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73 comments on “Daily Review 03/08/2015”

  1. Atiawa 1

    My daughter has recently returned from Australia. She is looking for employment and as a young 23 year old without a list of qualifications but references that indicate a good work ethic has been pro-active in her search for a job.
    On Friday night she was employed for four hours along with three other newbies working behind a bar. I haven’t seen the “house rule’s” piece of paper she signed before commencing her duties as she wasn’t given a copy.
    She worked four hours and was given a $20 voucher for drinks at the place she worked as payment. She spent another two hours today waiting at the establishment for the manager to give her further hours and was told that they would like to give her another trial tomorrow for no remuneration at another bar.
    This outfit owns several bars and licensed premises.
    I will be following up this employment practice and finding out what exactly she signed.
    Dirty fucking Tory arseholes.

    • b waghorn 1.1

      With booze being marked up buy a huge amount that $20 voucher probably cost the miserable buggers $5

    • Gangnam Style 1.2

      Jeez thats some scary stuff! Good luck to her (& why are NZ employers such a miserly lot!)

      • Atiawa 1.2.1

        I will personally be going after these pricks. It’s not good enough to have the 90 day trial period and pay the minimum wage. These arse-licks are at the top of my list for exposing their exploitative practices.
        They even had video cameras and a manager watching the employees every move.
        I can’t wait to front them. Fucking bullies.

        • Colonial Viper

          All the power to you, mate

        • idbkiwi

          You have reasonable enough grizzle about your daughter’s predicament but include such disgusting and unnecessary terms, how disappointing, it demeans you.

          Do you have any evidence at all, anything, to suggest that the operators of the business are in fact “Dirty fucking Tory arseholes”, “arse-licks” or “fucking bullies”?

          And just why do The Standard moderators tolerate such sewage?

          • infused

            Because you know, fuck the right. etc.

            • Colonial Viper

              No mate, it’s fuck those who have shown that they rightly deserve it.

          • weka

            “And just why do The Standard moderators tolerate such sewage?”

            Because it engenders robust debate. I suggest you read the About and Policy links at the top of the page if you want to know how it works here.

          • Charles

            I suppose it’s possible they are non-voters, some of the missing million, who also happen to thrive through exploitation no matter what the economic conditions; or self-proclaimed communists, or even Anarchists, just stating their base negotiation position and waiting for an employee to challenge them into a full expression of their political beliefs. They could also be loving and servile Christians, or Muslims, surrenderring their better judgement, bearing the weight of religious contradiction to attain divine grace, and obediently maintaining the social status ordained by their god to those around them. But, how likely are any of those scenarios, compared to just some average opportunist, who’s figured out with enough raw resource, the possible churn is endless?

          • Atiawa

            The Standard moderators tolerate such sewage because they know, as I do, that the Tory scum are the very same business owners that their local arse-wipe MP Johnathon Young listens to when he attends their local hospitality industry association meeting’s and then reports their wants to his Leader who then changes employment law so that they can get it all.
            [r0b: however, this Standard moderator draws a line at talk of violence, even in jest]. Low life.

          • Colonial Viper

            And just why do The Standard moderators tolerate such sewage?

            Pay heed to the anger idb, the ruling class greedily fan the flames and ignore the smell of smoke at their peril.

          • Mark

            Well that’s what they are. Get use to the language, it is right wing tory fuckwits like these employers that have driven us too be so explicit. We are angry and sick to the back teeth of people like you who find the use of explicit language more upsetting that young people being taken advantage of and treated like slaves. Your priorities are completely fucked up

            • Draco T Bastard


            • idbkiwi

              No, I’m saying that neither disgusting language or disagreeable employment practices are acceptable to today’s public; they are equally ugly, there is no future for either of them. Communication without profanity, Employment without exploitation, Evidence before accusation.

              • McFlock

                Well, when employers stop fucking people over, there will be no cause to say things like “that fucker fucked me over” or “fuck that greedy prick”, or similar.

                Both your problems will be solved.

              • Atiawa

                So what the fuck do you say about zero hour employment contracts or other work rights erosion’s that are now deemed legal due to an arse licking, business friendly anti worker pack of shit head politicians, most of whom haven’t done a decent days work in their live’s? And I don’t hear or see the “public” marching on parliament protesting their disgust at these “disagreeable practices” or a mass joining of unions.
                If some of my anger & profanity got your attention, hopefully it might gain other’s. No apologies from me.

