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56 comments on “Daily review 06/03/2019”

  1. Jum 1

    Partner kills ex partner with child still in her arms. I am reading Boys will be Boys by Clementine Ford and I recognise the cold, hard anger and hatred towards women being perpetrated in real life as well as online. The outrage poured out upon Ford for simply stating her own views is eye-opening and a huge database of what constitutes male misogyny and the invitation to rape and murder girls and women and males that refuse to conform to misogyny.

    When is another male going to say to an important male in their life that women have a right to live without their permission?

    Remember the cretinous garbage that constitutes Jordan Williams who was uncovered emailing the message that if women didn’t have (I’ll spare the delicate feelings) a. c .u. n. t. he would throw rocks at them.

    I ask again; just what are men so fucking afraid of? Women being treated like human beings, having a say, being able to live autonomously, having an opinion that doesn’t involve asking a male.

    What is this doing to our young boys and young men?
    What is causing the huge number of suicides among our guys?

    Join the fucking dots!

    Our boys and men are being destroyed by trolling woman-haters. They’re being taught to loathe the women that raised them and they’re being engineered to slaughter their own emotions, finer feelings and humane objective self-worth.

    That will never have a good outcome, and the authorities meant to support boys and men, girls and women to have a safe, productive life – they don’t seem to exist.

  2. Muttonbird 2

    I love lead. 🤣

    Thanks, Stuart Munro

  3. Muttonbird 3

    Here’s an interesting one from National Party head of marketing at the Herald, Audrey Young.

    Bridges, like his advisor Mike Hosking the other morning, pulled out the racist dog-whistle by focussing on Maori as a whole rather than the land that may or may not have exemptions from a CGT depending on the nature of the transfer.

    This is classic demonising of a people and the Prime Minister was right to call out Simple Simon on it. What a grubby tactic from Hosking and the Nats. Quite disgraceful and no wonder she was so annoyed having to watch that smug prick deliver such crap from the opposition bench.

    The complexities of distributing Treaty settlements require special consideration particularly when transferring land between hapū.

    Even Young doesn’t try to spin what Bridges did in a positive light, preferring to go into dispassionate report mode at that point, rightly describing what the TWG report actually said rather than what the anti-Maori National Party made of it.


    • Kat 3.1

      The other diversion today was a piece by the Hosk in the “fish wrap” that National party marketing front and conveyor of low brow commentary and political bias on a daily basis.


      “The soft bigotry of low expectation.” apparently this is Paula Bennett at great heights of prose and “absolutely sterling…” in condemnation of the govt and unemployment……what a load of tripe.

      More like “The low spark of National poodles” to me. No wonder the Hosk was impressed.

      • Muttonbird 3.1.1

        Yeah, I saw that. Hosking accuses the government of “temporarily (getting) rid of tenancy reviews”. But I would say that is better than Paula’s government’s effort where they permanently got rid of tenancies.

        Also unsaid, like much of Hosking scribbles, is what happened to those 11,000 not previously eligible for the job-seeker benefit under the Nat controlled WINZ unit. Of course they were on the street and in cars and this reality went a long way toward the demise of Paula’s government.

        Fair minded Kiwis have far more compassion than these two give them credit.

      • Cinny 3.1.2

        Have been hearing very positive feedback re how WINZ are now treating their clients, word on the street is they are being treated like human beings.

        As a result it’s forming better relationships.

        Funny that, how not being bullied improves relationships. Maybe that is something paula and ‘what’s his name’ is yet to learn.

  4. Muttonbird 4

    Sean Plunket unhappy that another white guy is being boycotted after allegations of sexual abuse.


  5. Big Rape Gang Culture here in NZ and the Authorities do jack shit about it IMHO

  6. OnceWasTim 6

    Maaaaate! Whoar!!!!!!!!!! Hotpants or pink with that chiffon walk brutha……..Move over!
    Whooooar!!!! Let me at her!
    [Open bracket] sarc [Close bracket]
    The less we have to see or hear or her the better.
    But then maybe not – that bot(tom) will probably self-destruct 30 seconds after the bloody medication runs out, If not then there’s surely some other synthetic influence driving it or Mother Nature has a lot to explain.
    Fook Her and all who travel with Her

    (Awwww you bully OwT! )

    • OnceWasTim 6.1

      Oh, btw – I’d be more charitable about a witch/warlock if (s)he/it’d succumb to a little honesty and human decency.
      Paula is one specimen that is incapable of doing so – primarily because she’s overwhelmed by the search for the Main Chance.

