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36 comments on “Daily Review 01/02/2019”

  1. Sacha 1

    Disgraced engineer Alan Reay continues with court action to dodge any accountability for #eqnz CTV deaths: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12199941

    Even Nuck Smith is unamused.

  2. SPC 2

    Last year, the National Science Foundation and Britain’s Natural Environment Research Council launched a joint programme called the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration to study the unstable glacier and its role in sea levels.

    The Thwaites Glacier, about the size of Florida, holds enough ice to raise ocean levels another 60 centimetres if it completely melts.

    It also backstops other glaciers capable to raising sea levels another 2.4m.



  3. Pat 3

    is that pic of Chicago?

    • SPC 3.1

      Google search says Lake Michigan, so a city by

      • Pat 3.1.1

        “As with the northern hemisphere and the Arctic, there is also a southern hemisphere polar vortex. This polar vortex also extends through the stratosphere and into the mesosphere. In contrast to the northern vortex, the southern vortex is stronger, larger, and longer-lasting. In addition, temperatures are colder and ozone levels are lower than their northern counterpart.”


        • McFlock

          Which, if my reading is correct, is good for us – the wall between us and the super-cold winter air is stronger, for longer.

          The role of mountain rangers and land/sea interaction was interesting.

        • Jenny - How to get there?

          Physics for dummies;

          (So simple even a President could understand it).

          You leave the fridge door open – Near the fridge the temperature will drop. – Inside the fridge the temperature will go up.- But overall, on average, the whole kitchen will be warmer.

          Swap, ‘fridge door’ for Polar Vortex.

          Swap, ‘Near the fridge’ for North America.

          Swap, ‘Inside the fridge’ for the Arctic

          And swap the kitchen for the whole world.

    • Matiri 3.2

      Yes that’s Chicago. We lived there for a couple of years in the nineties (our apartment building was right by the pier sticking out into the lake in the middle of the picture). Winters were always fierce but we never saw the lake frozen quite as much as this.

      Cool city Chicago as cities go.

      • Pat 3.2.1

        Thanks…figured it was likely to be ,,,and hadnt thought about pic search.

      • Andre 3.2.2

        The steam rising off the open water in the upper left is pretty cool. The air has to be seriously cold for water as cold as Lake Michigan to be steaming. A good illustration of where “lake effect” snow comes from.

    • mickysavage 3.3

      Yep a slightly more benign version of the Day after Tomorrow movie. But the warning is still loud and clear. I hope our leaders hear it.

  4. aj 4

    For all you weather watchers out there. That’s most of you 🙂

  5. aj 5

    Andre – sorry, I see your article has that video.

    • Andre 5.1

      Hey, don’t apologise, that’s a big article that I mostly just linked to for the temp map in it. If there’s other details worth checking out more carefully, cheers for highlighting it. Besides, it’s someone else’s work, I got zero proprietorship over it.

  6. Muttonbird 7

    Charlie Mitchell is doing fantastic work unpicking the DairyNZ PR campaign and its partnership with NZME. It must be very expensive to run such a campaign and one wonders whether this money might not be better spent on research to minimise the impact of the industry on New Zealand’s precious waterways.


  7. Same world, different hemispheres.
    Suffer little children…

    Baby found abandoned in ‘freezing’ East Ham park

    Absolutely disgusting’: Woman rescues children locked in hot car in Napier car park

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