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Clinton Trump dystopia

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67 comments on “Daily Review 03/11/2016”

  1. Richard Rawshark 1


    A family complained to Education Minister Hekia Parata over a year ago about a seclusion room being used to discipline their son.
    They’ve released the letter, which advised the Minister of “grave concerns” regarding the treatment of their son at Ruru Specialist School in Invercargill.
    Those concerns included alleged “psychological abuse” and “unexplained bruising”.

    with the FUCKING LETTER..


    the LIES are just getting fucking ridiculous from this government..

  2. Richard Rawshark 2

    Sorry about the swearing, I get so angry. kids you know, that’s horrible treatment locking people up like that let alone a kid..it’s past disgusting, it reviles me.

  3. Richard Rawshark 3

    I asked some questions and a reporter kindly replied to me at the Herald, strangely, usually I just get ignored or told to F off pretty much :/

    Anyways basically I read something here and asked why the herald wasn’t doing much to keep the government honest when journalism was desimated of quality staff/staff and the dpms had doubled with no budget restrictions.., in that it surely is in their best interests.

    So if he’s right you guys stop painting BS pictures too, we DO NOT stoop to their level period.

    1. DPMC is not John Key’s personal department. It is the department which acts as the administrative centre for government. It is not a political office.

    2. It does have budget restrictions. Those restrictions are in the Budget.

    3. Our tax money does go to the PM’s publicity, to a degree, but not through DPMC. There are slush funds for that.

    4. Decimated might be accurate but it depends when you take your starting point from.

    5. DPMC had 130 staff in 2007 and currently has about 250, having incorporated CERA over the last year. It is projected to level out at 200 staff over the next year. Given the relatively weakened state it had operated in and the extra duties it now carries, that does seem outlandishly staffed.

    6. I would think the Herald is concerned with the ethical and other actions of every government. That’s why we staff a Press Gallery and have other reporters – myself included – outside the gallery who also write on political issues.

    • BM 3.1

      I’m struggling to understand what you’re on about there Richard?

      • Richard Rawshark 3.1.1

        Try taking those blue ear plugs out then BM, and use that thing between your ears to work it out using logic and reasoning..

        Oh that’s right I forget your at a disadvantage being, Tory.., in all that.

        consevatives, pftt throw 30 million at an Arab sheik with more money than sense but moan like fuck at any national expenditure.

        Don’t you lot see your own hypocracy?


        • BM

          I wasn’t trying to be rude, what’s your stuff and what stuff is the reply you got back ?

          Also the media isn’t there to “keep the government honest”, they’re there to make money for the stake holders.

          • Richard Rawshark

            Ok, hence my smiley, neither was I.., lower BM, it was something macro had said, but all good, handle the jandal Tory 😉

          • Chuck

            “Also the media isn’t there to “keep the government honest”, ”

            Very true BM…that job is the opposition’s i.e. Labour / Greens / NZF.

            • Richard Rawshark

              Your both wrong, it’s up to everyone to do their part in keeping an honest government, and ethical government a government for all NZ’ers.

              Whether by the careful consideration of your vote, and that not being because of ..mmm what’s the word.. because your parents voted that way.

              Because they have the best policies ethics, standards and abilities we hope.

              I loathed the Lange government as much as I loathe this National government..

              have you ever detested a tory government? And refused to vote for it?

          • Draco T Bastard

            Also the media isn’t there to “keep the government honest”, they’re there to make money for the stake holders.

            Wrong. The job of the press has always been to hold power to account:

            It is the journalists’ job to hold power to account – to shine light in dark places.

            But you can only do so if you have the courage of your convictions – if you have done your journalism properly – and if you are properly able to weigh up the consequences of your actions.

            The problem is that the privately owned press actually want to hide that power rather than hold it to account because their owners happen to be that power.

