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50 comments on “Daily Review 05/04/2018”

  1. Pete 1

    In normal circumstances is Richard Griffin of RNZ called Richard or Dick?

    • Anne 1.1

      I wasn’t impressed by his ‘presentation’ at this morning’s select committee hearing.

      He put on an emotive display that didn’t ring true to me. I was half expecting him to put his head in his hands and start crying. In contrast his CEO remained calm and measured as one would expect from a professional.

      • Anne 1.1.1

        And Andrew Geddis sums up the current impasse very nicely. We will know in the not too distant future who is right and who is wrong:


        • Treetop

          Being a victim of political theatre does ruin a person’s career.

          Melissa Lee has contributed to ruining Hirschfeld and Lee will not stop digging until she gets Curran.

          Is it a sackable offence to show an error of judgement and then to try and correct it?

          • Stunned mullet

            Pfffftttt – this entire fiasco is down to one Clare Curran amongst a parliament of woeful politicians she manages to stand out in a blaze of incompetence.

            • Treetop

              8 June 2009 Melissa Lee had a bad week. A comment about crims and motorways and some funding issue to do with a promotional video.

              An apology was given for the crim comment.

          • mary_a

            Only a sackable offence if it’s Labour. However not so for Natz. Then it’s a case of look over there …

        • Muttonbird

          Geddis describe the hearing as political theatre. I go further and call it a circus. A circus eagerly promoted and subscribed to by both Griffin and the Nats. Someone need to OIA the crap out of Griffin’s communications with Lee in particular.

          Remember when the Nats said they were going to use the select committee process to disrupt the government? This is what they meant.

          Thankfully it means absolutely zero to the voter.

          20 cent petrol tax in Auckland however…

    • Ad 1.2

      In normal circumstances a Minister would require RNZ to implement the Labour policy manifesto, provide it with the funding to do so in the budget, and let them go to it.

      That is normal circumstances.

      Instead the Minister sought to undercut the RNZ Chair, meet with the Head of News during the critical pre-budget phase, lie about it, and as a result got a major civil servant fired.

      Richard Griffin has steered RNZ through massive transformation on the smell of an oily rag and should be heartily congratulated for it. The Minister should be fired.

      • Anne 1.2.1

        We don’t know if that is what “the Minister” was trying to do – undercut the chair. Apparently Curran and Hirschfeld know one another quite well so it would be natural she wanted to have a post election chat with Hirschfeld. And it wasn’t Clare Curran who lied. It was Carol Hirschfeld. What we don’t know is why she lied.

        However, if it transpires Curran did advise Griffin in no uncertain terms to write a letter (she claims she didn’t- he claims she did) then her future as a minister is in jeopardy.

        • Ad

          We know that undercutting the Chair was what she meant to do, because that is the effect of what she did, and it is the design of what she did. She met in secret, because she knew that she should be communicating with the Chair. Then lied about it, and roped in Carol Hirschfeld to lie for her as well – four times according to Griffin at Select Committee today.

          The net result will be that RNZ will get their budget money, they will do with it what they please instead of being directed by the Minister and enforce Ministerial contact only through them, Curran and the government as a whole will be treated like an infectious tropical disease by RNZ for the whole term, Curren will be radioactive to every other political reporter in Wellington, and Curren will be out in the next reshuffle.

          Time Labour stopped treating RNZ like a pet they think they can pull on a leash if they put treats on the end.

          • Anne

            She met in secret, because she knew that she should be communicating with the Chair.

            Really? At one of the biggest and busiest cafes in Wellington?

            As for whether she knew she should not be there, on past performance I doubt it even entered her head. By all means have a chat with Hirschfeld but don’t go where everyone can see you. It’s called being stupid and that’s why she was reprimanded and rightfully so.

            We await chapter two (probably next week) and if it transpires she’s been stupid again then she’s a gone-burger I would say.

            • Ad


              It’s not stupidity. She had to recall the RNZ Chair to the Select Committee today to make them explain that they had not knowingly lied to Parliament on precisely that point. Where Griffin the Chair had to defend himself by noting that Hirschfeld had lied about it four times to him and his Chief Executive. Curren also had to explain to Parliament on the same point. Ardern just looks weak on the discipline of her own Party, and her own Cabinet.

              It’s not stupidity.

              It’s cowardice.
              She hung Hisrchfeld out there, and her career died for it.

              She knows full well that it is only appropriate to engage with the Chair or in limited circumstances the Chief Executive. That is the long established separation of political from the executive.

              Curren will now walk Parliament’s corridors as a political Undead.

