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17 comments on “Daily Review 07/12/2018”

  1. joe90 1

    Apparently Dennis Rodman was considered, but being a smiling blond was a prerequisite qualification to be the US ambassador to the UN.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is expected to announce he will nominate State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert to be the next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, officials familiar with the plans said Thursday.


    She was a reporter for Fox News Channel before she became State Department spokeswoman under former secretary Rex Tillerson.

    Plucked from Fox by the White House to serve as State Department spokeswoman, Nauert catapulted into the upper echelons of the agency’s hierarchy when Tillerson was fired in March and replaced with Mike Pompeo. Nauert was then appointed acting undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs and was for a time the highest-ranking woman and fourth highest-ranking official in the building.


  2. joe90 2

    If you’re an American executive in China best you have your tickets booked, because kidnapping for ransom is gonna be a thing.

    The arrest of a top Huawei executive has sent stock markets plunging around the world and threatens to derail the tenuous trade truce between the United States and China.
    Meng Wanzhou, the Chinese tech company’s chief financial officer, was detained in Vancouver on Saturday at the request of US authorities.


    A Trump administration official says there is a plan for the United States to seek Meng’s extradition. The view among some officials is that she could be used as leverage with China in trade talks.


  3. Tony Veitch [not etc.] 3

    Re-posted from Open Mike.

    Just heard on the 5 o’clock news – they’re going to toss the whole inefficient and ideologically driven ‘Tomorrow’s Schools’ crap in the waste basket!

    It’s only taken nearly thirty years! The whole stupid neoliberal bullshit of treating schools as businesses and forcing competition between them, to the foreseeable detriment of the poor, hopefully will be trashed!

    If this coalition government does nothing else, this will be a lasting improvement and benefit to this country!

    • Molly 3.1

      That’s good news, especially if funding is related to need and those resources are accessible to all.

    • Cinny 3.2

      Now that’s worth celebrating !

      • Jilly Bee 3.2.1

        But, but, but, but – Auckland Grammar School will have to lay off some staff. Boo bloody hoo.

        • Cinny

          “This year Auckland Grammar asked parents for $1250 in school donations for each child, and 78 per cent of families obliged.” dang! Parents are getting shafted big time at that school.

          Checked out website of said school, standby for comment from seymour re education reform. He’s the star of their home page slide show, funny, now there’s the transparency lmao.

          Am looking forward to discussion on TS re education reform.

          • Pete

            Why didn’t Seymour turn Auckland Grammar into a charter school? And all the other schools in his electorate?

        • James

          You are obviously very envious. Why should you should be so “boo bloody hoo” about educators losing their jobs.

          • Jilly Bee

            Not envious at all James – I’ve had family at that school since the 1980s and my partner was at there last Wednesday morning to support our grandson at the end of year Prizegiving Ceremony. We used to have to put up with John Graham ranting and raving about the perils of the Government of the day during his address to the boys and parents and last week Tim O’Connor was indulging in the same mudslinging. That school should live within its means without having to demand outrageous annual donations from parents/guardians – the fees were pretty outrageous back in our time too. Before you ask what we were doing sending our sons there – we lived in the zone and did give them the option of not having to attend, but they chose to attend, as most of their mates from the contributing Intermediate School were going to be there.

        • millsy

          Mr O’Connor is coming out swinging against the proposals, same with the head of Avondale College. I don’t know if they have read the report, but there is provision for responsibilities to be handed back to schools on a case by case basis, so it it highly likely, that, beyond a few legal technicalities, nothing will change for the top schools who are doing fine under the current system. They just won’t be able to purge students that make them look bad..

    • millsy 3.3

      Seems that most of the education sector is ready to move on from Tomorrow’s Schools. Even the School Trustees Association is supportive of the proposals.

    • patricia bremner 3.4

      I was at a Labour Party meet and Greet and David Lange said,
      “I hope you like what i do next.”

      something in the tone warned me…… I said “If it is good for children”
      He gave me a sharp look and strode away.

      A friend said, “What was that about?”
      and I replied “Not too sure, but nothing good I fear”
      That was a bloody understatement. Tomorrows Schools. His flawed idea.
      Thank you Chris H. A welcome change.

  4. Gabby 4

    Meaty Meates trying to blame the media for assaults on nurses. Classy guy.

  5. Jilly Bee 5

    Was watching Newshub this evening about a box of shoes which were imported through EBay (not too sure where they came from) being full of Marmorated Stink Bugs, which, fortunately the recipient did the right thing and contacted the authorities. As Newshub are wont to do they switched to a comment by Nathan Guy of all people who muttered darkly about the lack of sniffer dogs to detect these beasties. Now, who did away with the dog team at the beginning of last year, yep the last Government of course. Apparently there are only two dogs on duty now, but another two is being added to the team shortly. Sheesh, of course, it’s all Jacinda’s fault.

    • ianmac 5.1

      There were numerous questions in QT like by Guy, “How many sniffer dogs were on duty at Auckland Airport on 7 June at 2am?” And again and again.

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