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25 comments on “Daily Review 05/11/2015”

  1. joe90 1

    Phil Plait –

    A new study just published in the Journal of Glaciology is causing some buzz in climate circles, because it appears to claim that Antarctica—long thought to be losing ice at extremely alarming rates—is actually gaining ice.

    Here’s what’s what.

    However, note the word appears. The reality is more complicated, and in the end the important aspect of this is that the study only talks about part of Antarctica, and only used data up to 2008. Both of these points are critical.

    The authors looked at satellite altimeter data, using that to track how much snow accumulated over a given time period. Looking at different satellites, they found that enough snow fell over some parts of the southern continent (most importantly the vast area of East Antarctica) to more than balance the ice lost via melting.

    In other words, East Antarctica (and parts of West) was gaining mass. That’s interesting!

    But the authors note that the accumulation rate is steady while losses are increasing. As they mention in their conclusion, this gain in mass over the regions studied can’t keep up with losses, and they’re likely to balance in about 20 years. After that, losses win.


  2. b waghorn 2


    Ron Mark proving that nzf is a dinosaur of a party.

    • Anne 2.1

      Sorry bwaghorn but I’m with Ron Mark. It wasn’t a racist remark and those accusing him of such are doing the old dirty political thing. Melissa Lee is patronising and ‘up herself’. She deserved what she got. I remember her flouncing around Mt Albert with her nose stuck in the air looking down on the the rest of us (and making laughably ignorant comments) at the time of the Mt. Albert byelection.

      And btw, I have Korean neighbours who don’t behave anything like Madam Lee. Lest anyone choose to brand me as racist.

      • b waghorn 2.1.1

        Cmon its just a stupid knuckle dragging thing to say.
        The nzf voters will love it though.

        • Karen

          And unfortunately, some who claim to be on the left.

          I do get tired of having to explain about racism. The Chinese name thing from the Labour Party encouraged racist behaviour against anyone who looks Chinese or Korean and so do remarks like this.

          There is plenty to attack Melissa Lee on without using her ethnicity in this way.

          • Anne

            And what about Melissa Lee Karen? She is clearly of the view that she is of a superior race to ordinary New Zealanders. That’s acceptable? I don’t give a damm whether a person is black, white, brindle… male, female or anything in between… Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or have no religion. I’ll call them out if I believe they deserve it. Ron Mark did what we all have done at some time or another – that is, call somebody out for being a snob and/or a hypocrite. I can appreciate it was a reaction to her previous provocative claims (and she’s made a few of those in recent years) and racism doesn’t come into it.

            • Karen

              Please read what I wrote Anne. As I said, there is plenty to attack Melissa Lee on without referring to her ethnicity.

              • b waghorn

                I watched the clip of marks when he made the remark and he didn’t mention her ethnicity.

              • Anne

                To my knowledge he didn’t refer to her ethnicity. He merely (and I paraphrase) invited her to return to her country of origin. A common refrain when people run down another country they are living in. When the “poms” arrived here in large numbers in the 50s and 60s they became renowned for whinging and complaining. Not surprisingly Kiwis suggested they return to England if they didn’t like it here. A lot of them did. Were Kiwis accused of being racist? No.

                NZ First and Winston Peters in particular have gained a reputation for using Asian race-based issues for political gain. I despised Peters for that behaviour. But in this instance it looks pretty clear to me Ron Mark was merely using the common refrain referred to earlier. He may have been wiser not to do so, but in my view no racism there. Bear in mind also that Mark is Maori so there is every chance he experienced racism in his past.

                • Karen

                  Actually Anne a lot of people found the “anti-pom” rhetoric from the 1970s abhorrent, myself included. I was living in London at the time and, as a NZer, I felt ashamed.

                  I know I will not be able to change your mind about this but please read this piece from Andrea Vance and try to put yourself in the position of the many overseas born NZers who get abuse shouted at them just because they are not white, or they have a strange accent.


                  • Joe Bloggs


                  • Anne

                    Yes, Karen you are correct about the “anti pom” rhetoric from the 1970s. I was less than impressed. But my comments related to the 50s and 60s – at a time when I was growing up. My parents arrived in NZ in 1939 and I recall their dismay at the attitude of some of the later English immigrants. They expected to be handed everything on a platter and when it didn’t happen they kicked up a stink. So, you could say those responsible – and it was by no means all of them – asked for it.

          • b waghorn

            I don’t personnlly rate it that high on the racist scale its ticks all boxes for xenaphobic redneck though .
            Which I guess is marks target audience and more worrying the mad bugger is odds on to be nzfs next leader.

            • Karen

              I agree it isn’t high on the racism scale and is more an indication of the redneck tendencies within NZF. I have a lot of time for Tracey Martin and feel it was a shame she lost the deputy leadership role to Ron Mark.

      • Gangnam Style 2.1.2

        Yeah, Lee said something like ‘it was better in Korea because shops are open all night’, & then Mark says ‘well go back to Korea then’ or something? I don’t quite think thats racism is it?

        • Anne

          It’s a very common refrain when someone puts the boot into the life styles of others. Well, if you don’t like it go back etc. etc….

      • infused 2.1.3

        Im sure it would be different if they were muslim

      • Hami Shearlie 2.1.4

        Key said the same thing to Russel Norman in Parliament – Judith Collins et al didn’t complain on Norman’s behalf then, but now they’re suddenly all up in arms, – HYPOCRISY is alive and well in the National Party. After Miss Lee’s iffy behaviour about the public funding of her Asian tv programme a few years back and her comments about criminals from South Auckland coming to Mt Albert on a robbing spree, I wouldn’t trust her with a thing!

    • pwmcm 2.2

      If, as the Herald suggests, Ms Lee came to NZ 30 years ago then she will obviously remember that the Military Curfew was only lifted a couple of years previous to her departure from the peninsula. My hazy memory of that period of Korean history was that about the only places open after 12 pm at night were bars and other such “salubrious” places (and those places got re-regulated, and forced to close by midnight, from about 1989 through to about 1995).
      Ms Lee might also recall that the major department stores were closed once a week, often on Tuesdays and were open from about 11am till about 10pm. Those hours are about the same today.
      Ms Lee might also like to acknowledge that all major supermarkets in Korea are forced by government edict to close twice a month. Their usual operating hours are from 10am till midnight.
      Finally, Ms Lee might also like to acknowledge the tremendous fights that went on in her country of origin to gain more decent working conditions for ordinary people… including a 5 day week and shorter working hours.

      • grumpystilskin 2.2.1

        Melissa wouldn’t know of that Korea, she is from a very wealthy family. That is why she treats people like servants, because that was how a lot her early social interaction happened.

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    Text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

    The text of the TPP was released by TPP Parties on 5 November 2015 and can be accessed by Chapter below. Legal verification of the text will continue in the coming weeks. The Agreement will also be translated into French and Spanish language versions.

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