            • Treetop

              Anne I have always liked your style (thinking outside the box and connections made).

              Lee would be interested in knowing what changes would be made at RNZ. Lee was very involved with Asia Downunder.

              Look up the history.

              • Anne

                Thanks for the compliment Treetop. 🙂

                Yes, I remember that controversy. Can’t recall the details but I guess that’s why she kept her head down for years.

                • veutoviper

                  Wikipedia has a pretty good summary of Melissa Lee’s history.


                  I did not realise that she was originally a journalist with 23 years under her belt before coming into Parliament in 2008 (so her path may well have first crossed with Griffin’s many years ago).

                  The real controversy was in 2009 when she became the National candidate in the Mount Albert by-election.

                  On 13 May 2009 Lee told a candidates’ meeting that the SH20 Waterview Connection could divert criminals from South Auckland away from the electorate. Lee apologised the next day, saying “if South Auckland people (find) my comments offensive, I apologise. It wasn’t about them. It was about criminals.” Prime Minister John Key later said the remark was a “stupid statement to make”.[9] Later that day she apologised again saying, “I apologise unreservedly for the comments I made regarding South Auckland… I sincerely regret my remarks.”[10] In the by-election, Lee attracted only 3,542 votes, coming a distant second to Labour’s David Shearer’s 13,260 votes.

                  During the By election, allegations were made in May 2009 that Lee’s production company Asia Vision had spent New Zealand on Air money making a promotional video for the National Party ahead of the 2008 election. Lee called the allegations “ridiculous”, saying that all work on the video was done by volunteers. The Green Party referred the video to the Electoral Commission, saying that it should have been declared as an election expense.[11][12] An investigation conducted by New Zealand on Air later cleared Lee of the charge of misuse of funding.[13]

                  Later in 2009 Lee used NZ$100,000 of contingency funding to increase the markup for Asia Downunder in violation of her contract with New Zealand on Air, which she described as “an innocent error”.[14]

                  In April 2011 Lee courted controversy when, after she had made a speech supporting the controversially rushed-through copyright law 92A,[15] it emerged that hours earlier she had tweeted “Ok. Shower… Reading … And then bed! listening to a compilation a friend did for me of K Pop. Fab. Thanks Jay”[16] which appeared to contradict her stance on law 92A.[17]

                  So, not the squeaky clean image she appears to be trying to portray in her ‘outrage’ at Curran’s behaviour.

          • repateet

            It might be time for Labour to stop doing this and that.

            Isn’t it also time for people like you to stop speculating on what people did, their motives and what they meant too do and then presenting it as fact?

            Well, no it isn’t, because speculative, negative bullshit is good ammunition in a political war.

    • Ed 1.3

      I would fire him.

    • Ed 1.4

      He is the head…..

  2. AsleepWhileWalking 2

    Omg…last government again hidden costs..

    This time earthquake costs substantially are higher. Listening to RNZ atm

    “It was the willful ignoring of the problem” – says Minister (*ahem* not the only issue where that phrase applies). Asks Treasury for urgent advice.

    • Ed 2.1

      Declare a national crisis over the state of the country based on the condition it has been passed on.
      Introduce high taxes for corporations and the wealthy to repair the damage of our infrastructure.

  3. Kat 4

    Melissa Lee – 3……penalty
    Clare Curran – 5….try…unconverted

    Halftime………..game resumes soon.

    Rugby analogies can work eh.

  4. joe90 5

    America, and Americans.

    About a month ago, news surfaced that Google was working with the United States Department of Defense on drone software called “Project Maven.” The project applied Google’s image-recognition techniques to the millions of hours of drone footage collected by the military with the goal of identifying people and objects of interest. At the time, some Google employees were reportedly outraged at the news, and now The New York Times reports the situation has escalated to a formal letter being addressed to Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

    The letter, which The Times reports has “garnered more than 3,100 signatures” comes right out in the first paragraph and demands the project be cancelled:

    Dear Sundar,
    We believe that Google should not be in the business of war. Therefore we ask that Project Maven be cancelled and that Google draft, publicize, and enforce a clear policy stating that neither Google nor its contractors will ever build warfare technology.

    The letter goes on to say that “building this technology to assist the US Government in military surveillance—and potentially lethal outcomes—is not acceptable” and that Maven will “irreparably damage Google’s brand and its ability to compete for talent.” The letter even invokes Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” motto.


  5. Jenny 6

    Greenpeace launches a new petition

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gave the strongest indication yet that she is seriously considering and end to oil and gas exploration permits when she personally collected a petition from Greenpeace outside Parliament on 19 March.

