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34 comments on “Daily Review 06/03/2018”

  1. joe90 1

    I guess Uday and Qusay have a safari booked.

    In a formal memorandum issued on Thursday, FWS said it will withdraw its 2017 Endangered Species Act (ESA) findings for trophies of African elephants from Zimbabwe and Zambia, “effective immediately.”

    The memo said “the findings are no longer effective for making individual permit determinations for imports of sport-hunted African elephant trophies.”

    In its place, FWS will instead “grant or deny permits to import a sport-hunted trophy on a case-by-case basis.”


  2. Philg 2

    RNZ on Checkpoint. John Campbell talks to Mark Binns regarding the incompetence, and incapacity of the previous government over the Christchurch rebuild. Appropriate that Joyce stood down today. Comments on YouTube were disabled. Nuf said.


    • BM 2.1

      RNZ is nothing but the propaganda mouthpiece for Labour.

      There hasn’t been one negative story about Labour appear on their website since the current government was formed.

      I was under the impression their charter was to hold the government of the day to account, they certainly aren’t doing that.

      When National gets back in, I’d expect them to burn RNZ to the ground.

      • weka 2.1.1

        Lol, still in grief BM.

        • BM

          Don’t you think the job of RNZ should be to hold the government of the day to account?, they did that with the National government.

          Currently, they’re nothing more than a propaganda outlet for the Ardern and Labour.

          if they lack the ability to retain neutrality, they’re of no use to the NZ public and should be either destroyed or rebuilt.

          • In Vino

            Correction. They let the National Govt get away with blue murder. Only a right-wing bigot would agree with you, BM.

          • Sacha

            How would you expect to see RNZ hold the *new* govt to account for failing to properly negotiate the relationship between EQC and Fletchers?

          • weka

            I’m jus fascinated that you expect anyone to take you seriously when you say things like “There hasn’t been one negative story about Labour appear on their website since the current government was formed.”

          • Keepcalmcarryon

            “ when you confuse RNZ with NBR”

            • BM

              Aye? how are the two even comparable?

              • Keepcalmcarryon

                Well it turns out the NBR actually IS blatantly biased, unlike RNZ.

                During the term of the 5th Labour government, NBR produced a feature called Crony Watch, which it intended to report on cronyism in government. The feature was discontinued in late 2008, as the new National government took office, but resumed in 2018 after Nationals term ended, and the 6th Labour government took office.“

                Cos we wouldn’t want any attention on the nepotism of National whilst in office. Appointing Keys rich mate Ian Fletcher spy boss, sky city, oravida etc etc etc etc
                The hypocrisy makes me puke

                • Tuppence Shrewsbury

                  Privately owned subscription media be publicly funded free to air broadcaster? It’s almost as if they are both exactly the same type of media?

                  • Keepcalmcarryon

                    The answer to balanced media isn’t to smash the last bastion of real public broadcasting but to break up the media oligopolies on our private media ( that’s dumb ideologically driven mantra- check the quality of news sites against the BBC or the ABC in Australia)
                    To put it in terms right wing ideologues might understand – the consumer is not well served by oligopolies, they are denied choice and balance, it’s a dangerous thing in a democracy when all media are owned and bent to the right.

          • OncewasTim

            I think in media studies 101, there’s something called ‘content analysis’.
            Might be worth a try @BM …. YOU’D be surprised about RNZ and where you think the bias line actually is.
            gNatz as you know loved to call it Radio Labour even having stacked it with their cronies.

            • Keepcalmcarryon

              The looney far right (ACT) and their 0.1% supporters certainly wanted RNZ gone, of course when you are so far off the spectrum, everyone else is a leftie.

          • Tamati Tautuhi

            Labour & NZF are going super good, no negative news to report.

            Just one gigantic mess/f&*k up to tidy up after 9 years of BS and National ?

      • Pete 2.1.2

        I’m disgusted too that in the Christchurch housing thing and the caring for disabled adult family members series they’ve been chasing, they’ve made no effort to blame the coalition Government.

        They should not be talking about stuff like that, NCEA and those issues about lawyers and harassment, they should be holding the government of the day to account.

        Of course we’d expect National to burn RNZ to the ground and leave the real journalistic stuff to Mike Hosking, Leighton Smith and Mark Richardson.

        Radio New Zealand will be thrilled you monitor their website so assiduously you can say they have had not one negative story about Labour. In your following of them on air have you discerned the same?

