Daily Review 05/03/2018

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16 comments on “Daily Review 05/03/2018”

  1. Ad 1

    This was an odd little discovery for me today: Indivisible

    They are basically an aggregator of little grassroots movements against Donald Trump.


    I liked it because it was so upbeat, and because it felt like a model that would be fun for New Zealand. Granted it would take a bit of work, and there’s been a few other attempts at parallel sites. Still …

    • BM 1.1

      Like many lefties, you don’t seem to realise your team is currently batting.

      • Ad 1.1.1

        oh truly i’m fine.
        world’s a big place.
        lots of room for discovery still.

        • BM

          Wouldn’t it make more sense to be focused on implementation?

          • Ad

            Clearly you don’t read my posts. Which is fine. I prefer quality to inanity.

            As you will observe – even from a cursory viewing at TS – the left here as elsewhere is made up of a vast phalanx of activisms, all of which require constant renewal as they go through their cycles of change. So it’s great to see it happening in the United States.

            • BM

              Clearly you don’t read my posts

              Most of its just intellectual wank but occasionally you do write the odd snippet that’s interesting.

              I did like your recent post on social media, well done on that one.

              • bwaghorn

                More reading bm and less wanking ,then you might be able to unna stand Ads posts

  2. eco maori 2

    3 News news Hub I have been busy trying to find books on My Maori culture Ngati-porou history and tepuna it is hard to find the books I want. P.S we have not got a censor application form we got back from the farm and nothing in the mail box?????? it won’t take much to figure out what happened to the form. Ka kite ano

    • Carolyn_Nth 2.1

      eco, you could contact the census people and tell them you haven’t received your letter:


      I think there is going to be a lot of discussion about how poorly organised this cenus has been. I think a lot of low income people will not get the connection to fill out the form.

      I got my letter. On Friday evening I went online and requested a paper form. After I submitted it I got a notice saying to allow up to a week to get the form. Well, last census I filled out the paper form on census night, then no one came to collect it for a week or two. So I don’t see as problem with filling it out in the next week or so.

      Just need to put on the form the address I was at on census night (tomorrow night).

      And if I can’t submit the paper form late, I’ll just add to the smaller numbers of middle class people who didn’t fill out the form.

      • I think there is going to be a lot of discussion about how poorly organised this cenus has been.

        Actually, I think it’s been quite well organised. Not perfect and there are teething problems but I think we’ll find that it’s gone better than previous ones. Physically going out to each dwelling to deliver the forms and then get them back takes a hell of a lot more effort for little to no gain.

        So I don’t see as problem with filling it out in the next week or so.

        There’s not.

        Just need to put on the form the address I was at on census night (tomorrow night).

        This hints at a misunderstanding of the Access Code. The Access Code belongs to the dwelling and not the person. Same goes for the paper forms.

        You need to fill the individual forms out under either the access code given to that dwelling or a form delivered to it.

        *** I’m on the Census Helpdesk ***

    • greywarshark 3.1

      It’s transparently a state of corruption and mismanagement, and government should be sued too with Brownless sitting on the top of the pile.

      • KJT 3.1.1

        We all know that the “party of individual responsibility” never take “individual responsibility” for anything!

        Canterbury earthquake recovery. leaky homes, the housing crisis, child poverty, total national debt, failing hospitals and schools,

        No admission of responsibility from National, and the ex Labourites, in ACT.

        “The buck stops here” is a foreign concept, as they collect their retirement Directors fees. While working people pay for their fuckups.

        • greywarshark

          One of those wise sayings –
          When something is everyone’s responsibility, then it’s nobody’s responsibility.

          Our experience as adult human beings will have shown us the truth of that so relying on individual responsibility to do the right thing is obviously a false hope or a deliberate ploy for irresponsibility and just a throw-away line for the uncaring and venal.

    • Pat 3.2

      lmao…I expect hes well aware of the terms of the contract signed by Fletchers and EQC (under Nationals watch)…


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