    • Macro 3.2

      The Role of DPMC wrt the PM:

      Supporting the Prime Minister and Cabinet
      The department supports the Prime Minister’s twin roles as leader of the government and chair of Cabinet, and provides three kinds of direct support to the Prime Minister:

      Support for constitutional issues, including those associated with the formation of governments; and issues associated with the operation of the Cabinet system.

      Overview of government activity and access to information on any and all issues that arise.

      Administrative support to the Prime Minister (and also to the Governor-General). This includes services to the Prime Minister – such as preparing replies to Parliamentary questions, and dealing with Official Information Act 1982 requests and other correspondence.

      So yes it does work for the PM.

      Yes it does control information.

      Yes it has expanded (almost doubled in funding and staff) – and not just because of CERA.

      And it was from within this Department that the Official information with regards to the “israeli terrorists” (you remember that just before the 2014 election) suddenly reached a certain blogger of ill repute and gave the impression that the now mayor of Auckland was a liar with direct consequences for the election result. (something similar is now occurring over the big pond with the FBI.)

      • Richard Rawshark 3.2.1

        Thanks, I added that to my reply to David Fisher, i’ll be interested in his response specially after he wrote about the Terrorist threat .. evidence shown, but none..

        pointing out subtly that there seems to be a pattern of this whenever Nationals in hot water..i’d be interested in his response but I suspect it’ll be how to palm someone off much like a ministerial reply.

        Cheers macro.

        • Macro

          Thanks for taking this up R R – It is a concern for me that the number of journalists in this country is steadily decreasing and with that the quality of information available to the general public. Too often journalist now rely on handouts from the PR people rather than to dig deeper and to garner the full facts.
          Take the issue of NZ’s GHG emissions – Brian Fallow at the Herald has done some good work on this over the past few years, as has the Morgan Foundation, and a few others, but the concerns raised are just left to dangle in the air. It’s just all to difficult – much better to concentrate on the latest murder trial , or the price of houses. So the government continues to get away with doing nothing much, and the people of NZ are left to sleep on.

  4. b waghorn 4


    Rats deserting a sinking ship?
    Nat list mp chucking it in after a year.

    • BM 4.1

      Probably told he’s not in the frame for any future advancement.

      Dudes got enough brains and options to take the hint and move on.

      Labour must just look on in envy.

      • ScottGN 4.1.1

        It was the former mayor of Palmy that a little while ago Mr Key confidently predicted was going to take Palmerston North off Labour so I doubt that envy is what Labour’s feeling right now.

    • Richard Rawshark 4.2

      Keep up with the program BW I was onto that post about 5 hours ago..ish ly.


  5. Richard Rawshark 5


    “When John Key in 2008 established the “Ministry of Truth” aka Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet* (which now receives more funding than National Radio and has doubled its number of “spin doctors”, whilst over the same period, the number of full time journalists in the country has halved) reality went out the window and the majority of NZers now live on Planet Key.
    For there to be an ethical judgement, the truth of the matter must be clear and understood, that situation is now beyond the reach of most ordinary citizens in this country who obtain their perception of reality from a daily dose of NZ’s TV “news”, provided mainly from the MoT. It is not surprising that ethics is now consigned to the dustbin of history.
    *I know that the DoPMC has “always” been there – it is just that since 2008 – John Key has taken its role to new “heights” (or more correctly depths.) as evidenced by the fact that of all public departments it has never been subject to budgetary restrain or capping of personnel, and its funding has now increased to absurd levels.
    Note that it was also involved in the 2014 electoral scam.”

    So I wrote to the Herald asking them WTF? Especially the lack of budget constraints etc.

    Macro..sort it out dude, it appears your skewed a little off centre pal.

