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54 comments on “Daily review 01/07/2019”

  1. Dennis Frank 1

    So now looks like we have an alt-right leader professing non-violence, and seeming to do so credibly.  The 3 News lead story had Gower interviewing Sellner.

    "In response to mounting public pressure, the Austrian government is now considering banning Identitarian Movement Austria. But proscribing the group will do little to prevent the spread of nativist ideologies. The approach is out of sync with today’s reality of increasingly loose transnational far-right networks, which no longer operate as closed-off group units. Identitarian activists are likely to continue finding innovative solutions to circumvent laws and transport their messages to the wider public."  https://www.politico.eu/article/who-are-europe-far-right-identitarians-austria-generation-identity-martin-sellner/

    For a ban to work, it would have to be done on a principled basis.  Selective victimisation of political groups by the state worked well last century – dunno if you can rely on that tradition now though.  If the group is an authentic expression of the public mood, the state will seem anti-democratic in doing so.  If Sellner is genuinely non-violent, and his group can prove it via quotes from their website or publications, there's no principled basis for the state to eliminate them.

  2. A 2

    If you are a landlord please consider the following story before raising the rents even higher.


  3. joe90 3

    Well, that escalated ..


    • Muttonbird 3.1


      Why does the right wing always seek to silence views different from their own!

      More speech! Less censorship!

      Suppress suppression!

      • joe90 3.1.1

        The newspaper owner is the Canadian version of a Koch brother.

      • Shadrach 3.1.2

        The right wing?  Where have you been?  Deplatforming had been a tactic of the left across the US in particular for several years now.  It's a bad look whoever does it.

        • I feel love

          I think MB is being slightly ironic as we have had righties screeching about the lefties want to suppress free speech and here we have the opposite, get it? 

    • Kevin 3.2


    • Muttonbird 4.1

      Looks like the dead cat on the table strategy. Throw something so outrageous out there it stops people looking at the other stuff you've done.

    • Bewildered 4.2

      Who would  you believe Pat in an economic argument  , a guy who has a long career in international capital markets ;, a finance degree and  nearly 9 years as PM vs Jacinda j Morronsville fish and chips shop  background, a low rent communication degree and 2 years running kids global socialist movement  No brainer Ardern does not even know difference between GDP and current account 

      • Pat 4.2.1

        whom would you believe.?..a known BS artist who's remuneration is directly linked to his companies share price or the RBNZ charged with ensuring the stability of the banking system

        • bewildered

          Honest Sir John Key says it is so, it is so

          • Pat

            LMAO….its all margin of error (and baseless prediction) …if theres one thing the GFC has shown us its that none of them can predict further ahead than their next payday…and thats all Key is looking at.

            NZs GDP (especially) will be determined by forces outside both the RBNZs and the big 4 Aussie banks control and they all know it…hence the RBNZs position

            • greywarshark

              "None of them can predict further than their next payday"…that's it in a nutshell.   And do we know if the nuts are good, just looking at the shell?    Have to use the nut-cracker to open them up and find out, ie get information and make it known, and act defensively.

          • The Al1en

            I'd wager the main reason he resigned and let English become pm was because he wanted a knighthood and knew he’d never get one after the next election and a labour government signing off on it.

            Honest John – More like desperate.

          • Macro

            Just look up how honest John was deeply involved in the GFC (before it happened – all those sub prime mortgages and the banks involved) and then look at what this regulation is attempting to deal with before taking any cognisance of what bullshit Key spreads.

      • Incognito 4.2.2

        You’re doing exactly what Key is doing, which is deflecting away from an inconvenient truth to an illusion, an imaginary situation. Ardern called it correctly when she said that she’d “heard some of the rhetoric coming out of the ANZ”. You’ll know that the RBNZ that is in charge here and has called for two reports on the ANZ. You’ll also know what the motivation is of the RBNZ in looking into strengthening the whole banking sector in and of NZ. Despite that, you (and Key) want to frame it as an economic issue and about GDP. Do you work for the ANZ, by any chance?

