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34 comments on “Daily Review 02/03/2018”

  1. eco maori 1

    3 News Hub isn’t Beef & Lambs main role to promote beef & Lamb not try and scare farmers that there is a threat to there livelihood from something that’s in a petri dish that paradigm is 20 years away from becomeing a reality.
    I say the neoliberals that are running our meat industry do not want to change the system that is paying OUR Farmers comidity price for there premium meat products. This is the way these people behave they don’t give a ______who they hurt.
    Let’s get this straight we should not eat to much prosessed food because of all the bad additive in processed foods if we want to live a long life .
    What makes these people think that foods grown in a petri dish is going to be safer to eat than OUR grass feed meat with no carcinogens in it
    The wealthy and the intelligence people are going to pay a premium for our humane healthy grass feed meat. The neoliberals are just trying to fool OUR Farmers that there industry is in decline so they sell up cheap. Our farms get brought up by multi national companies who know that the Papatuanukue /World is going to demand our safe food products. Well thats ECO MAORI view on the farcical news that being present by MSM at the minute about meat. Kia kaha. Ka kite ano News hub

  2. Andre 2

    Just one of many arguments for education that’s broader than just STEM subjects: one reason the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High students are so effective in their messaging is their school has given them an education that prepared them for it.


  3. JC 3

    “An orchestrated litany of lies”

    The latest ANZ “Safety” video is both ironic, and farcical!


    Particularity so in light of Air NZ’s involvement, and deceit, following the Erebus crash.

    A Royal Commission of Inquiry into the accident, consisting solely of Justice Peter Mahon, cleared the crew of blame for the disaster and found that the major cause was the reprogramming of the aircraft’s navigation computer, (without the crew being notified)….

    Mahon controversially claimed that Air New Zealand executives engaged in a conspiracy to whitewash the inquiry, covering up evidence and lying to investigators, famously accusing them of “an orchestrated litany of lies”.

    Air NZ challenged Justice Mahon’s accusation of a “predetermined plan of deception” and the Court of Appeal overturned the finding, saying the judge had exceeded his terms of reference.

    Justice Mahon resigned, and died in 1986. But his comments echoed around the world.

    He arrived at the truth surrounding the Erebus Crash in 1979 – but it was an Inconvenient Truth, and it upset many powerful people in high places. The highest, it might be said, was the authoritarian Prime Minister of the day, Robert Muldoon.

    Armed with nothing but his integrity and the truth he had uncovered, Justice Mahon stood against them all. I believe he will be remembered as one of New Zealand’s finest, most heroic people.

    R.I.P. Peter Mahon, for you were an Honourable Man.


    Perhaps this was lost, or just Sadly Air NZ, has forgotten their past…!

    • Ms Fargo 3.1

      Air NZ marketing campaign pure and simple. Commercialise the Antarctic. See it now before it melts. Unbelievably crass.

      • weka 3.1.1


      • Graeme 3.1.2

        Marketing campaign, pure and simple. Just I can’t decide whether it’s a total fuck up by a management who have no sense of the company’s history, or they are playing the history for maximum exposure.

        Either way a total fuck up and doesn’t bode well for our tourism industry.

        • weka

          It’s actually gobsmacking either way. I hope they get slammed and I hope their Ad agency does too.

          • Graeme

            I just hope they pull it quickly and the damage is contained within New Zealand.

            The airline management have a big input to and approval of the safety videos, they are made edgy to get people to pay attention to them, or that’s the theory.

            • weka

              I found it confusing. I guess they know what they are doing, but at that length with all that other information and visuals in it, I’m not sure how much I would take in.

              Plus I’d be sitting there going, wtaf?!

    • weka 3.2

      So many things wrong with that video 🙁

    • North 3.3

      That’s right….”the truth he…..uncovered”. He did uncover the truth. The Court of Appeal’s reversal didn’t find fault with the ultimate finding as I recall. Might be wrong. Correct me. Then they reckon there were some judicial politics operative at the time……..unhappy regard Woodhouse/Mahon. Who knows but yes Mahon was a hero really.

  4. Anne 4

    He died of a heart attack before his time and many say the political establishment (of which Air NZ was then a part) headed by RD Muldoon, hounded him to death because he dared to tell the truth.

