Daily Review 06/04/2017

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16 comments on “Daily Review 06/04/2017”

  1. Earl Hagaman? Can”t fool me.

    • patricia 2.1

      Love that word “co-design”. MSD use it a lot in their blurbs about the new financial mentoring services – formally budget services.
      I see the MSD data base has only managed to get to day 4 before allowing people access to information about clients from another service. Bodes well for the future.

      • adam 2.1.1

        Lot’s of problems with MSD. This culture of list collection from them, is a disturbing trend.

  2. Anne 3

    Attention lprent. Bomber Bradbury received his ‘message’ from Netsafe two days ago – nearly a week after yours arrived? They appear to have tried to muzzle him about making any public comment.

    He ain’t too happy either.


    • weka 3.1

      This bit’s weird,

      “Not only am I not allowed to tell you, the readership of The Daily Blog, that I have been contacted by Netsafe to censor the blog, I am not allowed to tell you the content they wish to censor and I am not allowed to tell you if the blog has been censored.”

      Maybe they’ve got a new policy after crossing swords with Lynn last week 😈

      • Anne 3.1.1

        Reminded me of a McPhail and Gadsby skit decades ago. A spy – attired in trench coat, big felt hat and black sunglasses (McPhail) – reported some lost property. He tells the attendant (Gadsby) he can’t tell him what he lost or when and where he lost it. Gadsby hauls out a scruffy old brief case and asks… is this what you lost? There s a couple of mouldy pies inside. The spy tells him he can’t tell him if it’s what he lost or not. End of story and skit.

  3. joe90 4

    What it says.

    WATCH THIS IMMEDIATELY. Creator: @MattNegrin pic.twitter.com/byddrxh90v— Yashar (@yashar) April 6, 2017

  4. North 5

    My God the photoshop pic’ in this post is absolutely compelling. Two spoilt fucking children placed to wrought death on millions who are just trying to live their lives. For the helpless pathology and lust for power in two fucking children. I daresay there are people talking about popping them. Of course I could not endorse that but can the world actually afford them ?

    • Wensleydale 5.1

      And what’s up with that hair? Kim’s haircut has to be a contender for the worst ‘do’ in the history of personal grooming. Not that Trump’s is much better, I’ll grant you.

  5. Henry Filth 6

    Plastering the face of the running-dog hyena reactionary Trump underneath the glorious hair of the Esteemed Monarch and Glorious Leader is a symptom of utter philosophical degradation and moral decay.

    Such provocations will lead to results beyond the realms of humour.

  6. Skeptic 7

    I’d love to have seen the mirror image (Trump’s hair cut on Der Leader) side by side

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