

      Why the hell did they bat first ? Were have always been a good chasing team.!!!!

  3. Jilly Bee 3

    Oh bugger – McCullum out for a duck. Not good.

  4. Lanthanide 4


  5. Anne 5

    We’re goneburgers. Best accept it now. Two positives:

    1) Key can’t run around crowing… he won the Cricket World Cup.

    2) The Aussies have got the worst PM in living history. Our’s is only the second worst.

    • Kiwiri - Raided of the Last Shark 5.1

      And despite being their worst PM, he made the right call to be at the more significant state funeral event.

      • Anne 5.1.1

        Perhaps only on the grounds they are geographically closer than NZ, but you’re right . I withdraw point no 2.

      • tc 5.1.2

        Tony’s doing everything he can to cling on which may just work if he keeps his mouth shut and behaves which in his case is pretty much impossible.

        Turnbull has the numbers it’s all about the timing.

        • Kiwiri - Raided of the Last Shark

          tony tick tock

          and john key: when will he wave bye bye? will he take his nasty ship down with him at general election 2017? or bugger off before then?

    • miravox 5.2

      Time for someone else to step up is all… It’s Williamsons’s turn I believe.

      or not

  6. Glenn 50 6

    “Wellington (AFP) – New Zealand Prime Minister John Key believes he has made the right decision to be in Melbourne for the Cricket World Cup final on Sunday rather than attend the state funeral for Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew.

    Instead, Governor-General Jerry Mateparae will represent New Zealand in Singapore.

    “It was a difficult decision because obviously I want to go to both,” Key told reporters.

    He described Lee as “a close and long-time friend of New Zealand” and said that Mateparae, as New Zealand’s head of state, was more senior than the prime minister.

    Key said he had decided before New Zealand’s semi-final, when they beat South Africa with only one ball to spare, that if his nation made the final he would attend.

    “I think that’s the right call,” he said. New Zealand plays Australia in the final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

    “Our two countries have a special rivalry. Over the years we have been treated to some truly exceptional sporting clashes and I expect this one will be no different.”

    However, his Australian counterpart Tony Abbott is bypassing the cricket and will join other regional leaders in Singapore for Lee’s funeral.

    Lee “was a leading international statesman of his time, and laid the foundation upon which successive Singaporean and Australian governments have built a strong relationship,” Abbott said in a statement last week.

    Leaders from Japan, South Korea, India and Indonesia are also attending the funeral.”

    Somehow I feel that JK has made another foolish decision.

    • Gavatron 6.1

      Absolutely. When someome like Tony Abbott knows the right thing is to be there for the funeral of Lee Kwan Yew but Shonkey would rather be at the cricket … well it says it all really.

      And then why oh why did we choose to bat first at the MCG?

      • Jilly Bee 6.1.1

        @ Gavatron – I tend to agree with your last sentence, particularly as the shadows appeared to play havoc with the N Z batsmen at times. Just hope our bowlers can deliver.

    • tc 6.2

      JK focuses on his blokey image and photo opps first and foremost as part of the 2 track DP strategy.

      Being a statesman and tending to our international image is not on his agenda unless Uncle Sam says so.

    • joe90 6.3

      Paul Buchanan sledges Key.

      John Key may be an avid sports fan (after all, he has appeared on the sports radio show of that paragon of domestic virtue, Tony Veitch). But one thing is even more certain: he is no statesman.

  7. Arandar 7

    Bugger that. I’m taking up residence on the floor – less chance of hurting myself if I fall.

    Now. Black Caps. Picking it up and going on. Eyes on the big game.

  8. Arandar 8

    So now I’m officially worried.
    And thinking about last night’s buy election result. And feeling better again.

    • miravox 8.1

      “And thinking about last night’s buy election result. And feeling better again”


  9. tc 9

    Oz really bowling well and restricting the BC’s.

  10. TheContrarian 10

    “I – (r0b) have this theory that right wingers are much more “tribal” about sporting events than lefties – evidence for or against?”

    Must everything be politicised? Besides which I don’t quite understand what you mean be “tribal”

    • tc 10.1

      Sadly politics is woven into the fabric of many a sport either within the code or from outside via funding, sponsorship etc.

      it’s too powerful a force in so far as the influence over folks emotions for politicians to resist.

      • TheContrarian 10.1.1

        Yeah but, you know, you could also be the bigger man and enjoy it and support the national team without having to politicise everything fucking thing that appears in your HUD.

        • tc

          Chill out dude, no need to live up to your handle on this great occasion.

          I tend to take an objective view with sports, helps in tipping and betting and what’s HUD stand for ?