      Soimon and Her (majesterial in her own mind) are the perfect couple.
      If I were Soimon’s street fighting woif, I moit be a luttle wurried (goan forwid).

      There is only so much shit a public will swallow (whether they have the nouse to get up and vote or not, or whether numbed and neutered by a devoid 4th Estate).

  7. ScottGN 7

    Time for some answers Simon Bridges, after all you were the Minster of Transport that oversaw this debacle. The Waikato Expressway is falling to bits too.


    • Muttonbird 7.1

      Some OIAs should get to the bottom of what pressure Bridges put on NZTA to reduce costs.

      Edit: Here’s the culprit. Electioneering! It was in your link.

      Kāpiti Coast Mayor K Gurunathan said the prospect of lengthy roadworks, as well the extra cost to fix the road, was frustrating.

      He accused the previous National government of fast-tracking construction of the road of national significance so it could open before the September 2017 general election.

      Now future projects suffer.

    • tc 7.2

      As are pretty much all their RONS……shonkily made in the image of the leader, how fitting they leave this maintenance headache at taxpayers feet.

      The national party in a nutshell.

  8. joe90 8

  9. bwaghorn 10

    Anti vaxxers should be charged with manslaughter and attempted manslaughter

    • joe90 10.1

      Or lock the dopey fuckers out of the interwebs.

    • Rosemary McDonald 10.2

      Similar screaming headline on Natrad…but….BUT….before you find a suitable tree….

      “Auckland University Immunisation Advisory Centre head Nikki Turner said said there was no need for a separate public health campaign against anti-vaxxers.

      “I don’t think we should ignore the anti-vaccination lobby but I think we should put it into context.

      “It is a very small percentage of the New Zealand population.

      “We need to understand it and respond to it, and definitely put more resources and thinking into it, but it is a very small part of why we are not getting high immunisation coverage rates.”


      Dr Turner said there were other problems with delivering immunisations, beyond what she called vaccine hesitancy, and New Zealand would be better off dealing with those.

      “We need to systematically know which children are missing out and offer them services.””


    • One Two 10.3

      Do you actually believe that?

      If yes…don’t comment on issues you’re clearly not up to discussing…and take a good long introspective look at yourself…

      Comments such as yours are dark ages…hate speech of the most ignorant variety…

      Argue it…go right ahead…

      • bwaghorn 10.3.1

        I nearly didn’t get my child vaccinated due to the autism scare put up by fuck wit anti vaxxers. Enough said

        • One Two

          How does you not taking responsibility for educating yourself…translate into your open hatred against other parents…inciting harm against other parent and their children…

          Tell the full story waghorn…not that it will excuse your ignorance…

          Which is what your comments are…the height of misinformed…uninformed…uneducated…ignorance…

          You want to make such statements of unmoderated violence…back it up…

          Go ahead…show you’re not pig ignorant from the farm…

          • bwaghorn

            Were have I threatened violence.?
            Yes I realise I’m an uneducated hick . But not so uneducated that scare mongering fools won out.
            Do you believe the science on climate change??
            If so why do you not believe the science on vaccines?

            • One Two

              Anti vaxxers should be charged with manslaughter and attempted manslaughter

              Your request is for state violence against parents…and therefore against children…

              Surely you understand what your comment is demanding?

              ..but not so uneducated the scare mongering fools won out…

              You believe this subject is about winning…that’s what you believe?

              How is exercising your parental right of vaccinating…evidence that those other parents (along with a global community of scientists and medical professionals) are as uninformed as the aggressive and hateful comments indicate you are?

