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13 comments on “Daily Review 07/12/2017”

  1. Muttonbird 1

    What an abomination of a tree.

  2. Pat 2

    “In the extreme case, New Zealand would be a fully open economy with all prices and wages set in international markets. The exchange rate would become the main conduit for monetary policy to achieve its price stability objective.”


    and they say that with a straight face!!!….that has been the goal of globalists since inception.

  3. joe90 3

    Putting the Sturmabteilung in MAGA.

    The Trump administration is considering a set of proposals developed by Blackwater founder Erik Prince and a retired CIA officer — with assistance from Oliver North, a key figure in the Iran-Contra scandal — to provide CIA Director Mike Pompeo and the White House with a global, private spy network that would circumvent official U.S. intelligence agencies, according to several current and former U.S. intelligence officials and others familiar with the proposals. The sources say the plans have been pitched to the White House as a means of countering “deep state” enemies in the intelligence community seeking to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency.


  4. adam 4

    Special Report: Self Governance – The Southern Movements Way – This week’s Laura Flanders Show – interviews and analysis of self governance and grassroots democracy growing in the southern states of the USA. 27 minutes.

  5. Ed 5

    From Wake Up New Zealand ‘s website

    ‘Very, very interesting reading. Phil Quin sounds like just another of National’s Dirty Politics attack lapdogs.’

    The link is to this interesting article……

    ‘As has been widely reported, Phil Quin recently accused Green MP Golriz Ghahraman of genocide denial and of supporting those accused of human rights abuses. One of the keystones of his accusations – even after his public apology – was a paper Ghahraman co-wrote with lawyer Peter Robinson in 2008, entitled Can Rwandan President Kagame be Held Responsible at the ICTR for the Killing of President Habyarimana? which was published in the Journal of International Criminal Justice.’

    Reading this paper, what really stood out to me was that it didn’t support any of Quin’s claims about it. Up until this point, I’d assumed Phil Quin was a well-meaning individual with a passionate interest in human rights which had led him to Rwanda, but that simply couldn’t account for the surprisingly large gap between what he claimed the paper said, and what it actually said. 1

    My interest was piqued. Who was Phil Quin, and what on earth would make him misinterpret a dry legal paper about hypothetical jurisdictions as “genocide denial”?

    Read on…..


    • Ed 5.1

      ‘If this is part of a coordinated attack, it’s obvious that with his lack of formal ties to the political right (as a “former Labour staffer”), and what seems to be unquestioningly taken as “cred” on Rwanda, Phil Quin is the right person to do this job. It should give us pause, though, that what we have here is an experienced political PR consultant who appears to be using tactics honed to silence people – tactics which were deliberately calculated to have a chilling effect on discussion around human rights abuses (and consequently on international attempts to preserve human rights) – and that these tactics are now being deployed right in the midst of New Zealand’s public discussion around refugees and immigration….’

      • Muttonbird 5.1.1

        I don’t think Quin’s initial action was a coordinated attack by the political right but the pile-on spearheaded by Farrar and Slater certainly was, which then got picked up in the mainstream by the usual suspects, as they’d hoped. Quinn’s was just a sad, ‘look at me’ outburst.

        Disappointingly for them though critical mass was not achieved like it was with Metiria Turei and Golriz Ghahraman was not forced to resign. Remember this was Quin’s stated desire, for her to resign because she was, in his words, ‘an out and out genocide denier’. Farrar and Slater get aroused over that kind of talk.

        Quin seems a somewhat mentally vulnerable lone wolf who got kicked out of the Labour party for being misogynistic and has held a hurt and bitter, revenge-porn type grudge ever since. This is why he threw himself into freelance communications and PR roles in far flung places like Rwanda, South East Asia, and now Columbia, because he wants to escape the source of his hurt.

        The bit you quote above which for weeks was the case here in the NZ media is this:

        (Quin’s experience there) seems to be unquestioningly taken as “cred” on Rwanda.

        No-one in this country has gone near what he actually did in Rwanda, preferring to instead to sum up his efforts as ‘working with genocide victims’, etc.

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