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Daily review 06/05/2021

Written By: - Date published: 5:30 pm, May 6th, 2021 - 35 comments
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35 comments on “Daily review 06/05/2021 ”

  1. bwaghorn 1

    I get the feeling that if one was to ask gGrant Robertson (of if you dont like how high your rent is just move fame) about the wage freeze hell smile and say let them eat cake!!

    • Sabine 1.1

      nah, he would tell them to just go and find another job, just like you are to find another rental if the one you are in becomes unaffordable. Surely the market fixeth it all.

    • Treetop 1.2

      So a wage freeze above 60k unless exceptional circumstances.

      Is this so landlords do not rise the rent?

      There will need to be relief for public service workers who have children.

      The way Covid is going in Sydney with 2 community cases the health workers and police could be needed if the same occurs in NZ.

      Robertson will need to have a Covid fund for that Covid rainy day no one wants.

      • Sabine 1.2.1

        Well from reading the article it is a wage freeze for income 100.000 + and then the wage increases are concentrated on those that are below 60.000 annual income. So it would very well be that those between these two numbers.

        AS for the Covid fund, it is easy to have an underspend when it is set to such high thresholds that no one can get any funds. For the wage subsidy for example you need a 40% loss of revenue, if you have only a loss of 38.5 % you are getting no love. It is not as easy as some imagine to get that sweet government funding.

        But I agree with you, he should keep that Covid money in the Covid pot for another year. I don't think that they virus is finished with humanity just yet.

  2. Anker 2
    • Maybe I have misunderstood, but isn’t the wage freeze for people who earn $100,000.00 or over? That is almost $2000.00 per week before tax. That is a good amount of money by anyone’s standards isn’t it? I doubt there are many if any nurses, teachers or even police who earn over that, except police commissioners and the likes.
    • alwyn 2.1

      The Police Commissioner is paid around $700,000 / annum.

      A Sergeant with around 20 years in the force gets about $100,000 / annum.

      So yes, there are a very large number of police who will be affected.

  3. weston 3

    Maybe i imagined it and who am i a mere mortal to comment anyway but i could have sworn i heard the gov of the res bank in his interview this morn express surprize at the amount of invester money in the housing market ! wheres he been ?? does he spend his time sharpening pencils to justify the undoubtedly huge sum he gets paid to do his job ?

    • Stuart Munro 3.1

      Good God no! That would be the function of his executive pencil sharpener – and justifying his salary will be in the hands of a professional PR firm, paid for by the public purse, of course, and great value.

  4. greywarshark 4

    Just like a Christmas tree with an ornament dedicated to capitalism waggling around in the air from each branch.

  5. Muttonbird 5

    I get these guys are not newbies in the outdoors, but this does seem like another tragic case of new immigrants not respecting New Zealand conditions. Wales and Britain are not the side of Taranaki in May, at night.

    Sad for their families.


    • weka 5.1

      Both are experienced climbers on bigger mountains. One fell, I’d guess had serious injuries. Why the second died isn’t discussed.

      • Muttonbird 5.1.1

        I heard they were climbing at night, at the start of winter. I don't think they were experienced enough for this. And the proof of that is they are dead.

        We in Auckland hear a lot of new immigrants not experienced with west coast conditions at Piha and other dangerous beaches. Several die every year.

        There have been too many people leave widowed families and broken parents by not being educated properly on NZ's unique challenges.

        • In Vino

          This afternoon on National Radio I heard an NZ mountaineer explain how Mt Taranaki has conditions unknown to experienced European climbers. This is a sad case of good people fatally caught out.

          • Muttonbird

            It is sad, but even as a non climber I can see Taranaki is a dangerous 45 degree beast just looking at it.

            Why is the advice not there for amateur climbers who think they are bullet proof? I'm sure their wives and kids would have appreciated it.

          • weka

            Did they say what those conditions are?

  6. greywarshark 6

    Marlborough Sounds has kaitiaki and the Sounds need them. The practical man/woman putting together handy things out of recycled stuff, must be aware of all aspects of his or her materials and their properties.


  7. Sabine 8

    And this is a lovely story about a young first nation women in the US receiving a free ride at Harvard Law School.


  8. Muttonbird 9

    Was listening to radio shock jock Heather Duplicity Allan for hours today. Driving children to and from Auckland sports events in weekday rush hour is a difficult and lengthy process.

    She was very upset by a number of things. Chief of which was Laurel Hubbard's imminent qualification for the Tokyo Olympics. I’ve not heard her so upset and her voice was shaking.

    Truth is, radio show jock Heather Duplicity Allan hates the idea that trans gender women can compete in athletics.

    One must assume she believes once a person transitions to another gender they are disqualified from participating in normal society, including athletic competition?

    Even though Duplicity Allan claimed she was fine with transgender people, that is othering, and plainly transphobic.