              • Mark

                I just can’t understand that any adult with any kind of empathy for their fellow human being would find profanity as upsetting as the shocking exploitation of a young lady by her employers. You must live on Planet Key because your values are completely fucking warped. You must live a very sheltered life if profanity is a major issue for you. Not people being exploited, people dying through having cold and damp housing, people dying through health and safety regulations that put profits first. No you have profanity as your major issue. You are one truly fucking warped individual.

              • Draco T Bastard

              • greywarshark

                This isn’t a blog for practising writing essays correctly. You are on the wrong blog for criticising people’s lexicon or syntax. There are limits on terms of speech but making a valid point, and adding to the knowledge base, presenting ideas for others’ thought and critiquing them is the kaupapa here. You are disappointed because you are in the wrong space. There are more polite, more staid, conservative to the point of stationary, less lively blogs suitable for you.

          • left for deadshark

            are you that boss,shame on you.

        • maui

          Good on you, you can make a claim to the Disputes Tribunal to get the appropriate pay for your daughter, it’s a fairly easy process having been through it. I’m not sure of the action you can take regarding the employment conditions, but I do know Community Law centres around NZ give you FREE one-on-one legal advice with people who know employment law.

          • Atiawa

            Thanks comrade. I know employment law. A picket line or two will be better than our employment judiciary.

            • maui

              Lol nice, that’ll save you some paperwork and a 3 week wait.

            • greywarshark

              I was wondering whether contra proferentem can be called on in this case on the basis of imbalance of power, especially with young people who might be regarded as inexperienced.

              This was the para that mentioned it.
              Some legal systems feel that certain types of contracts are inherently unfair because there is an imbalance of power between the parties.
              Insurance contracts can actually be a good example of this problem because people generally need insurance, while insurers do not necessarily need the business of a single individual. This puts an insurer in a position of power, since it can demand concessions from a customer who is desperate to get a policy written.

            • Skinny

              The good old blunt instrument gets the desired result quite quickly. I have a feeling the Talleyban are about to get whacked 🙂

      • greywarshark 1.2.2

        Not all, but the rest – because they can.

    • sabine 1.3

      happened to the daughter of a friend of mine.
      a business advertises a ‘work experience in a real kitchen’ as they oversold and needed help to fulfull the orders. (they admited this in their newsletter )

      the young women in question worked a full week, 8 hours a day, paid the bus from west auckland to central and back home for the 5 days (something like 15$ one way) to be paid in candy and chocolate.

      oh, she did get a reference..(after much emailing for about a month)..i think there were about 3 more people working for that business to help it fulfill a several thousand dollar order for a bag of chocolates and candy.

      NZ, we practice exploitation since ages ago.

      • dv 1.3.1

        Name the business?

        • mickysavage

          Yep we should have a name and shame post. No details of the complaint, just the fact that some businesses rip off workers.

          • Anne

            Good idea. I have a nephew who is doing an electrician apprenticeship and, judging from what he has told me, he’s being ripped off right, left and centre. I don’t have the details of the company/groups involved, but if there was such a post I would certainly ask him for them.

          • Sabine

            i actually spoke to her Mother, and her Mother was adamant that this was a ‘good’ thing.
            The daughter is young wants a career as a chef eventually and this provided her with some ‘work experience’.

            my inner german is of course absolutely horrified that a week of work (i am in the same business at a smaller scale – so i know that in fact she did work) is called work experience – without any pay.
            I am horrified, that her mother did not speak to the boss of that business to at least get the transport, and lunch costs taken care off.

            There are not a great many jobs around for our young ones that don’t want to go to university, and it appears that there are no rules and regulations around the concept of Work experience or apprenticeships.

            There is no point in shaming a business that is doing what is legal. What is shameful is that it is legal in the first place.

            We are all responsible for the state of youth work in this country, no rules, no regulations, no nothing. Unless they go to University or a Training Centre which only will get them into debt. Well done us.

            • Tricledrown

              Slavery wages theft criminal action

            • Atiawa

              There is no law that allows employers to employ under the conditions you have outlined.
              In the first instance every employee must have a formal written agreement that they have the ability to seek advice on before signing.
              We also have the minimum wage Act which employers cannot pay their employees less than.

