Daily Review 02/07/2018

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31 comments on “Daily Review 02/07/2018”

  1. mickysavage 1

    Alex Jones tweets that the democrats are planning to restart the civil war. The responses are hilarious …


    • Baba Yaga 1.1

      Well to be fair, the Democrats were the party of slavery.

      • marty mars 1.1.1

        So funny thanks mate.

      • Sabine 1.1.2

        yep, and the Republican Party was the Party of the North that won the Civil War and forced restitution on the Southern states.

        And then came the 1950’s and the 60’s and the ‘Dixie Crats’ became what is now known to be the republican Party aka the Tea Party aka the Trumpists.

        History is funny ey?

    • marty mars 1.2

      So funny thanks mate.

  2. Andre 3

    I know nobody loves a pedant … but I just called time on my 19 year old best feline buddy ever, I’ve just polished off the Drambuie and I’ve made a good start on the rum, so I don’t care.

    Marla Maples was not an immigrant. So the line “without immigration Trump would have no wives” makes no sense unless you go back at least a generation. In which case Attila the Don himself wouldn’t be there either.


    • mickysavage 3.1

      I was not aware of Maples’ details. The sign should have said “Without Immigration Trump would have had only one wife” …

      • Andre 3.1.1

        It’s all part of the Russky long game – ‘look, it can’t be a honeypot trap, his second wife was actually American’. Plausible deniability, I think it’s called.

        • mickysavage

          Sorry to hear about your cat …

          • Andre

            Thanks micky.

            I doubt I’ll get any more cats, what with the bush ecosystem n’all. Even though the urge to piss off Gareth Morgan is still very strong. May be a bit of a futile gesture tho, given all the neighbours have cats …

            • mickysavage

              I have a cat. It is a psychopathic killer of local birdlife. It will be my last. I will then work on making friends with kereru …

              • Andre

                Mine rarely brought in birds, and when he did it wasn’t natives. Skinks and wetas got decimated though. They’ve really picked back up around here once he got slow and lost interest.

                edit; Oh, and the kereru around here really seem to go for the putaputaweta (marbleleaf). Most of the time they are somewhat wary of me, but when they’re snarfing down the putaputaweta berries they don’t care how close I am. And they pop up just like weeds and grow quite quickly…

            • The Fairy Godmother

              I have three cats – recently adopted and desexed stray mother cat and two of her kittens also desexed. There are few native birds where I live but lots of pigeons. Since the adoption of the cat family we have no pigeons. Not a one and our pet hens live a peaceful existence with no pigeons going for their food.

    • BM 3.2

      Sorry to hear about your cat, I had to put down my 3 legged 18-year-old mate a couple of years back, funniest and most clever pet I’ve ever had.

      That was one tough day.

      • Andre 3.2.1

        Thanks BM. Doing it because you want the best thing for your pal somehow doesn’t make it easier. In the short term at least.

        Hope this appearance from you is the start of a regular return. It’s boring here when it’s just an echo chamber. But I get it if the regular unthinking abuse gets to be too much.

    • james 3.3

      Sorry to hear about your pet – they are like family and its so bloody hard when we lose them.

      • Andre 3.3.1

        Thanks james.

        When his sister went without intervention, it wasn’t nearly as hard, it was mostly something that just happened. Making the decision was the toughest part for me. I was a total mess going in to make the appointment, still a mess but nowhere near as much when I took him in to do the deed.

    • McFlock 3.4

      Bugger about your cat.

    • Ed 3.5

      Sorry to hear about your cat.
      We lost our dog a few years back and it was a sad day.

    • mary_a 3.6

      Andre (3) … sad to hear about your cat. A great age to bow out. You obviously took excellent care of him. Breaks your heart into a million pieces when a beloved pet dies. Even worse when you have to make that final decision for them. As hard as it is, it’s the best service we can give our pets.

      We have a 13 year old neutered boy cat, who acts more like a kitten than a kitten. Has more life and energy in him than hubby and I together! Not looking forward to when his time comes.

      All the best Andre.

  3. NZJester 4

    The thing about Trump’s current wife is not only was she an immigrant, but an illegal one at that who overstayed her visa.

  4. Sabine 5

    and apropos of nothing

    i found this today in the vast corridors of the internet 🙂

    • mac1 5.1

      And “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child” as well, a song I sang last Saturday to my guitar students one of whom was learning the melody. I told them about Richie Havens’ version, played in open tuning. A seminal recording and film for me was “Woodstock”. Thanks for that, Sabine. A propos one helluva lot for me.

  5. R.P Mcmurphy 6

    somebody in a facebook group was asking if contributing was actually doing any good and somebody else wrote that they were asking the herald for an apology for hootons lying about david parker and wondering if they would get one. well they didn’t but the herald did issue an apology today in their rag so I like to think it was partly in response to the dunning they got on fb. It would seem they dont really like being taken to task themselves.

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