        • bewildered

          Key is simply highlighting it is not s costless policy Increasing a banks tier 1 capital requirements will raise interest rates, lessen lending and investment     that will flow onto  gdp, as night does to day There is an argument how much I agree but it is not costless, Likewise there is also a valid argument policy is overkill and it is  good that any policy is contested, simply because ardern  and RB backs it does not mean it is good policy 

          • Pat

            They can hike their rates (or threaten) to maintain dividends/share price but sooner or later (and knowing their motivation it'll be sooner) until one breaks ranks and seeks increased market share and then it'll be BAU…just as it is everywhere else dealing with market regulation.



            • Bewildered

              So only you  have the unique gift in predicting  the future 

              • Pat

                lol…but not stupid enough to attempt to quantify it…and isnt that what you are attempting to do yourself?

                • bewildered

                  Nope just arguing Key has a   valid point against policy The degrees are open to debate You seem to be arguing there should be no debate simply  because Cindy and reserve bank can’t be wrong 

                  • Pat

                    Whos Cindy?…dont recall mentioning anyone called Cindy

                    • bewildered

                      Here’s a clue, Cindy the people’s  princess, spreader of fairy dust 😊

                    • The Al1en

                      She scares you so much you can't even write her name lol

                    • Bewildered []


                    • Remember how dim bulbs used to make up ridiculous names for John Key when he was PM?  Often referred to by right-wingers as "Key Derangement Syndrome?" Personally, I believe grabbing a leader's name and putting "derangement syndrome" after it is lazy thinking by people lacking the cognitive horsepower to come up with anything themselves, but those guys did have a point – what kind of childish lackwit thinks making up silly names for the PM is something for adults to engage in?

                  • Pat

                    hmmm….she work for the RBNZ?

                    • bewildered

                      No but here is another clue she did work at her local chippy, her sole private enterprise and business experience, before being fully institutionalised in politics and funded by the tax payer 

                    • You write as though private enterprise/business experience were essential qualifications for government.  I'd call them poor qualifications for government, compared with public-sector experience.  Opinions are like arseholes, etc…

                    • bewildered []

                      That’s your opinion, fair enough 

                      Saying that most great world leaders past and present tend to have a better back story and CV  than our Jacinda 

                    • mac1

                      Pre-parliament work history of NZ PMs 2017-1972. Treasury official, banker, University lecturer, primary school teacher, farmer, printer, University law professor, lawyer, accountant, teacher, stationary engine driver.

                      Education history ranging from Honours Degrees to High school.

                      My challenge is to rank our PMs by ability and achievement and then look at their work and education background. In alphabetical order; Bolger, Clark, English, Key, Kirk, Lange, Moore, Muldoon, Palmer, Rowling, Shipley,

                    • World leaders have the back story and CV that they have.  Our opinions of those back stories and CVs are worth every cent other people are willing to pay for them, which is mostly $0.00.

                      Also: for every Prime Minister of New Zealand you can name, the country at the time had thousands of people better qualified, better experienced and of better character than them.  Thing is, those people didn't get elected. Democracy isn't about who has the best qualifications. 

          • KJT

            You don't have much confidence in competitive capitalism, and the market, do you?

            • bewildered

              That is a good point I was going to raise that Pat was arguing don’t worry about it as the Market will sort out any interest rate increases A  rare argument  on this site 

              • In Vino

                No, the Market will do what its capitalist creators always wanted it to do. Create minor surges and ebbs that encourage suckers to gamble in shares..  Sooner or later a depression occurs, and Lo and Behold – misery all round, but overall the richest people buy up at cheap rates what the middle and lower class are all forced to sell.

                The Market is the instrument of the 1%. It serves their purpose.

                For anyone trying to build a decent society, the market must be made a servant. Because it has proven itself so often to be an extremely bad master. It pours wealth into the already wealthy, which is disastrous for society as a whole.

          • Incognito

            The RBNZ is independent, but you know that, don’t you?