        • Paul

          Then people can choose not to take their business there.

          • Colonial Viper

            More than that, you place social pressure on the management and the owners to sort their act out. If they want to be considered part of the community they better damn well start acting like it. Facebook and Twitter get the word out real fast.

        • Atiawa

          They are the typical so called “good bastards” in the community. Not wishing to generalize but the type who has played thugby to a high level, works in well with the licencing trust and local federals, owns a race horse or two and shouts his Tory mate collaborators who slap him on the back and tell him how hard he works and why he’s so deserving of the success that his hard work brings him.
          I will name him once I have the evidence albeit I have no reason to doubt my daughters story.
          I’m sick of these scum.

          • Charles

            On the upside, it’d be pretty hard to take advantage of the incompetent in that line of work, and competency in that line of work suggests your daughter’s an above-average-capable/good person. She’ll work her way through the fools pretty quick, I’d think, and land in a place deserving of her abilities.

          • Colonial Viper

            A community sanction of that bar and threatening their license should be a good start; a few letters to the editor will uncover many similar stories about the proprietors and their lack of suitability to run such an establishment.

      • Draco T Bastard 1.3.2

        You know, I’m pretty sure that slavery is illegal in New Zealand.

    • Paul 1.4

      Name of company?

    • Rosemary McDonald 1.5

      Yep. Young Person of my acquaintance was on an unpaid two week ‘trial’ for a contractor for a major ’emergency breakdown’ service. The lad knew his cars…way more than the boss…and despite a number of VERY happy customers being able to continue their journeys….he never got paid, and didn’t get the job. He was up and away by 6 am, and frequently, during the fortnight, out after dark.

      yep…wankery arseholes…treating our youth like shit.

      Take ’em down, Atiawa.

      • Atiawa 1.5.1

        Oh yeah, I’m coming for the pricks.

      • dv 1.5.2

        Maybe there is a site that you can comment your employ experience.

        Sort of like trip advisor.

      • Paul 1.5.3

        Is that the AA?

      • RedBaronCV 1.5.4

        For anybody who has received remuneration of any kind – like a box of choc’s or a voucher, document the experience and you can make a complaint to the IRD- with any luck that will bring a paye audit down on their heads and that can be a nasty experience. Can also complain to head offcies if they are franchised or part of a chain- also labour dept but I don’t think they do toomuch

    • Shona 1.6

      Atiawa, Both my under 25 year olds have had similar experiences in NZ with employment. One not being paid at all by a Chinese gift shop owner whose business was a sham to gain citizenship. Sacked after 90 days by a liquor outlet who worked my son into exhaustion loading grog without machinery they were too mean to buy. This employer also gave my son synthetic cannabis to smoke.All my offspring work in Aussie and have no intention of coming back to shitty NZ wages and conditions. They are educated trained intelligent and experienced. hard working people who have been treated like shit by and large with a handful of exceptions when it comes to employers.Those employers were small business,old school Kiwis who tend to vote NZ First.

  2. Draco T Bastard 2

    Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an “Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery”

    Former president Jimmy Carter said Tuesday on the nationally syndicated radio show the Thom Hartmann Program that the United States is now an “oligarchy” in which “unlimited political bribery” has created “a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors.” Both Democrats and Republicans, Carter said, “look upon this unlimited money as a great benefit to themselves.”

  3. Molly 4

    John Key’s press conference on the TPPA is on the Herald site: – video by Mark Mitchell.

    Was going to critique it, but have been waylaid by family this evening.

    Transcript below: (request to moderators, I’m not sure if there are issues about transcribing the whole 2 mins – have linked to source and producer above)

    I’d like to start by making a few comments about the TPP, which was unable to be concluded over the weekend.

    I can’t go into too much detail because the negotiations are continuing. But as you know, there are a few challenging issues still remaining; including intellectual property, cars and market access for dairy. We want to get the best possible deal for New Zealand, but of course, not at any cost.

    As you know, the TPP has been a big focus for the government over several years. It’s part of our wider plan to diversify the economy, by building stronger trade links, investment and economic ties around the world. An agreement would give New Zealand exporters and investors access to more than 800 million customers, in eleven countries across Asia and the Pacific, including the giant economies of the United States and Japan.

