Daily Review 04/09/2017

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35 comments on “Daily Review 04/09/2017”

  1. Muttonbird 1

    There’s so much desperation within the National Party it’s hard to keep up with what panic move they make from one day to the next.

    Today, apart from Joyce looking for typos in Labour’s material and arguing about accountancy terms, Amy Adams re-announces some social housing which was announced 10 months ago.


    • Eco maori 1.1

      KIWI humour is great seen the statue of Nick the dick smith squatting with his pants down he’s shitting on/in our environment fn hard case.

  2. DSpare 2

    Ironic much?

    Spokesman and former Act MP David Garrett said… “We don’t have to be a society which aids and abets or even tolerates those that sneer and laugh at its most basic values.”


    Garrett’s wife, Saane, [said] she arrived home early last month to find he had padlocked the gate and changed the locks on the house, locking out her and their two children, six and 11… Garrett had verbally abused her during their tumultuous 10-year relationship and was openly unfaithful, using online dating sites.

    A neighbour said Garrett was the “most disliked person in Kaukapakapa”, a small lifestyle community 12km north of Helensville – John Key country. “He calls [his wife] an effing native, eff off back to your tribe,”…

    he admitted in parliament he had stolen the identity of a dead child off a gravestone to make a false passport application in 1984, having read Frederick Forsyth’s The Day of the Jackal and wondering how easy it would be… “I can still remember standing in court looking at the letter from the mother [of the dead child] in the spidery hand of an old lady and feeling like an absolute arsehole. It was really only then that it hit home to me that it had implications for people.”


    • Muttonbird 2.1

      Holy shit! I knew he’d stolen a dead baby’s identity and I knew he was racist but I didn’t realise he was an abusive husband also.

      • I think you’ll find that these sorts of things tend to go together. It’s the actions of someone who thinks they’re always right, doesn’t think that they will get caught when they do something wrong and doesn’t really give a shit about anybody else.

        Perfect ACT psychology basically.

  3. DSpare 3

    TV3 Leaders Debate is about to start (hopefully Gower is less unwatchable than Hosking):


    [edit] livestream is working now, I missed the opening question but quality seems okay.

  4. Craig H 4

    Wow, Paddy asking hard questions tonight!

    • Nick 4.1

      Jacinda going amazing “generational change and future vision”

      • DSpare 4.1.1

        Yeah, I thought English would be all over Ardern with distortions of the Labour financial plan. She seemed to hold her own pretty well, especially with that; “politicians bickering” line, and when she said; “please let him finish”. Nothing new was really said, but she said it better.

        Next section; poverty, is starting now.

    • DSpare 4.2

      I’ve got to start noting down the answers to be fact checked – so far it has been a bit of a background blur as I’ve been skimming posts. I don’t really like the debate format as it prevents going to any depth. Also Gower isn’t calling English out on the typical Nat tactic of interjecting; “that’s not true” whenever he can get away with it.

      Starting again now – finances this time.

    • chris73 4.3

      Hosking was too soft on both last debate, this debate is much better

  5. Reality 5

    Jacinda is going very well and presents hope and optimism. Bill is just droning on.

  6. Muttonbird 6

    Amazing that Bingles brings up the ‘the teacher and the police officer who have bought a second house’ as the losers under a CGT.

    Firstly teacher and police officers in Auckland can’t even afford a first fucking house, Bill.

    And secondly, why should they be buying second houses anyway. Are they teachers and cops, or are they housing providers?

    NZ as such a shit culture around housing and it must be changed.

    • Chris 6.1

      Had to stop watching. Too frustrating. English is just lying his way through every answer. It’s not a debate because you can’t debate against lies.

    • Stuart Munro 6.2

      There is a thing about second houses that might be fair to provide for in a CGT – that folk entering or leaving single households: 2 going into 1 (marriage) or 1 going into 2 (breakup) get some consideration. Batches not so much.

      • Muttonbird 6.2.1

        How many couples getting married both own houses? And if they do then they probably own them separately.

        Same goes for the break up – it won’t be the one person owning two houses.

        Outside of a holiday home (how the other half live) there’s no need for one person to own more than one house unless that is your job as a professional landlord.

  7. chris73 7

    Bill doing quite well here

  8. Grey Area 8

    And when he’s not lying, he’s not answering the question. I gave up as Gower is letting English bully his way to extra speaking time. I just hope more people see him for the piece of work he is.

  9. Herodotus 9

    Now I know why Mike Hosking is paid a superior salary to that of Paddy. He is crap.

  10. Adrian 10

    English admits he needs the tax cut because he has 6 kids, can’t survive on almost a million a year, his pay, his missus on 400k and gods knows how much investment income. The poor bastard.

  11. Adrian 11

    New definition.. A prefab; a modern learning environment. Fuck he’s useless.

    • In Vino 11.1

      Better than a marble plate and a chisel in a cave! Be positive!

      • Muttonbird 11.1.1

        Yes. That’s the other argument RWNJs use. ‘We’re better off now than they were in 1642’, and ‘wake me when corruption gets to Sierra Leone levels’.

        • Eco maori

          Eddie Grant was one of my favorite musician and some dirty cheating bastards got to him.

    • DSpare 11.2

      A new post has opened up about the debate has opened up:

      Second leaders’ debate

    • garibaldi 11.3

      Bill has dominated because he talks all over Jacinda and the moderator. He did it in the last one and he’s done it again. Therefore he wins the debacle. Jacinda has learnt nothing since the last one. Disappointing.

    • Anne 11.4

      English… a modern learning environment.
      Jacinda’s response… that’s a jazzy new name for a prefab.

  12. Muttonbird 12

    If National get sent to the opposition benches later this month I’m going to go very hard with memes on Bingles’ line, “I got up again”…

  13. Timbeau 13

    Roy Morgan say their next poll is due late next week: https://mobile.twitter.com/roymorganonline/status/904538155302432768

  14. Antoine 14

    This seems wrong to me:

    “A Dunedin landlord was ordered to give $10,000 back to a tenant, Natalie Parry, because she had been living in a property with unpermitted alterations. Parry had stayed for 29 weeks.

    “Vic Inglis and his wife bought the property as is. They did not realise that the alterations were different from plans submitted to the Dunedin City Council, and did not request a LIM report.

    “But the tribunal said the tenancy was unlawful because of the unpermitted work and the tenant was entitled to a full refund of all rent paid.”

    • Muttonbird 14.1

      Why? Sends a clear message to amateur landlords to get their rentals up to spec. About time too.

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