  6. halfcrown 6

    A news item on Prime News 5.30 was about tourist going to Baldwin Street in Dunedin and complaining that there were no toilet facilities. Funny that Baldwin Street is a RESIDENTIAL area.
    The tour operators are telling the tourist according to Prime to use people’s front gardens and public gardens as toilets. If I lived there I would invest in a high-pressure fireman’s hose and if I saw any prat using my front garden as a shithouse they would get it full bore. I wonder if the are tours round where the fucking spiv lives and if there are toilet facilities in his street and if not are the tourist told to use the fucking spivs front garden as a shithouse. Mind you if they did it would not make much difference it will just increase the depth of shit that is already there.
    This country I love is fast becoming the shithouse for all and sundry created by the policies of this shit government we have.

    • Richard Rawshark 6.1

      LMFAO…pardon the pun.

    • weka 6.2

      Who is the spiv?

      Tourism is set up to shit in people’s front and backyards. It’s been happening in the roadside wilderness for a long time, including beside lakes and rivers. When transnational corporations are allowed to run van rental companies for tourists and they encourage those tourists to ‘free camp’, then of course those tens of thousands of people are going to shit somewhere we don’t want. This is what we signed up for when we sanctioned industrial tourism as a way for us to make a living.

      • halfcrown 6.2.1

        “Who is the spiv?”
        Go figure your fucking self.

        “This is what we signed up for when we sanctioned industrial tourism as a way for us to make a living.”

        You may have signed up for that mate but I haven’t signed up for anyone shitting in people’s gardens. or on the side of the road or in the layby we stopped a few weeks ago and saw it and by the lakes or bush etc etc etc. I am also aware that it has been going on for awhile so you are not telling me something new,
        I get the impression that you are in favour of the fucking spiv’s government allowing this. What kind of sewer do you want to turn this country into
        With regards to the freedom campers, the government should have BANNED any camper van that did not have contained onboard toilet facilities. But they are not going to do that are they mate, too many fucking potential dollars involved. and we must not stop the flow of dollars. irrespective the harm it is doing to NZ and the people.
        This country is fast becoming the sewer of the South Pacific with the over intensive dairying polluting all the streams and rivers and now affecting area’s like the Hauraki Gulf, tourist allowed to shit everywhere and in people’s gardens just, Quote you ” to make a living.”

        “Tourism is set up to shit in people’s front and backyards.”

        Let me make this absolutely clear mate MY backyard is not set up for anybody to shit in and if they do they will have a high pressure hose set on them.

        • Richard Rawshark

          Mate..it’s fucking horrible but I cannot stop cracking up at the thought of tourists squatting behind the bushes of someone’s front lawn.

          and if some bus driver told me to do that i’d question why the fucking toilet in his bus wasn’t working????

          I spent 2 days about ish on a bus London to Germany.. all for LUV..had a toilet, though if anyone’s ever tried to crap or piss on a moving bus.., they will know what I mean, good luck to them.

          These coaches have toilets afaia aware?

          • halfcrown

            Hey Richard that’s hilarious, had a larf at your use of English. Not the best of terminology “cracking up having a shit”. Possibly the bus didn’t have a shithouse on board except the one in the front telling them to use people’s gardens.

        • weka

          “I get the impression that you are in favour of the fucking spiv’s government allowing this.”

          I have not idea what you mean by ‘spiv’, but don’t be a fuckwit. I’m arguing that industrial tourism is hugely damaging to NZ, and that shitting in people’s backyards wherever that may be is a natural consequence of us valuing tourism in the economy. Yes, National are doing this shit on steroids, but Labour are pro-industrial tourism too.

          • In Vino

            Precisely. Halfcrown – you need to understand more than half of what someone means before you leap in like that. If you look more carefully, you might perceive that Weka was on your side.

            • halfcrown

              Bit late but first chance to reply
              Yeah you are so right Vino, that was definitely a shot from the hip on my part, but I was infuriated to think New Zealanders have to and are putting up with this filth for the almighty dollar. Also, I have a soft spot for Dunedin though I would not like to see that done anywhere.
              I broke a golden rule a lawyer friend told many many years ago, which is worth repeating here “If you ever get a communication that really angers you put it under your blotter for 48 hrs then re-read it before responding” OK we don’t have blotters in this modern age, and can’t wait 48 hrs but this snippet of wisdom is more valid today with the infernal net.