              Climate Change – Don’t deflect or conflate subjects…we’re not discussing climate change…

              What I believe, is your comment requests state violence against parents and their children…for exercising their parental right…not to vaccinate…

              Your parental choice was to vaccinate…from your comments…you’ve failed to educate yourself at a fundamental level,  such you could have practiced informed consent, on behalf of your children…

              So it follows that through your ignorance…you’ve failed them…and so you project your fear onto other parents and their children, in a most cowardly way…

              That’s what I believe…because that is what you have explicitly stated…through your comments…

              • bwaghorn

                The fact that you think courts and prison are state sponsored violence puts you in the fringe nutter club . I try to avoid arguing with stupid as one can never win.

                • One Two

                  What you do, is avoid getting into discussions with anyone above your level…which is that of name calling…

                  You owe it to your children to extend yourself…you also owe it to yourself…

                  Don’t ask others to do the heavy lifting for you…such as you have asked of Rosemary futher down…do your own work…if you’re truly interested…

                  Which I highly doubt that you are…because you’ve stated you believe in medically induced ‘herd immunity’…

                  Which is logical fallacy 101…

                  See if you can be bothered identifying, why it is a falsehood…

                  Go on…do some work for yourself…or is name calling …hate speech…state violence…what you’re ok with representing…

                  If you made a throw away comment and would like to retract it…I’m offering you that option…

                  • Stunned mullet

                    Good grief 1-2 is back ..

                    • Andre

                      Have you missed the last few weeks? There’s been some … errm … interesting threads. Apparently electrosmog from 5G is going to bring about the end of the world. Or something.

                    • Stunned mullet

                      I don’t partake of the standard very often these days so have missed those fascinating discussions…thankfully.

                    • One Two

                      The NZH article you linked to…terribly written article which I pulled apart…i know you read my response before I deleted it…

                      Without posting another substandard link…just post the abstract of the study…specifically highlighting start and end years of the study…

                      Can you do that, mullet…

                    • Andre

                      Some linkys for you. Go on, you know you want to.

                      Daily review 12/02/2019

                      starting at comment 3

                      Open mike 27/02/2019

                      starting at comment 9

                    • One Two []

                      While I’m here, spending time engaging with disingenuous types, Andre…

                      Have you moved on from Gorski, yet?

                      Or are you and bazza still attempting to convince others that by reading and promoting Gorski…they too can be subjected to medical hate speech…

                      Perhaps you convinced waghorn that Gorski isn’t a disgraced one man gutter…

                      That’s your level…in case you’re still imagining yourself as something higher…

                      Gorski..the hate speech medic!

                  • Wensleydale

                    I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to deduct 10 points for the ongoing gratuitous abuse of the ellipsis.

        • Rosemary McDonald


          According to the expert quoted above… “fuck wit” ‘anti vaxxers’ are only a VERY SMALL PART of why we are not getting high immunisation rates.

          Heavy sigh. How many times must it be said?

          Wakefield’s research had not been released when I declined the new MMR for my oldest. It was very new…and he’d already had rubella and vaccinating for mumps was an entirely new concept. Instinct…and noting else… made me decline the MMR then, and later for his sibs. They had the polio and triple antigen etc…but the MMR jab was somehow different. You could not get a jab for just the measles…even though I was willing to pay. For various reasons all my kids have had to have their immunity to various immunisable diseases tested, and I was very interested to see they had somehow acquired almost across the board cover.

          Wakefield’s autism research was always suspect…but…his theory on gut health and neuro health was interesting and really quite advanced….considering being treated with someone else’s shit is now a ‘thing’. Who would have thought of that 30 years ago??? Crackpot stuff.

          I have never, ever met someone who believes their child’s autism was caused through vaccination.

          I have met at least four mothers who know their child’s serious and irreparable brain damage was caused by an adverse reaction (usually very high fever, encephalitis, coma) to a routine vaccination.

          They are not ‘fuck wit’ ant-vaxxers….although they all have very good reason to be suspicious and wary of further jabs.

          What all of them were was pissed off.

          At not being told there was a risk. For not being warned about symptoms that indicated severe illness rather than post – shot unsettledness. For being told they were over anxious neurotic mothers when they did know something was wrong and presented to ED, only to be turned away. Pissed off when supervising IC doctor actually put the cause of the child’s extreme illness down to the recent vaccination. And imagine how much more pissed off when their child’s extreme post- vaccination illness almost never makes it to a Notification of Adverse Events list.

