Daily Review 03/11/2017

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55 comments on “Daily Review 03/11/2017”

  1. adam 1

    Really like Laura Flander as a journalist. 26 minute video talking about how to resist and what it looks like in a non-violent context. Might be a bit much for all you wets, so feel free to avoid.

  2. feijoa 2

    Icebreaker has been sold to an American Company

    Here was a company adding value to one of our primary industries.
    It seems when a company reaches a critical size or something else maybe, NZ cant seem to hang on to these middle size companies. they just get snapped up.
    I can think of others – Charlies juices, Silver fern farms, Barkers jams, all sorts of wine companies, etc
    Not sure what the answer is. I think alot of the owners are just happy to walk away with the big bucks$. All part of other people owning our future

    • Andre 2.1


      The next steps tend to be the IP gets shared overseas, so what manufacturing work was being done no longer has an advantage. Then the manufacturing gets shifted overseas following the IP for cheaper labour. If we’re lucky, some R&D and marketing and a few other functions like that keep going here, but it’s a husk of the former activity. But not always, sometimes everything that was here gets absorbed overseas.

    • Ad 2.2

      So sad!!!

    • greywarshark 2.3

      Agree. We need an investment fund that can buy a good percentage of individual NZ businesses and can raise enough money to buy them out when they are valuable like Icebreaker. Otherwise we are wasting our time trying to build up business in this country and have a large number of skilled workers in NZ owned industry. Instead we just create lollipops for overseas buyers, and we are the suckers.

      • eco maori 2.3.1

        Compulsory kiwi saver that’s the fund and its a shame that we are losing these iconic companies we need to protect these for our moko Ka pai

        • CoroDale

          Kiwisaver is just a lemon, gifted to us by the bots which run the NY stock market.

        • eco maori

          Yes yes I say Compulsory retirement saver because most of our youth dont plan for tomorrow let alone retirement. And some don’t have parents that plan for retirement. I say OUR coalition government plan for them. If we did not learn to plan for the future ie save and store food we would never be the people were are today and this will reduce our foreign debt Ka pai

      • CoroDale 2.3.2

        Why not buy that stuff with RBNZ QE and accidental support exports with a lower nzd. Upgrade the Cullen Fund to a 007 project.

        • greywarshark

          Go for it then. But I seem to remember that they didn’t want a closed loop with all the fund money going into NZ investment and they thought it better to not distort the market with this huge super fund.

      • BM 2.3.3

        Icebreaker founder Jeremy Moon said the deal was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand into new markets.

        “Our partnership with VF provides us with the largest platform in the world to tell our story, access new markets and reach new consumers at an accelerated pace.”


        How would having the NZ taxpayer buying this company out acheive the above?

    • weka 2.4

      Icebreaker have been an international company for a long time, despite Jeremy Moon’s attempt to brand it Made in NZ. I thought bugger too when I heard the news, but I think it’s a mirage that Icebreaker are anything other than Big Business.

      “Not sure what the answer is. I think alot of the owners are just happy to walk away with the big bucks$. All part of other people owning our future”

      Yes. I think some of it is greed, some of it just that some people want the power and the creative opportunities that come with that degree of money, but I also think that primarily it’s the business model within the structure of a growth economy. If the way to run a business is taught as growth, then that’s what people will do. I don’t know if that then traps those businesses into having to growing more and more and thus they are unsustainable.

      I once talked to a small/medium company in another part of the country who were selling baked goods. I wanted them to retail where I lived. They said no, they could sell everything they made locally and they were really happy with the size of business they were and the number of employees etc. They said that them not growing and selling to every corner of the market meant that other companies could start up and offer somewhat different products. So much respect for those people.

      Why at the size they were Icebreaker needed to get bigger I don’t know. The rationale given sounds like every other big business rationale.

      • Sam aka clump 2.4.1

        NZ minimum wage at $15.75 should be $20.20 = domestic sales volume

        • weka

          Can you please use whole sentences? I don’t know what you mean.

          • Sam aka clump

            There are too types of greed called the double dissolution of wants that every millionaire understands. You can look it up on google in your own time. Essentially one type of greed gathers resources for yourself, your family, and the community you live in. The other type of greed destroys the community.