          • halfcrown

            I take back that pal, but that is NOT what you came across about. You appeared to be in favour of it.

            Spiv noun :- a man, typically a flashy dresser, who makes a living by disreputable dealings.
            Actually, it is London backslang for VIPs

            • In Vino

              Spiv – cool!

            • weka

              Sometimes it pays to give people the benefit of the doubt and ask for clarification.

              Is the spiv Key? I thought you were talking about the tourism operators in Baldwin St.

        • McFlock

          Yeah but you have to catch ’em at it.

          One of the houses had a landlord present when a tourist took a dump in the yard – landlord bagged it up like dogshit and handed it right back to him.

          The biggest hazard is trying to slalom down the hill when tourists don’t get off the fucking road.

          On the occasions I go on holiday, living on Baldwin St certainly gave me a lot more consieration for the locals and not being a dickhead.

          All because Dunedin has a longstanding tradition of having the dumbest city planners in the world. Seriously, who just draws a straight line across a contour like that? The forebears of those who put a $200million rugby stadium on reclaimed land right next to the harbour, that’s who.

          • weka

            rofl. Maybe the rah rah/brighter future brigade should run a national competition – who has the stupidest town planners, with examples?

  7. Richard Rawshark 7


    jeez..dang and it’s just dandy for some 150k in a day weeeeeeeeee

  8. weka 8

    Sometimes I feel like all we are doing is going backwards. I can’t believe that NZ is still like this. Good on the manager for being straight up about how appalling this is. Goff not so much.

    The Tuesday evening ceremony was a proud moment for Efeso Collins, who was the first in his family with a university education and was sworn in as one of two representatives in the Manukau Ward in south Auckland.

    He was one of those who read his oath in Māori.

    But the joy wasn’t fully shared by his wife, daughter and elders, who were refused their allocated seating in the councillor’s family area at the Auckland Town Hall.

    “My family was told that they couldn’t sit where they were because that was reserved for council guests, and that’s when my wife said ‘We are council guests’, but no one believed them,” he said.

    In the formal atmosphere of a gala-style ceremony, Mr Collins had no doubt as to what happened to his Samoan relatives.


    • Draco T Bastard 8.1

      That is absolutely despicable.

      • In Vino 8.1.1

        I trust that the ushers are now coming to grips with their staggering racist prejudices. If so, maybe it will help a few more people to do the same. I believe the public deserves informative follow-up reporting. But I guess another All Black will do something saucy.

    • Muttonbird 8.2

      When you stand back a bit Goff looks like Shane Jones mkII. A government proxy.

      I just can’t see Goff achieving anything except for the occupying of the seat. His response to Efeso Collins’ family’s hassle on the day they should have been most proud was weak when it could have been much stronger.

      Goff blamed the contractor. Not the management and not the Council, he blamed the the worker, a default position for the current John Key government.

  9. Richard Rawshark 9

    Remember Keystone cops… well here in NZ we have Keystone government.. it’s official.

    Idiots are in charge of the system


    Bills starts 11am..scans first two cases, quickly realizes he liable for millions in compensation and his election bribes are gone burger..

    by 11.15 it’s a yeah , nah wat ch ya.., talkin bout Willis?.

  10. Muttonbird 10

    There was a dump of bad news yesterday and today; report on sheep-gate, Novopay still fubar, GCSB overstepping but doesn’t apologise for ‘by catch’, etc.

    Of no great surprise then was the interference line run from the ninth floor, a non-story with no specific time relevance; ‘we’ve got terrorists in our midst!’

    It is so predictable now.

    • ScottGN 10.1

      And not working as well as it used to. Been all about Hekia today anyway. The likelihood of her getting shuffled out of Education in the New Year surely has gone up markedly.