          Because if it hasn’t been counted it didn’t happen did it?

          A couple of them received surprisingly high support packages from the Ministry of Health…and a couple of them, despite needing the support, got bugger all.

          It is cruel and highly disrespectful to bang on about how safe all vaccines are and how criminally irresponsible it is to not vaccinate (or to vaccinate but discriminately) when there are families out here that have been seriously negatively impacted.

          • bwaghorn

            There is a large difference between a parent choosing not to vaccinate their child and people putting others off taking their doctor s advice those are the dangerous ones.
            I was well aware of the slim adverse effect s that come with vaccinations but it’s still better to get them done ,both for the child’s sake and the greater good of heard immunity.

            • Rosemary McDonald

              “I was well aware of the slim adverse effect s..”

              Tracheotomies, PEG feeding, severe and uncontrollable seizures, bladder and bowel dysfunction, choking hazard, wheelchairs (if they’re lucky) hemi, para or tetraplegia …..early death.

              Hardly insignificant.

              • bwaghorn

                What % of vaccinated children suffer those problems . Please only put up verified accounts not parents suspicions.

                • Rosemary McDonald

                  There you go again! These mothers were told by ED and ICU doctors that the vaccination was the most likely cause of their child’s severe illness leading to lifelong impairment. BUT, in some cases, further down the line…this was denied/disputed.

                  bwaghorn, this happens. I know from personal experience that despite there being witnesses and evidence and lack of evidence (which in itself was damning) those with the authority, nay the duty to investigate complaints of adverse events quite often simply don’t.

                  You’d have to ask yourself why.

                  • One Two

                    Hi Rosemary

                    Your insightful and honest comments regarding people with disabilities, including your own direct family experiences, are genuinely appreciated…thank you..

                    Regarding this subject, and of course you can speak perfectly for yourself…as you have above…in response to one of the group I refer…

                    However, on the subject of vaccines, those you are engaging with here and who, in recent times have sought to stir discussion using…links to articles completely lacking in credibility, written by unqualified incompetents…referring to old studys as…’new studys’…seemingly without batting an eyelid…

                    Those handles are not only engaging in bad faith…but they do not care for your experiences or understanding…or even for the plethora of research archives which dispell the ‘miracle’ so many have hitched their ego to…they are disingenuous time wasters…

                    They makes claims of ‘science’, while failing to understand basic flaws in the prerequisite assumptions…required to be accepted…without question… to support the ‘vaccine miracle’…

                    These types are infact…anti-science…projecting that term shamelessly…

                    Which is why I’ve called out waghorn…because his original comment is an abomination…

                    Keep posting and giving energy to those who are sincere…and who care about the issues you raise…

                    Be well…

                    • Stunned mullet

                      LOL old studies as new studies…you really haven’t got the foggiest idea what you’re on about.

                      Back to the vegan dogs.

                    • Rosemary McDonald

                      Be well also, One Two.

                      “abomination” is a tad harsh…. 😉

                      I often feel a weird mixture of awe and contempt for those who display such absolute certitude. I have some pity for those who appear to have blindly accepted without question the official narrative….such minds!!! Like steel traps!!! So tightly closed.

                      It’s like many have lost the ability to read, to reason, to do their own research and to form their own opinions.

                      And we seem to be losing our truthsense…to steal a word from Herbert.

                    • One Two []

                      Thanks, Rosemary…

                      The truth is, it is such a devious tactic against parental emotions…playing those off against eachother…whose only real interest (mostly) is to try to make decisions they believe are best for their children…

                      I’m well and truly over the vaccine ‘debate’ as the desperation of the establishment is transparently obvious these days…and I’ve openly stated on this blog that in a handful of years…the miracle…will have been effectively exposed…

                      Nothing more for me add…it in motion…and will play itself out…

                      When I see outageously ignorant comments about manslaughter charges and child abuse levelled towards well intended parents…I will call it out…

                      Please keep sharing insights into your world…should you like to do so…

                      Have a good evening…

          • McFlock

            The odds of randomly encountering four women with children who have serious brain damage are low, but to meet four with a common cause of that damage is even lower – especially when one considers the apparent harm rates of the alleged source of those injuries. Where did you meet them?