    • Forget now 9.1

      That particular sporting contest seems unlikely to go ahead, so it's a bit strange to get too fussed one way or another about Hubbard's possible qualification to compete.

      Anyway; it's the Olympics, which have allowed trans athletes to compete since 2004 (though with peculiar surgical requirements until 2015 – since when they've been more hormone level focused). None have won medals that I know of.

      • Muttonbird 9.1.1

        Agree it shouldn't go ahead. It's not in the spirit of the pandemic times for this sort of thing to proceed. The IPL just got pulled. Why start anything else?

        • greywarshark

          None of the transgenders have won medals that you know of Forget Now. But they have just pushed their way into the ordinary female queue trying to go for the big competition. It is just another advantage that an assertive male is able to achieve.

          As a folk song about a young female getting a job as a cabin boy and getting found out by the captain after she births a baby, it is not so easy to transition the other way. (The Handsome Cabin Boy – Gordon Bok.


    • In Vino 9.2

      So there is no difference between male and female muscle growth and strength?

      One can change gender and all things are still equal on the sports field?

      Dream on.

      • Muttonbird 9.2.1

        Would you rather transgender athletes competed at the Paralympics instead?

        • Jester

          Maybe they need their own division to compete in?

          If Hubbard wins a medal competing in womens weight lifting, it seems a bit unfair to me on the other women competing. And they will feel cheated out of a medal.

          • In Vino

            Yes – we need not only the Olympics, the Paralympics, but also the Transolympics.

            How far through the lbgt thing will the Olympics have to go?

            • Forget now

              For 17 years now these supposedly superpowered trans athletes have been able to compete amongst other cis athletes of their genders. Yet they don't seem to be dominating the competition. To the extent that the Olympics have even widened their inclusivity (though Nonbinary are pretty much default male).

              But, given that the other countries will have trans athletes on their squads, wouldn't it make sense to have our own to even the playing field? That's if you accept the premise that; muscle protein growth is best predicted by the hormonal activity in the athlete's early teens, rather than in the months immediately preceding the athletic contest. Which neither I, nor the Olympic rules board apparently, do.

  9. Incognito 10

    Celebrate being average. After all, it's not terrible.


    • greywarshark 10.1

      That's a good link incognito. We all should try it, hidden talents would show up. Look for them in oneself and others and we'd all be happier and more effective.

  10. Incognito 11

    Always up for a debate, [Helen] Kelly agreed to a TV interview with celebrity pretend journalist Paul Holmes, only to be shouted down by the apoplectic host …


    • Shanreagh 11.1

      I could never watch the bloke, Holmes. Apart from being pretend he did not seem to understand where to put the emphasis in a spoken sentence and you'd find yourself listening to an emphasised word that was way out of the scheme of the sentence. I don't know if this was an affectation or normal for him?

      The film about Helen Kelly was fantastic and if the book is as good……

    • Anne 11.2

      … only to be shouted down by the apoplectic host: "The impression people have, Helen, is that you are well out of your depth. When Jackson calls you 'clueless' and tells you to go home, this is a New Zealand-produced genius, the like of which we’ll never see again…What do you know about show business? What do you know about the film industry?" On top of the hate mail she’d been receiving, and the wider defeat for the union movement, it was bruising and humiliating. More than that, it was a reminder that taking on the establishment in New Zealand will put you at odds with squares and lackeys just as much as with power and wealth.

      I took on the establishment over that interview. First, the letters flew back and forth between me and TVNZ's lawyers and then on to the BSA. The 'establishment' came down in favour of the establishment of course which was a given. But later on and after a court case (or was it an inquiry?) I had the pleasure of noting that all the points I made in my submissions were effectively upheld.

      Didn't make any difference. The hobbit fanatics continued to believe Jackson and co. and the Helen Kelly haters were determined to hate her come what may.

  11. Patricia Bremner 12

    Anne and Shanreagh, most now understand the entitlement of those two men.

    Helen was a brilliant human in every way, those two egos excelled in one area.

    Peter at least has tried to give back, but still sees other people as subordinate to his particular needs. Grace is thin on the ground.

  12. greywarshark 13

    It is unfortunate that the Christchurch Muslims have been pre-empted by others with Australian money. The local trustees planning a new mosque and looking for the money to build have had the matter taken out of their hands by their Imam agreeing with this apparently grandiose Australian offer involved with the United Arab Emirates.

    One thing I think the Christchurch people wanted was to maintain a moderate religious line, and would like to be able to decide on all matters connected with their mosque. Does this expenditure open up to new controls, possibly a radical preacher, perhaps a school teaching fundamentalist Muslim thinking? I think the locals already feel that it is not 'their' place, their centre of community.


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    New Zealand’s 66-year-old adoption laws are being reviewed, with public engagement beginning today.  Justice Minister Kris Faafoi said the Government is seeking views on options for change to our adoption laws and system. “The Adoption Act has remained largely the same since 1955. We need our adoption laws to reflect ...
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