    As someone who was involved in the immediate aftermath of the Erebus tragedy through my place of work, the horror and disgust at the way Justice Mahon was treated has never left me.

  5. eco maori 5

    Good evening The Project do you think that some people are regreting not heeding the warning they were given not to stuff with ECO MAORI about now
    Remember I have a really good nose My whano and I do have fertility problems I won’t say but if you have followed my post you will know what the problem is
    Ka kite ano

    • eco maori 5.1

      The project Mr Jackman story you aired was awesome he looks like a new man at 62.
      New technologies that’s why ECO MAORI backs science’s all the way humane sciences will solve a lot of humanity problems not all but a lot. People who step up and voice there consenrns about the wrongs in our Papatuanukue /World society will solve a lot of our problems to ka kite ano

  6. eco maori 6

    The project may be that guy that was giving advice to music concert new bees should give some advice to your producers and the sandflys Ana to kai

  7. eco maori 7

    The project the amount of energy and resources that the sandflys spend on undermining ECO MAORI Mana would be unfathomable to the common Kiwi I am just one Maori Kiwi man watching TV with my Mokos one lady said we are all just a pawn in this game of chess ECO MAORI replied not I. A kumara never tells how sweet it is Ka kite ano

  8. joe90 8

    Oh joy, something the all PutPut boobs can participate in.

    Take part in Vladimir Putin announced name-that-weapon contest for @Russia’s new global-range cruise missile, unmanned underwater drone & laser weaponry.➡️https://t.co/Wdf5PJ7arI.Follow @MoD_Russia🇷🇺 pic.twitter.com/3itKQ35bxq— Russia in USA 🇷🇺 (@RusEmbUSA) March 1, 2018

        • adam

          What an idiot you are joe90 to call it whataboutism.

          I’ve been petty consistent anti-war.

          Your just reading your usual bullshit into my comment.

          So kindly go *&^% yourself.

      • Monty 8.1.2

        Wow mate. Huge difference.

        And trying to tie this to political lines in NZ is so wrong. This is a supply ship. Used to support and help.

        These are high end first strike nuclear weapons, Putin announced them in his state speech and you decided to try and make a political hit. You are a clown.

        These are designed as a first strike nuclear weapon and could lead to a global nuclear war.

        This ship is a navy supply ship and given the history will be mainly used for humanitarian purposes. Like it says in the article you linked to. This ship will help not destroy.

        You should be ashamed.

        • Monty

          Hey sorry to all on here.

          I have concerns with the climate, lack of social thinking.

          But to see someone try and score hits when it has zero correlation. Eg a supply ship that in the long run will do more In the way of humanatrian services to the pacific than to a nuclear first strike weapons I get really annoyed.

          I am sorry if anything I said offended. But let’s stop trying to put political hits and personal abuse and focus on a better outcome for the future and our children.

          • weka

            You’re points seem pertinent, thanks.

            • adam

              Wow I took this hit job, and it’s OK.

              Such a joy being on here sometimes. I hope your #metoo project works out. But then again history of being anti-war means nothing on here. So I would not hold my breath if I was you – people will do what they want.

              • weka

                Make the political arguments adam. You got called a clown, and told you should be ashamed, in the context of some credible political argument. That’s mild by TS standards *and Monty made his argument in ways that were clear and can be argued with if you disagree with them. It’s miles away from the little snap fest between you and joe above.

                If you want to make anti-war arguments, then you have to make the actual arguments. Saying ‘warmongers will be warmongers’ and dropping a single link, as if everyone is supposed to parse what you mean, isn’t going to increase understanding of anti-war arguments. Some of my early political work was in the Peace Movement btw, so I’m not averse to your politics here. I just think you got offered better debate then you had put out yourself. You can choose to ignore that or engage, it’s up to you, but that is how it works here.

                I don’t have a #metoo project.

        • adam

          I support none of the war machine, sorry for you – if you do.

  9. AsleepWhileWalking 9

    From February 28, Sovereign Man

    “Student loans actually constitute the #1 asset of the US federal government, comprising about 30% of its balance sheet.

    In other words, young people of America owe more money to the federal government than the value of every tank, every bullet, every aircraft carrier, every acre of land in the national parks.”

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