            • Rosemary McDonald

              McFlock. Feel free to utilise the awesome search engine on this site and go back and see how many times I comment about disability issues…especially when this involves the singularly dysfunctional government agency that is the Misery/Mystery/Miserly of Health.

              Now over the past twenty years or so, and especially over the past fifteen, my partner (a pre ACC tetraplegic) and I (have housebus, can travel cheap) have made it our mission to attend as many disability type events as possible. Originally it was the biannual Consumer Forums put on by the Misery so the bureaucrats could front up the the client base and pretend they gave a shit. (The Misery quit those…way too much anger, way too many tears…and called the Consumer Consortium (all representatives of government funded ‘charities’ and NGOs) ‘consultation with the disabled’.)

              Anyhoo…then there were the 5 Paying Family Carers workshops/consultations we went to in 2012(I still remember the late night run from Wellington to Hamilton to make the next day’s meeting) …then there was the KPMG thingy about disability support services funding and then there were the New Zealand Disability Strategy rewrite meetings and the odd Carer’s meeting.

              Throw in a couple of Health and Disability Commission Disability conferences (we protested at one of those,with some effect I might add 🙂 and you might be getting the picture.

              Now I just might come across as angry/ranty/over heavy on the sarcasm here on TS, and I really don’t give a shit….but in person, in the real world, I’m actually quite approachable. I’m going to stop short of describing myself as personable…but I try to project empathy and above all a willingness to listen. Peter sitting in his wheelchair helps. People tell us stuff. We feel honoured to hear their stories. We are not naive, and we can filter out the seriously sad and justifiably bitter. We have a pretty good understanding how MOH operates (ok, ‘operates’ is a stretch) and when it is clearly obvious that there has been a significantly higher level of funded support going into a particular client’s care than is usual this gives more than a little credence to their assertion that the damage was caused by a routine MOH funded vaccinations.

              Guilt money…? Maybe. Hush money?..nah. Not that these Mothers just spit out ‘vaccine damage!!!’, they don’t. It usually a quiet thing. We ask the nature of the impairment and if it was there at birth ( acceptable questions from one disabled person to another but an AB might be pushing it to ask;-) ) The tale emerges as we listen without judgement. We listen with respect.

              The fact we have spoken to hundreds of people living with disability and I can only think of four who ascribe their child being literally struck down due to vaccination is actually telling.

              • McFlock

                I recall liking some of your comments, but I don’t keep files on people 🙂
                And I also have a bit of difficulty attaching specific details to people/handles here.

                I just suspected a certain amount of sample bias. As you say, that you can only think of four is actually quite telling.

                I recall as a kid having to take forms home from school before we were all lined up for shots in third form (yeah it was a while ago). I assume they were pretty similar to the forms I sign every year before getting the flu shot. They advise of the actual known risks, but really the stone cold truth is that the known risks are so low compared to the known risks of another measles outbreak getting out of hand that unless you tick one of the contraindication boxes, failure to vaccinate in my mind counts as negligence. Even if all four injuries of people you know met directly caused by the vaccine.

                I actually wouldn’t care about anti-vax folk if they only endangered themselves – a bit pissed at the selfishness, but no big loss, like a drunk driver. But I also know a couple of cancer survivors and someone who seems to be allergic to everything under the sun, and they’re possibly put at risk, too.

                But although we’re on different sides on this one, keep putting it up ’em 😉

          • xanthe

            THANK YOU Rosemary !

  10. Rosemary McDonald 11

    While we’re talking about risking further anxiety, depression and low self-esteem from in our Young People Mattel comes up with a new Barbie to celebrate International Women’s Day.

    I kid ye not.

    To make matters worse they have produced…wait for it….drum roll please….THE FIRST EVER NEW ZEALAND BARBIE!!!!!!

    Depicting our very own home grown role model for Kiwi girls…..former Black Fern and TV Sports Host Melodie Robinson.


    She’s oh so appropriately chuffed and gushes….