            So, Key has provided a detailed cost-benefit analysis, has he? Even before the RBNZ’s plans have been finalised, no less! Impressive for a mere mortal but of course, he’s no ordinary man; he’s Sir John, the Smiling Assassin, or the Terminator, as I prefer it.

            Key works for the ANZ and serves the interests of ANZ shareholders vs. Orr, who works for the RBNZ, appointed by our democratically elected government, and who serves the greater good of all NZ. Tough choice but I know where I’d put my money and it’s not on the villain that walked out of a B-grade Hollywood movie.

            • bewildered

              Just because Rb is independent does not mean the policy is right, they as many central banks have  got it wrong over the years in regard to monetary policy Are you saying no one else is allowed a view here, especially those entities that will be impacted the most I have not heard pM or Rb put forward that there will be any downside to this policy, simply working  on average punter is to dumb to understand Its good that honest John is speaking out as our labour mps probably don’t get it  Thus honest John is doing a public service (again ) in sharing his thoughts albeit both with public and private interest at heart

              • Incognito

                I know you like to stir, albeit both with public and private interest at heart, of course.

                It’s not necessarily bad policy if there’s a cost [the “if” is in italics]. Do the benefits outweigh the downsides? You don’t know. Sir John doesn’t know either but he likes to bark at every red car passing, just like his salacious successor; it is his job as Chairman of the ANZ.

                Since the RBNZ is independent, and it should be, the Government has to be careful with any comment. You are barking up the wrong tree with the PM – more like pissing in the wind.

                Yes, we all know that you think that Labour MPs and the PM don’t know anything about (the) economy and GDP. Despite that, I thought the government books look quite healthy in the Budget.

                Please don’t be such a predictable pillock and offer something of real substance for a change.

                • bewildered

                  Pretty one sided there Incognito , ie agree with me means good, don’t means pillock Dont really  know where you go from there re a debate , barring we agree to disagree  I stir the pot a bit to avoid this place becoming an echo chamber Ie John bad Cindy good National bad labour good 😊

                  • Incognito

                    Stirring makes for poor debate. I tried to get you to put something more substantial but either you can’t or you won’t. That said, I apologise for calling you a pillock when I was meaning your comments were under par IMHO. Let us know when the echo is getting too loud here and I’ll start random banning of lefties who put up a decent argument 😉

          • KJT

            Most banks already maintain greater reserves than the proposed requirements.

            So. How is it going to increase costs?

            Not to mention they are competing for market share.

            Are you saying all the Aussie banks collude to keep profits up? Ha ha.

            Why haven't they been charged with anti competitive behaviour, yet? 


      • ankerawshark 4.2.3

        Oh yes bewildered, I would definitely believe a former money trader (sarc)…………….

        lol lol………

        • Bewildered

          Hmmmm, I suggest most of reserve  bank are ex money traders, bankers  or from finance sector, just a little less successful in their chosen occupation than honest John lol lol…….

          • Drowsy M. Kram

            'Honest' John lol lol, laughing all the way to the bank.

            The Hisco Affair has not caused a financial crisis, but it has shown up how bank bosses can get away with a lack of ethics and enjoy hyper-extravagant expense accounts.  In the case of the ANZ Chief Executives’ behaviour, there has been the misuse of entrusted power for private gain: in other words, corrupt practises.

            Is it time for a Royal Commission into the industry as in Australia?


            If ‘NZ banks’ have nothing to hide, then they've got nothing to worry about, lol lol…

  4. soddenleaf 6

    Weird. Workers wornout from doing low paying physucally arduous work are desperate to keep Super, which would overwhelm the retirement fund if not revisited.

    Let's just think about that. Workers who are unlikely to live much past 65, who would likely get welfare, as they don't suddenly wearout at 65, would be recieving a huge amount of super from their long low income dareers. But many white male office workers would get more, as they now live longer, get paid disproportionately more, etc. 


    Raise the retirement age, and raise welfare for over 65 yrs to compensate.

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