    That’s important in supporting the jobs, higher incomes and a better standard of living for NZers. New Zealand is becoming an increasing open and confident country, that backs itself on the world stage. The government supports that. We won’t get rich selling things to ourselves. Indeed we need to sell more of our products and services to customers around the world.

    I’m confident that we will reach an agreement that is in the best interests of NZ over the coming weeks.

    How far away from an acceptable deal, was the offer on the dairy?
    Um. Hmm. Well it was…. it clearly wasn’t close enough for a deal to be concluded. But, that’s because that the serious bit of the negotiation didn’t start because it was contingent on some other things happening. I think that’s really the … could there have been some meeting of the minds? I think eventually “yes” but some other parts of that negotiation didn’t happen.

    Has Minister Groser indicated to you another meeting pencilled in the few couple of weeks? If so, where or when?
    Well I had, I think, half a dozen discussions with him on the equivalent of my Friday and Saturday. He certainly indicated that they will – when it was obvious the talks were ceasing at that point, that they will have to come back around the table and I don’t think you can rule that out being relatively soon. There is a finite window I think, if we can’t complete the deal in that time, it becomes more difficult for particularly the United States and others.

    I still stand by the view that you can’t rule out the fact that there won’t be intense negotiations – potentially another meeting within the next two to three weeks.

    • ianmac 4.1

      Thanks Molly. After reading Mr Key’s words I don’t think I am any the wiser. How can he say so much that says so little?

      • David H 4.1.1

        He’s like Groser. They open their mouths and out come words, words with no meaning, and no structure, words that have no meaning, and words that are designed to confuse. If they had to actually have a conversation, I reckon their heads would implode.

      • Molly 4.1.2

        It’s interesting to note the difference between his scripted words – pre questions, and his unscripted answers.

        Not that the scripted words say much at all – in fact most of it is dribble – (New Zealand is becoming an increasing open and confident country, that backs itself on the world stage. The government supports that. – WTH does this mean? ), but he can’t even get his sentence structure together when he is answering questions and just drifts off in the middle of a thought….

    • Charles 4.2

      “…The government supports that. We won’t get rich selling things to ourselves…”

      And there it is. If he knows what that means, and he does, because no one says it without an element of irrational panic, he knows what has to happen next to make it happen, and who and how many will lose. The National Party are criminally insane.

    • Anne 5.1

      “It’s everyday Australians who bear the brunt, cop the hit and pay for the wilful ignorance and blindness of political leaders…

      I don’t have a lot of sympathy for those everyday Australians . They knew what they were getting when they went out in droves and voted for the Liberal Party and Tony Abbott. They will reap what they sowed.

      My sympathy lies with the minority of voters who had sufficient insight to recognise what a disaster Abbott and co. were going to be, and unfortunately they will also suffer.

      • RedLogix 5.1.1

        While that’s true in one sense Anne; you really can’t ignore the Gillard/Rudd debacle either.

        It’s also worth noting that Abbott has been forced to make quite a few policy back-flips moderating his more extreme positions – simply because his polling is so rubbish.

  4. Draco T Bastard 6

    Taking the hit

    That was because Paul Chodas, an asteroid expert at JPL, the laboratory that manages most of NASA’s planetary science, had put a lot of his own imagination into making 2015 PDC intriguingly disturbing. He and a few colleagues invented the asteroid, and its orbit, as a scenario to be discussed at the Planetary Defence Conference held in Frascati this April. The scenario unfolded over five days, in breaks between technical papers, with participants drafted in to imagine the reactions of world leaders, the media and the public. Their deliberations revealed a lot about the nature of the threat asteroids pose and the response that a real threat might provoke—a response which could make the danger greater than it would otherwise be.

    An interesting thought exercise.

  5. Draco T Bastard 7

  6. ianmac 8

    Wonder what this means? Written by David Fisher.
    “Did the United States try to cut a deal with Kim Dotcom?

    He claims it did – and New Zealand’s Attorney General Chris Finlayson has not ruled it out.

    Instead, Mr Finlayson’s office has refused to talk about confidential discussions between lawyers “that may or may not have occurred”….

    The claims from Dotcom come ahead of the long-awaited extradition hearing ….he was offered a series of deals by the Solicitor General Mike Heron.

    He says the offers included one which was conditional on him leaving New Zealand, where he has been a thorn in the side of the government since he and three colleagues were arrested at the request of the FBI in January 2012….

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