    “….seriously cool to be selected to inspire young girls with the first ever NZ Barbie – she’s Maori … and a commentator!”
    I’m pretty sure (actually fervently hoping) that Melodie is unaware of the inspiration for Barbie…..a doll named Lilli…” a “sexy novelty gift for men, based on a popular comic strip” ”


    Quirky funfact…If real women had Barbie’s traditional bodily proportions we’d be unable to hold our heads up, have room in our bellies for only half a liver and a few inches of intestine and we’d have to get around on all fours (to the delight, no doubt, of the target of the Lilli doll).

    Oh dear Melodie….if only perhaps your ego could have been put aside for the greater good.

    • greywarshark 11.1

      Rosemary Mc
      Some things take off with a life of their own on a different trajectory than intended.
      So old Barbie has mutated into something else. It will still have the skinny this and shapely that no doubt, as that is the way we are being moulded by commercial and cultural propaganda. That is slanted to feelings of always being less than excellent, not reaching your potential, resulting often into a constant stress. And I read recenty that stress itself tends to make you put oin weight through complicated interactions in the body.

      So people are growing into great fat dumplings buying the idea they should really should change themselve, and the idea so discomforting that they reach for comfort food and I feel they mentally use their weight and size to give them presence in a world that finds many of us unsatisfactory no matter what we do.

      But feminists found how to turn things round, adopted the word ‘bitch’ and said okay we’ll have that for our own. We’ll embrace it and take away its sting.
      So they can take Barbie and choose her as their mascot if they wish.

      Eleanor Roosevelt, President’s wife, was a great thinker, a moral person who spoke out about things that concerned her. She said, and it’s easy to think oh what a great line but it’s not that simple; but it is:

      “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

      • Sacha 11.1.1

        Wonder what Mrs Roosevelt would have made of Chomsky’s ‘Manufacturing Consent’?

  11. joe90 13

    Science, huh.

    “The Moon flies through Earth’s atmosphere,” says Igor Baliukin of Russia’s Space Research Institute, lead author of the paper presenting the results.

    “We were not aware of it until we dusted off observations made over two decades ago by the SOHO spacecraft.”

    Where our atmosphere merges into outer space, there is a cloud of hydrogen atoms called the geocorona. One of the spacecraft instruments, SWAN, used its sensitive sensors to trace the hydrogen signature and precisely detect how far the very outskirts of the geocorona are.

    These observations could be done only at certain times of the year, when the Earth and its geocorona came into view for SWAN.

    For planets with hydrogen in their exospheres, water vapour is often seen closer to their surface. That is the case for Earth, Mars and Venus.

    “This is especially interesting when looking for planets with potential reservoirs of water beyond our Solar System,” explains Jean-Loup Bertaux, co-author and former principal investigator of SWAN.

    The first telescope on the Moon, placed by Apollo 16 astronauts in 1972, captured an evocative image of the geocorona surrounding Earth and glowing brightly in ultraviolet light.

    “At that time, the astronauts on the lunar surface did not know that they were actually embedded in the outskirts of the geocorona,” says Jean-Loup.


    • greywarshark 13.1

      Oh good. I’ll let the Tasman District Council know and they can stop the Waimea Dam in Lee Valley so that it can remain a beautiful swimmable place of clean river water and stressless rehabilitation instead of being drowned underneath tonnes of water.

      Reports prepared say that there was just 10 days or weeks in the year when extra water was needed and alternatives to the dam for this purpose were drawn up but a dam is so big and a statement of man’s curious wish to erect monuments that purport to be good for all, but some are more equal than others.

      So good news from space. That is very helpful though the advice cost more than the cost of the dam which was I think $20 million and now advanced to $80 million and projects always exceed their budgets don’t they. But what is money, merely blood, sweat and tears presented in a civilised manner when called on by the managers of the project. Perhaps one’s first-born too, who will probably be paying for this for ever as they say that the economics don’t add up to it on a cost/benefit basis.

  12. newsense 14

    Hmm- Herald goes into attack mode on popular PM, after she shockingly suggests their opinionaters don’t reflect a wide array of views.

    We remember co-ordinated attacks on Labour leaders. Apologies years later mean little, if it continues. Democracy under attack etc.

    They don’t need the 45% behind their paywall perhaps? Or wrote them off long ago?

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