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32 comments on “Daily Review 03/09/2018”

  1. Ad 1

    UNITEC freezes enrollments, kills 20 courses, sacks 100 staff. But gets $50m restructure loan from govt. Plus sells their land for Kiwibuild housing.

    Have to wonder what they are doing for NZ when my industry is crying out for every able body the country has.

    • Gabby 1.1

      Well if they’ve killed 20 courses there’ll be 20 courses of students not studenting.

    • veutoviper 1.2

      This is not doxxing but what is ” my industry is crying out for every able body the country has.” ?

    • Lynden 1.3

      Maybe , just maybe, you industry should have been more pro-active in training and upskilling its’ own staff , taken on more locals for apprenticeships and used some of the profits to give workers a bigger slice of the charge out rates rather than screwing over everybody and relying on the govt to train and/or import cheap replacements

  2. mickysavage 2

    And over the ditch the LIberals are still leaking for strategic advantage. Someone presumably from Dutton’s camp has leaked transport spending information that was presumably going to be released project by project for maximum effect …


  3. Ed 3

    Jimmy Dore – brilliant as ever.
    Capitalism is a failed system.
    And the corrupt politicians who make the decisions that destroy life for so many.

    • Ed 3.1

      We have the same protection for corporate crooks.
      We subsidise low paying corporations here.

      Tax the rich.
      Tax corporations.
      And force the Amazons, Ubers and the rest of these crooks out of the country.

      SA one commentator says
      “Capitalism is succeeding: The rich are getting richer than God, the poor are getting eaten alive, and the rest of us are brainwashed narcissists, just about to be devoured ourselves.”

  4. Ed 4

    I could say the same about New Zealand’s media.

  5. Exkiwiforces 5

    Here is some interesting extreme Climate Change research at 90,000ft in a glider.


  6. Ed 6

    Poor Mike and Kate.
    Still, the Maserati or the Ferrari will make a nice home for them.


  7. Ed 7

    “The planet is becoming a sauna, our natural resources are running out, biodiversity is melting like snow in the sun, and it still isn’t being handled like a priority issue”: France’s popular environment minister quits in frustration.

    Maybe the Green Party might gain some courage and act similarly.

  8. greywarshark 8

    What happened about the chocolate factory idea in Dunedin in the end? Still going? They were trying hard to keep it. We in NZ can’t expect to have a country, or deserve one if we just sit back and let what we did just be lost, stolen or strayed.

    There’s this;

    But there’s this:

  9. greywarshark 9

    This blind desire to use technology all the time. Be more efficient, WTF?
    How much does it cost us funding the bloody stuff, lasting how long? Till there is a fault, a buy out, a model change? Soon they will require a drop of your blood to identify you. Some supermarkets have face recognition.

    My supermarket has just changed each price strip on the shelves with a little one that is hardly readable, (I had to stop another shopper and ask if they would please read me the details, which they did with good will, thanks). The ones on the bottom shelves would require you to lie on the floor to get the info. And there are more and more of us oldies but the gap between the stats and the thought affecting planning and implementation is a Bridge too far. Hah hah.

    I put a written complaint in and the staff worker told me that many people had mentioned it. They can change all the tickets working from the office now. I think they used to go round the shelves with a handheld device. I said that was the best way and I didn’t want technology taking away everybody’s jobs. It doesn’t make sense to have many unemployed with no money to spend, and their jobs being taken by robots or computer programs.

    Are our businesses accidentally brilliant. brilliant, accidentally? They seem similar to Golden Moles.

    • joe90 9.1

      changed each price strip on the shelves with a little one that is hardly readable,

      Probably an LED data strip that allows supermarkets to change prices remotely.

  10. greywarshark 10

    Accolade of the day. An unsung hero dedicated to accepting responsibility and helping his community, whether he gets paid much or little.

  11. Craig H 11


    Prison population heading back down as Corrections starts trying to assist people obtain bail:

    ” Others couldn’t supply phone numbers so addresses could be checked as suitable bail addresses because the number was saved on the phone which was removed after they were arrested.

    When prisoners were asked how they intended getting the phone numbers to arrange bail, they had reportedly planned writing letters to family.”

    Jesus wept…

    • mac1 11.1

      1000 fewer in prisons than officially predicted, 600 fewer than at peak.

      What’s the saving on 1) incarceration costs; 2) prison building costs; 3) productive time still in the community?

      Incarceration costs per annum $100,000 for each inmate. That is $60 million per annum saved just there.

      Remember these people are being found ways to obtain the bail to which they are entitled. No-one is going free who should be locked up, as the Justice system sees it.

      Who were the Ministers of Corrections in the last nine years? Louise Upston 2016–2017 Judith Collins 2015–2016 Sam Lotu-Iiga 2014–2015 Anne Tolley 2011–2014 Judith Collins 2008–2011.

      As Minister Kelvin Davis 2017-18 asks, “Why wasn’t this stuff done before?”

      Such as……

      Clever technology such as smart phone apps to help those bailed keep up with what is required.

      Recognition of the fact that basic literacy is an issue for many who have been arrested. Where on earth amongst those who make the decisions were those who had listened to such as Mike Williams over the past few years?

      When I was doing work running courses as a volunteer in prisons in the Nineties we knew that we had to offer help to some inmates to do basic writing chores such as course evaluation, etc. “Can I help you with that? You just tell me what to write.”

      Indeed as Craig H says, “Jesus wept”.

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