        • Tamati Tautuhi

          Labour & NZF are going Super Good nothing negative to report ?

          After all Mike Hoskings is definitely NZ’s leading political and economic journalist and everything he says and writes should be listened to and read very closely ?

      • Ad 2.1.3

        On balance, after nine years of TVNZ News and commentary, I’m fine with it. 🙂

      • mac1 2.1.4

        What’s to criticise, BM? What negative story can so far be written about Labour? That is, what a decent journalist would write, backed up with, well ,you know, facts and figures and fair commentary? Go on, regale us………. fairly, factually, fiction-free.

      • Tricledrown 2.1.5

        Boughtoff Media RNZ were populated with National Party hacks including Jim Bolgers spin Doctor in charge of
        the board.

  3. adam 3

    Well this is a bit depressing.


    “the Democrats have helped, voted for, and often argued in favor of all of the following:

    Giving Trump unlimited war powers.
    Giving Trump unlimited trade negotiation powers.
    Giving Trump unlimited surveillance powers.
    Giving Trump the power to lock someone up indefinitely without a trial or charges under the National Defense Authorization Act.
    Giving Trump the power to assassinate American citizens without a trial or charges.
    Giving Trump’s administration full control of our election system infrastructure.”

    So much for resistance ah. Look on the bright side – at least you know you’re electing your lord and master.

    Electing the Aristocracy, mind you when the whole social democratic experiment went down the gurgler without us embracing socialism, this is all we were going to get.

    The elites must be laughing their heads off.

  4. Ad 4

    A curious view from the Australian Minister of Women’s Affairs about the MeToo Movement.


    In her view:

    “Social media is not a courtroom and complainants, and those that are the subject of a
    complaint, can be subject to trial by keyboard warriors.”

    My question about that is, then, why is there so little resistance from so many men when allegations are made against them? They can’t all have the same PR firm giving the same advice.

  5. joe90 5

    Meanwhile in Italy, it’s starting to look a lot like fascism…

    Italy’s elections may have ended in a political deadlock — no one party or alliance gained the 40% necessary to have an absolute Parliamentary majority — but the projected results of the vote signal that sweeping changes are on the horizon, changes that don’t bode well for liberal democracy.

    The governing center-left Democratic Party received just 19% of Italians’ votes (a historic low) while anti-EU, populist and far-right parties like the Five Star Movement and the rabidly anti-immigrant League did very well (32% and 17.5%, respectively).


    The other big winner of this election is the League’s head, Matteo Salvini, who is the best advertisement for why racial anxieties mattered as much as economic ones in this election.
    Every non-center left candidate talked about what’d they do to the 500,000-600,000 immigrants that in the last five years have arrived in Italy (a front line of the migrant crisis due to its abundant coastlines and proximity to North Africa.)

    Berlusconi says he’ll deport them, and send soldiers into the streets to help the police.
    Salvini upped the ante, saying that Italy needs a “mass cleansing, street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood.”


    Salvini has been tireless in spouting anti-immigrant rhetoric over the past two years. He’s called for segregated buses “for the Milanese” and for “controlled ethnic cleansing” of immigrants.
    In true populist fashion, his campaign materials billed him as the arbiter of a revolution of common sense. More jobs, more safety for our children, fewer immigrants around, lower taxes — all of these promises have paid off for Salvini.


    • Ad 5.1

      Probably take longer to form a government than Germany. But with Hungarian policies.

    • Bill 5.2

      while anti-EU, populist and far-right parties like the Five Star Movement and the rabidly anti-immigrant League

      I’m still slowly working my through the Five Star Movement stuff. But to lump them as “far right” is utter tosh.

      It’s true that liberal democracy is fucking fucked. (changes that don’t bode well for liberal democracy.) And that’s no bad thing. Not that we’re meant to think that thought of course. We’re meant to fearfully rush back to the discredited, useless and out of touch “traditional” parties of the liberal democratic muddle *”because fascism!”

      Which is all pretty ironic considering the historic relationship between liberal democracy and fascism.

      • joe90 5.2.1

        Perhaps it’s my good nature but I read populist as the author referring to the Five Star Movement.

    • Tricledrown 5.4

      Italy relies heavenly on tourism if it started ethnic cleansing
      It would damage their economy even more.
      A right wing govt will seriously do enough damage to Italy’s economy anyway Austerity plus ethnic cleansing a disaster.
      Italy has changed its govt way to many times since WW11 to have any economic stability.

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