    An open letter supporting the Prime Minister to take action has been signed by over 60 esteemed New Zealanders.

    Oil and gas burning drives climate change, exploratory oil drilling risks catastrophic spills, and seismic blasting harms whales and other marine life. Oil exploration has to be stopped.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says climate change is her generation’s nuclear-free moment. And we agree! Going nuclear free meant stopping the nuclear ships. Taking action on climate change means stopping the oil exploration ships. So let’s do this! Let’s lead the world by ending oil exploration in NZ waters.

    Sign and share this petition now to call on Jacinda Ardern and the new Labour-led Government to match their words with action by putting an immediate end to offshore oil exploration.


    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern: I ask that you make climate change your “nuclear free moment” by ending offshore oil exploration, seismic blasting and drilling in NZ waters, and stop the ‘Block Offer’ process.

    Signed so far:
    Share to help us get 55000 today!


    • Ed 6.1


    • Ed1 6.2

      How much will breaking contracts cost hte government in (a) money and (b) reputation?
      Since there is not much exploration going on anyway, is stopping any new contracts enough?

  6. Kat 7

    “Already beset by political mismanagement, weak prime ministerial leadership and ethical scandals, the government may fear the process of gently walking back Robertson’s overly staunch fiscal parameters”

    “Who do you think you are you kidding Mr H………..”

    And so that old Dads Army song gets another airing on behalf of Mr Hooton.

    • Ed 7.1

      The Herald sucks.

    • Ad 7.2

      Don’t have to like his politics, but Hooten is a good and keen observer of the political plays, and he is right this time as well.

      This is already a confused, undisciplined, and directionless government.

      We are less than 4 weeks away from Budget 2018 and still have zero pre-budget announcements. Their political management is currently deserting them.

      • Barfly 7.2.1

        Nah overwrite the narrative with budget blockbusters

        • Ad

          Yes that is the Old Skool alternative.
          I doubt it.

          Most of it is pre-forecast in December PreFu and Budget prioritization.

      • Kat 7.2.2

        Yes total failure as a govt after 6 months, such a long tenure. Imagine if this govt turns out as bad as the last govt after 9 years. Hooton will have a field day, yeah right.

        The confused, undisciplined, and directionless narrative the National opposition are trying to promote against the govt is so obvious and ultimately bound to get little traction once National finally work through the seven stages of grief.

      • Sacha 7.2.3

        “zero pre-budget announcements”

        so Transport doesn’t count.

  7. Ed 8

    Craig Murray continues to reveal a different perspective to the lies of bumbling Boris.

    “What is left of the government’s definitive identification of Russia as the culprit in the Salisbury attack? It is a simple truth that Russia is not the only state that could have made the nerve agent: dozens of them could. It could also have been made by many non-state actors.

    Motorola sales agent Gary Aitkenhead – inexplicably since January, Chief Executive of Porton Down chemical weapons establishment – said in his Sky interview that “probably” only a state actor could create the nerve agent. That is to admit the possibility that a non state actor could. David Collum, Professor of Organo-Chemistry at Cornell University, infinitely more qualified than a Motorola salesman, has stated that his senior students could do it. Professor Collum tweeted me this morning.”


    • joe90 10.1

      Nah, Galloway’s a belligerent blow-in mouth who’s never met an authoritarian he that he didn’t like.

      This man was brilliant, with insight to burn.

      Stop what you're doing and watch this clip from a Martin Luther King Jr. interview.pic.twitter.com/kox0ddsE31— The Shadow League (@ShadowLeagueTSL) April 5, 2018

      • adam 10.1.1

        Funny when Dr King started to talk about economics, they killed him. He just got to scary for the establishment.

        You want to scear the establishment here, talk about the economic oppression which lives in this country. The majority of which has been directed at Maori, specifically the stealing of their land and the destruction of their culture.

  8. joe90 11

    Merchants of fear and hate.

    There are people being murdered in this video: macheted to death, burned alive.It was made by Cambridge Analytica. And distributed by AggregateIQ – the Canadian firm @vote_leave used in Brexit. To scare voters.https://t.co/xemXxqsXlN— Carole Cadwalladr (@carolecadwalla) April 4, 2018


  9. Pat 12

    “The IEA provides an energy roadmap that is supposed to lead us to safety, but in fact it takes us over the cliff,” says Greg Muttitt, research director at Oil Change International. “Any government or financial institution that uses these scenarios as a basis for investments in oil and gas is getting seriously bad information. It’s shocking how far off the Paris agreement they are.”


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