Daily Review 05/12/2017

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36 comments on “Daily Review 05/12/2017”

  1. joe90 1

    Neil Young has put his entire catalog online, high quality and free.

    (google or facebook login required)


    • weka 1.1

      that’s interesting! I was thinking about this the other day with old tv programmes. Why not just make them more freely available?

      • joe90 1.1.1

        An artist asserting complete control over his own oeuvre by releasing the lot on his own site, with a buy button, sounds to me like a pretty damn good business model.

        • solkta

          But why buy when even the old stuff is there at 24/192 resolution? I’m thinking he must have a lot more money than he really has use for; and a great love of music and people. Rust Never Sleeps just leaves the CD version for dead (through my dac at 24/96 resolution). He has long been on a crusade to upscale digital music and this is his told you so moment.

      • Macro 1.1.2

        Many tv programmes are available on Youtube.
        I’m an Montalbano fan. It’s an Italian series which ran for many sessions from 1999 – a short synopsis:

        Salvo Montalbano, the police chief inspector of Vigàta, a fictionary town in the fictionary province of Montelusa, Sicily, is a gruff character who is responsible and serious at work, but often also open and friendly with people he knows he can trust. Montalbano finds he must investigate various criminal acts in his area, for which —thanks to his great intelligence and the help of numerous assistants, even outside the police— he always manages to reconstruct the exact events and to find a solution. Among his colleagues are his deputy, Mimì Augello, Inspector Giuseppe Fazio, the awkward policeman Agatino Catarella, Galluzzo and other officers of the police station. Otherwise, among his external collaborators are his friend Ingrid Sjostrom, the journalist Niccolò Zito and, more rarely, Adelina, his cook. In his private life, Salvo carries on a long-distance relationship with Livia Burlando, with whom he has a sometimes tempestuous relationship but in which love always prevails.

        Now that FATSO is no more *sob sob sob* I’ve had to resort to youtube and found there is plenty there to keep me occupied for a while even the redoubtable Inspector Alleyn. 🙂

    • Macro 1.2

      Yeah I’ve just been to visit – thanks for the link Joe…
      This is the first time a major artist has released such a collection – and what a trove of treasures there are there for music aficionados and fans.
      If at any time you’re feeling a little “Helpless” coming on…

    • solkta 1.3

      woohoo pin tab! That guy is so fucking cool. And all in the highest resolution and mixed free from the loudness wars. Sounds awesome!

      No you don’t need a google or facebook login but rather just an email address.

  2. ScottGN 3

    $50 million spent by the previous government so far to put homeless people up in motels and a further $8 million for that government to buy 4 motels for the purpose.

    And let’s be clear, National didn’t do this ‘cos they actually wanted to try and solve the problem, they did it purely to try and cover up the problem.


  3. Sanctuary 4

    Is it just me, or are National coming across in opposition as mean spirited arseholes?

    Can’t give $50 a week extra to students because the bludgers will rort the system!

    Can’t have free first year of study because there will be courses in basket weaving!

    It is like they’ve dusted off all the nasty old bullshit of the Clark era in the hope it’ll work a second time around….

    But to me, it is a fascinating insight into the Tory mindset – they assume everyone is as grasping, mean spirited and revoltingly anti-social as they are…

    • joe90 4.1

      …or they’re copying someone…

      Yo @msnbc ur gonna let Mr Pizzagate be ur moral compass? Sam made a sharp, satirical joke about the hypocrisy of the left defending a child rapist in a tweet from 8 YRS AGO – B4 most of us even woke up. U just helped silence another progressive in pursuit of electing Roy Moore— Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) December 5, 2017

      A person familiar with the situation said the decision to sever ties with Seder was directly related to the Polanski matter.

      “Internally there was disgust over the tweet,” said the individual.

      The tweet was first brought to wide attention last month by the pro-Trump journalist and activist Mike Cernovich.


    • halfcrown 4.2

      “Is it just me, or are National coming across in opposition as mean spirited arseholes?”

      No, They have always been mean-spirited arseholes

    • OnceWasTim 4.3

      … or, it might just be their last gasp – smelling the fear and getting desperate – same with some in the media …. or maybe not. But if I was Bill I’d be watching my back, hopping off to the confessional and chanting three Hail Paulas

    • greywarshark 4.4


    • Anne 4.5

      … National coming across in opposition as mean spirited arseholes?

      Course they are. They’re still frothing at the mouth because “they won you know.” They know they won because they had a victory party on election night . Then that arsehole Peters did the dirty on them and went with Labour.

      They have conveniently forgotten they did the dirty on him only a month earlier so why would he go with them?

  4. ScottGN 5

    The Ombudsman’s extraordinary report into Christchurch Men’s Prison should be force-fed to Amy-let’s-increase-the-prison-muster-Adams.


  5. eco maori 6

    Good article on 1 news tonight on what we would gain from 50% representation of Lady’s $850 million. I say we will get more than just money when we reach this goal of equality for ladies Ka pai

  6. ScottGN 7

    Gee how slow is the count in the Queensland State election?


  7. Ed 8

    Abby Martin on Israel

  8. adam 9

    Interesting things going down in Honduras. The right stitched up the election, people protested, now it would appear some of the police are not going to crack down on protesters.


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