            Working off that assumption you get a volatility formula essential to working out if the investment is worth the reward: (price) multiplied by (volume) = volatility.

            So if wages rise. Then sales rise. And every one moves about the economy. But if wages fall, then sales fall. And every one stalls.

            • weka

              How does that relate to my previous comment re Icebreaker and business models? Also, domestic sales volumes.

              • Sam aka clump

                Jeremy Moon got squeezed out of the market by stagnant wages. Raise it to the living wage seems to be Labour policy.

      • Molly 2.4.2

        “f the way to run a business is taught as growth, then that’s what people will do. I don’t know if that then traps those businesses into having to growing more and more and thus they are unsustainable.”
        There is a good book called Small Giants: Companies that choose to be great instead of big.

        It has case studies about businesses and businesses owners that resisted pressures to enlarge their businesses, instead focusing on improving sustainability or balancing their work/life ratio.

        I read it several years ago, and bought a second-hand copy, and it is well worth the read.

        Looks like there is a Small Giants business community now.

        We are an organization committed to the development of values-driven business leaders. We take entrepreneurs on a journey, supporting them each step of the way with the resources, events, mentorship and connections needed to take their business to the next level and bring their vision to reality.

    • Muttonbird 2.5

      The 3Bs mentality. NZ business people can’t see past the Boat, the Bach, and the BMW.

    • James 2.6

      Meh. It’s a private company – good on him.

    • Alan 2.7

      not bugger at all, well done to Jeremy Moon, he created it, he grew it and now he has a large wad of cash in his pocket, He also provided work and income for many people on the way.
      He will now most likely be thinking about how he can create something new and repeat the process.
      As we all should, that is how success works

      • mpledger 2.7.1

        That’s what success looks like through capitalist glasses.

      • Molly 2.7.2

        “As we all should, that is how success works”
        Using a specific definition of success. In other aspects it is not so successful, unless those within his company that helped build the business are also in a place of financial security and benefits.

      • He will now most likely be thinking about how he can create something new and repeat the process.

        No, he’ll be looking at that nice wad of cash and thinking how he can bludge more efficiently with it than actually running a productive business.

        That’s what the economy is designed to encourage and that’s what he’ll do.

        As we all should, that is how success works

        If we could all do that then nothing would ever get done because everyone would be looking to live off of the interest rather than producing anything.

    • Not sure what the answer is.

      Ban foreign ownership as it does damage to NZ.

    • tc 2.9

      Always thought that was inevitable once Fyfe joined. Ross would’ve done same at Moa if the numbers stacked up IMO.

      Once in a lifetime tax free capital gain is a hard one to turn down.

  3. CoroDale 3

    from Basic Income in NZ’s November Newsletter
    “As this 800th Anniversary is celebrated at Durham Cathedral on November 6 (UK time) we in NZ will gather to ‘raise a glass’ from 6.00 pm November 6 – this is the early morning of November 6 in the UK. Do join us or where ever you are with friends supporting Basic Income in NZ, raise a glass, take a photo and post on our Facebook page.”

  4. eco maori 4

    Horticulture New Zealand just put out a report on the Rock radio Thane and Duncan show that they are forecasting a shortage of fruit and vegetables because of climate change and housing being built on fertile land. This is the perfect opportunity to get some Marae and settlers hall to grow fruit and vegetables for the local markets in my view this is the way we have to grow.
    Not start importing food and clocking up the carbon to produce our food Ka pai

  5. weka 5

    omg, that photo.

    • Macro 5.1

      The video of the “event” is even more harrowing. The man can’t even hand out candy to kids without turning it into a rambling spiel being about him, and how wonderful he is. No wonder the kids were looking like they were.

    • mickysavage 5.2

      The narrative is perfect. Peak perfection …

  6. JC 6

    • McFlock 7.1

      The thought occurs that maybe every year we should grant one or two Aussie federal politicians NZ citizenship, fixed term for a year and unable to be renounced.

      Dutton and Hanson should do it for this year…

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