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Noam Chomsky privatisation

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17 comments on “Daily Review 06/07/2016”

  1. ianmac 1

    So true. During the 90s (?)in NZ the Public Hospitals were steadily defunded, huge increase of middle management to “help” improve efficiency, with Private companies lining up with the cash to takeover and improve “efficiency.”
    Luckily it collapsed and private hyenas ran back to USA.
    Currently in the UK the Public Health system is quietly being sold off to American interests. Just the profitable richer places of course.
    Key’s plan for NZ? Watch out below the table.

  2. mauī 2

    From image above, Mr Chomsky to be more accurate should have said:

    “…. you hand it over to associated interests/your friends”

  3. reason 3

    Nationals unfolding housing disaster is starting to hurt them ……. and rightly so.

    But I feel that they could suffer Northland like hammerings in country seats come election time as the fall out from the milk bust bites harder ……

    “James Shaw: What number, not what percentage, is he expecting to fail from this dairy downturn?

    Rt Hon JOHN KEY: I would not have a clue. In the end, it is ultimately a matter between the banks and the individual farmers. ”

    The nats ‘ your on your own ‘ message to farmers leaves them wide open …. imo

    “Ron Mark: why will his Government not act? And, in particular, why will it not—
    —support New Zealand First’s farm debt mediation bill?”

    • Pat 3.1

      “But I feel that they could suffer Northland like hammerings in country seats come election time as the fall out from the milk bust bites harder ……”

      a softening of support but not a fatal blow….the vast majority of rural landowners cannot vote left of National, its not in their DNA.

      • reason 3.1.1

        I disagree pat … mainly because winston is old school national …………..

        John keys Nact government is a corrupt right wing vulture fund model ……. practical right wing rural voters will be looking at key and seeing a wall st con artist who knows how to feather his own nest.

        Winston looks quite good compared to snake oil…….. and Ron marks is much more of an asset than I’ve previously given him credit for.

        Farmers like ‘roll your sleeves up and get stuck in type guys ……………

        Not guys who cant swing hammers ……………. but are excellent at building tax havens.

        • Pat

          again….”a softening of support but not a fatal blow….the vast majority of rural landowners cannot vote left of National, its not in their DNA.”

          NZ First or Act are the only alternatives for disgruntled rural landowners (since we are stereotyping)….and Act is in danger of extinction so is hardly an attractive proposition.

          • reason

            Softening of support could be fatal in some seats if tactical maneuvers anything like Northland are also taking place.

            A lots riding on the aussie banks and milk prices for the nats …. embargoes while farmers are going under could get tricky for them to.

            We should not pretend Act is a ‘real’ political party ….. even Peter Dunne has far more claim to legitimacy than them….. he gets himself elected.

            They can’t get remotely close anywhere ………. and live or die on nationals say so.

            Act are Nationals hard right wing and only exist as a vehicle so they can scam an extra seat through our not quite proportional mmp system.

            Be a strange farmer to vote for them I would have thought. ……… ooooh aaarrrh seymour

            The nats are also weak on bio-security if NZ first choose to go there.

            practical stuff.

            • Pat

              ‘Be a strange farmer to vote for them I would have thought. ……… ooooh aaarrrh seymour”

              don’t think any of that will make rural conservatives vote progressive….but we shall see

  4. Draco T Bastard 4

    While we’re having difficulty even getting the government to acknowledge trains between cities with the rail already in place Scandinavia’s thinking a little bigger:

    The first full-scale feasibility study of the technology published today by Hyperloop One (the Hyperloop startup that recently conducted that big Vegas demonstration), looks at connecting the cities of Stockholm and Helsinki via Hyperloop. Right now, it’s not particularly easy to get between the two capital cities, which are about 300 miles away from each other: People either must take a 3.5-hour flight (Update: Yes, of course, the flight itself is about an hour, the 3.5 includes time getting to/through the airports) or an overnight ferry. This would turn the journey into a 28-minute Hyperloop ride—and freight could travel the same way.

  5. Greg 5

    What is consumption really about:

    its a mission aint it,

  6. Draco T Bastard 6

    World’s First Fully 3D Printed Car Only Took 44 Hours To Complete

    As a matter of fact, Local Motors hopes to offer 3D printed cars for sale at prices around £11,000 to £18,000 ($18,000 to $30,000) per vehicle. Not only will the process be faster and less costly, but buying a car and driving it is going to be infinitely more environmentally-friendly as well. The printer used to produce this particular 3D printed car can print parts in sizes up to 3ft by 5ft by 10ft. Not exactly your average desktop printer, but with the technology being optimized and made better and cheaper, I don’t think it’s unreal to think that we will one day see 3D printers like this offered on the consumer market.

    Bold mine.

    Now, think about that for a bit.

    And the printing is getting faster.

  7. miravox 7

    Watching Chilcot.

    Cool, calm and absolutely devastating.
    Blair sent troops to Iraq before peaceful options had been exhausted. The horrors (I paraphrase) from that decision should have been foreseen.

    Blair is toast.

    Commentary: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2016/jul/06/chilcot-report-live-inquiry-war-iraq


  8. Greg 8

    Lets not forget Saudi’s agenda in the Middle East, n that they have spent 100 Billion promoting there Wahabbism cult ,
    and the UN is silent on there war with Yemen,
    our Western leaders got suckered into the middle east ,

    Obama withdrawing from middle east, read between the lines,

  9. Ad 9

    And some good news, Greyhound racing is to be completely banned in New South Wales.


    Hope they ban it completely in New Zealand.
    If you want to bet on something that doesn’t damage animals, by a Lotto ticket.

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