        • r0b

          Didn’t mean to annoy any one Contrarian – just ignore that bit!

  11. One Anonymous Bloke 11

    I hate* cricket. Its twists and turns, the death.
    Go Black Caps.

    *terms and conditions may vary.

  12. Lanthanide 12

    Well it’s pretty much over now.

    • Anne 12.1

      Agreed. May fire and brimstone and a plague of locusts descend upon the Aussies. 😡

      • weka 12.1.1

        It’s the Key effect. After all these years of stealing with his smile and wave, the worm has turned and he’s now the kiss of death 👿

  13. mickysavage 13

    I blame John Key …

  14. weka 14

    Hang on, remember when all the people said Peters couldn’t win Northland?

  15. Potato 15

    And it came to pass that at the time of the vernal equinox did a demon rise again from the ashes and cast a shadow on the land. Great suffering was unleashed on those who did not worshop the GodKey.
    Not satisfied did he then turn on his followers in the north, first giving them the mark of the sabin and then sending his minions to witness the sacrifice of Mike of the assborn followed by the sacrifice of the ‘great muckspreader’ Sir Slugboy.
    On great wings did the demon fly away to lay his curse on those who the people had prayed for glory. “Weeshallwin” slurred the demon already drunk on his own power. The curse was made and the people prayed….

  16. mickysavage 16

    One of my pet hates, sledging. I reckon International Cricket should clean the sport up. Any abuse fine the perpetrator.

    • Jilly Bee 16.1

      Agree absolutely mickysavage – hope the Blackcaps don’t stoop their their banal behaviour during the second innings.

  17. millsy 17

    IMO the pressure got to some of the team and comehow they lost the plot.

    I saw the first fewers and the batsmen looked like they were completely out of thier depth. A sort of ‘oh shit what am I doing here’ look. McCullum was swinging wildly at the ball in his first two deliveries. He was freaked out.

    • Anne 17.1

      There’s one good thing come out of this impending defeat.

      John Key passed up going to Lee Kwan Yew’s funeral because he was hoping to bask in the glory of another world cup victory. He wasted his time. I hope the opposition parties hammer him in parliament next week because its the second time he’s done it. Terrible look!!

      • TheContrarian 17.1.1

        You’re fucking kidding me right?

        • veutoviper


          • Anne

            Correct. Why else would he pass up the funeral of a famous international statesman – one we had close ties with in the 70s and 80s – to attend a cricket match? Because he was hoping for some great photo ops to help distract attention away from the Northland drubbing.

            • veutoviper

              Exactly, Anne. And some time to appear wearing a Black Caps uniform as if he personally was captain of the team! What a …. But I think his decision-making skills are in serious decline. Happens when the teflon wears off and the frypan turns toxic.

            • TheContrarian

              Right. Of course.

              “Because he was hoping for some great photo ops to help distract attention away from the Northland drubbing.”

              Are fucking serious?

              Fucks sake…

              • b waghorn

                It’s a good way to spoil a bit of entertainment all right bringing politics into it.

              • Jones

                Anne’ s absolutely spot on. Everything is calculated. Image is everything… stuff substance. That’s why he’s no statesman and will one day be judged as one of NZ’s worst Prime Minister… even if he was one of the most popular. A future generation will wonder how, and feel ashamed, their parents/grand-parents were unable to see just how awful he really was.

      • ScottGN 17.1.2

        We haven’t actually lost yet Anne.

    • mickysavage 17.2

      The lighting is bugging me. The team seemed to stall once the shadows from the edge of the stadium hit the wicket. It must have become much more difficult to see the ball at that time.

      Excuses excuses …

      • One Anonymous Bloke 17.2.1

        How hard is it to figure out that there’ll be shadows if you bat first?

  18. Ffloyd 18

    Has SlinKey slunk out yet?

  19. miravox 19

    One all? So when’s the decider 😉

  20. fisiani 20

    Chicken Little is a jinx obviously.

  21. millsy 22

    Congratulations, Australia. A deserved victory.

    • alwyn 22.1

      That is the only rational comment in this whole post.
      They were just to good on the day, weren’t they?
      I guess that now I can go to bed and sleep like a baby.
      Sleep for an hour. Wake up and cry for an hour. Repeat all night.

  22. tc 23

    Well prepared side who had a tailored gameplan with home ground and on the improve. Oz made the most of every opportunity.

    Fantastic effort to make the final well done BC’s no shame in the result. Building block for future efforts in place now.

  23. Treetop 24

    Never mind the result, 200,000 k each in the pocket for being the runner up is a good result.

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