    • BM 10.2

      No one cares

      Ignorance is king these days, which does make it tough for the opposition, almost impossible to get any cut through.

      • Richard Rawshark 10.2.1

        I care.,..

        so, not no one..

        at all.

      • Richard Rawshark 10.2.2

        Seriously I think your wrong. I always write to the minister, PM whoever and make my points clear. a lot of the time my abuse of them remains unanswered, and I just don’t know why 🙂

        However I do it every time. I won’t be the only one.., that’s all that matters statistically I won’t be alone and as the government becomes more and more inept more will write complaining to. So I doubt very much ignorance is king I suspect they count exactly how many negatives they receive..

        Everyone should write BTW.. at least do something as well as moan here.

      • Draco T Bastard 10.2.3

        Ah, is that how you excuse your ongoing ignorance?

      • tc 10.2.4

        Ignorance and apathy are hallmarks of kiwi voting patterns. The frog mentality.

    • Richard Rawshark 10.3

      Of course MB your spot on and if you had seen all the reporters huddled around Findlayson, he could barely contain his grin as they took him for his word, hook line and sinker.. I bet he wandered off chucking his sick little fart out.

    • Draco T Bastard 10.4

      Of no great surprise then was the interference line run from the ninth floor, a non-story with no specific time relevance; ‘we’ve got terrorists in our midst!’

      We do though – it’s the National led government.

      • Richard Rawshark 10.4.1

        don’t forget the affiliates Act and ..a vary rarely seen terrorist organization, the UF.

        hmm Where is dunny jeez that fuckers never about and then you suddenly remember him, like an old cobweb in the back of your mind.

  11. ianmac 11

    McCully repeatedly says that a legal opinion was sought and given. We assumed that the legal opinion was a “go-ahead Murray.” He implies that it was. We know that the legal opinion will not be released.
    But what if the legal opinion was, “Murray do not go ahead with your plan. It is a wrong move Murray. Don’t go there!”
    You see? A legal opinion was sought and given. Tick.
    The legal opinion will never be seen by the public. Tick.
    McCully did all the right things. Tick.
    Lets all cheer for our Murray!

  12. Richard Rawshark 12

    McCully and Smith, quite frankly if national didn’t have them, Labour would be far worse off in the polls.

    In a round about way The opposition is lucky to have them.

  13. Richard Rawshark 13

    BTW before it happens I just want to warn the readers here, when key finally does reshuffle and hopefully clears some old oaks from his forest.. there’s a fella called Bridges coming along..

    God help the Nation.

  14. Richard Rawshark 14

    someone today lost 2.7 billion dollars in 2 hours on the stock market.

    I feel for that man.

    • Muttonbird 14.1

      I say good job. That man is part of the problem and the sooner his attitude to getting rich in life is extinguished, the better.

  15. Muttonbird 16

    John Key’s brighter future:

    500 000 Kiwis don’t see a doctor because of the cost. These are the families of people who are unable to work and the families of people who are stuck in part time work and low wages. These are the families of people who have been displaced from both state housing and private rental housing.

    This underclass is blossoming under the current government.


  16. Muttonbird 17

    Has John Key’s GCSB been caught hacking the nurses’ union?

    Computer says yes.


    • James 17.1

      Computer says no.

      Imputed says that nurses union sent out personal details of thousands of people without even basic safe guards to their personal information.

  17. Muttonbird 18

    Conehead is mad. Mr fixit didn’t fix it…


    Question: Is this a strategy by the current government to deliberately unsettle teachers and distract them from the job the love thereby lowering their performance?

    We’ve seen the current government degrade once high achieving public services as a pretence to restructuring and the selling of assets.

    Conehead (that’s right, Mr dildo) is supposedly one of the three best ministers in the current government and he can’t even control the Australian based and owned payroll system he is in charge of.


  18. Muttonbird 19

    Mike Hosking’s wingman Toni Street asks Boy George, “do you really want to hurt me?”

    Boy George says yes.


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