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15 comments on “Daily Review 05/10/2018”

  1. Kat 1

    Have to chalk this up from the Hosk, must of had some kind of an epiphany as he squinted into the sunshine from under the mushroom.


    • mary_a 1.1

      Kat (1) … perhaps Hosking has finally seen the light and has come to the conclusion the coalition government is the right choice for a progressive NZ. Second article from him this week isn’t it, giving the thumbs up to the coalition?

      With Natz becoming more unstable by the day, maybe Hosking doesn’t want to be seen cheering for the losing side.

      However, in today’s article he conveniently forgets to mention the mess this government is expected to clean up in the construction industry, was the handiwork of his corrupt and sleazy Natz mates, who he supported unquestionably!

      • Graeme 1.1.1

        Hosking’s job is to provide an audience for his employer’s advertisers. He does that by appealing to the prejudices of his perceived audience, and by backing winners.

        The construction industry can hardly be called a winner at present. It’s problems are cultural, very deep seated and very long standing. Behaviour like bidding below cost to keep the opposition out of work and not training (the two go hand in hand)

        The only way to change that is for a large procurer to lay down the conditions that work will be awarded under and create a two tier industry. Effectively starving the slackers out.

        Hosking for all his faults isn’t quite that stupid, he knows which side is the winner and will back that to sell his advertisers soap.

        • Dukeofurl

          US federal contracting has even more rules relating to wage rates and minority owned contractors amount many others

      • Ngungukai 1.1.2

        The Natzi’s are falling to bits since John Key resigned to spend more time with Bronwyn.

      • chris73 1.1.3

        Or maybe he just calls it like he sees it

  2. Dennis Frank 2

    Bryce Edwards, lecturer in politics at Victoria University, compiles all the bad reports on National’s leader here: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/politics/news/article.cfm?c_id=280&objectid=12137692

    Starting with: “Bridges described Ross’ personal situation as “perhaps actually embarrassing. A lot embarrassing, potentially”. The herculean task of stringing a few words together accurately was too much for the poor bugger, so he resorted to incoherence as a fall-back position. Having to choose between potentially and actually, he bet 50c each way just to be safe. Then the awful choice between whether to use perhaps embarrassing or a lot embarrassing flummoxed him so much he used both just in case one of them was wrong.

    Newshub’s Garner: “A senior source inside the National Party got hold of me yesterday to say Jami-Lee Ross… is ‘highly pissed off’ with Bridges for saying the matter was embarrassing”. According to Garner, “The source went on to say what is embarrassing is National’s internal polling which has Bridges’ internal favourability collapsing”.

    Bridges “looked spooked, rattled, and ill-prepared. Hence his bumbling performance” says Mike Hosking. Edwards: “All of this has turned into something of a disaster for Simon Bridges this week. Newspaper editorials have been scathing. The New Zealand Herald says about the inquiry: “This can not end well for National… The way an Opposition leader handles problems in his or her party provides an insight to their credentials for a more important job. So far, Bridges is not passing the test”.

  3. Sacha 3

    Well, well, the Winston First MP who is pushing ‘NZ values’ for migrants sure has some interesting personal experience to draw on: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/107627761/nz-first-mp-campaigning-for-kiwi-values-was-ruled-unfit-to-run-a-pub

    Mitchell is a former publican – but his licence to run a bar was cancelled after a series of incidents. They included a suspended prison sentence for assault – which a judge called an act of serious violence – and a dangerous driving conviction.

    Two years later, Mitchell won back his certificate – supported by a reference from former police officer Brad Shipton, who was subsequently disgraced over a rape conviction.

  4. RIP Penny Bright. All these people bleating on about her not paying her rates, and the weird thing is we never hear the whole actual story behind why she was doing it. It seems like there is some sort of conspiracy in the media to keep it all quiet. I really want to see the evidence she gathered get some publicity.

    • Ngungukai 4.1

      She wanted Auckland Council to disclose in detail how it spends ratepayer rates ?

      • mary_a 4.1.1

        Ngungukai (4.1) … and fair enough too!

        • greywarshark

          Reading about Penny Bright’s concerns – onee main thing was about the sum spent on contracting out, which she felt or knew was enabling price hikes and ticket clipping, and ratepayers were being rorted by privatisation of providing what were previously local government services provided by local employees.

  5. RedLogix 5

    Well here I am onsite in Latin America again. Stuck in tiny room with just me and Youtube; I’ve just rotated this five times. All 10 minutes of it. The first comment nails it: All the evolution of music led to this point, this concert. For those 10 minutes, Mark Knopfler was the greatest guitarist of all time. Just look at that technique, no picks, he’s using his damn fingers to make the guitar sing. And the guitar isn’t anything special, just a red Stratocaster. Mark may not be the top artist of all time, but in this song he was better than every other guitarist on the planet. No one can touch him, he’s the Sultan of Swing.

    And Terry Williams is utterly manic on the drums. Slip on headphones, crank up and concentrate:

    • Robert Guyton 5.1

      Yeah, thanks, RedLogix, I did and remembered how transformative Knopfler’s playing is – that torrent of notes can take you away to a space occupied by mystics and ascetics who got there by “OMing” and focusing on their third eye, but would’ve chosen the Sultan’s Way, had they known about it 🙂

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