Daily Review 07/04/2017

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18 comments on “Daily Review 07/04/2017”

  1. One Anonymous Bloke 1

    As pointed out by Idiot Savant, what is it these National Party knuckledraggers don’t understand about market forces, since they’re so keen to inflict them on everyone else.

    Chickens, meet roost.

    • weka 1.1


      As always, is it incompetence or that they just don’t give a shit? Today I’m guessing they understand well enough, and they just think that it’s acceptable to screw people over and then lie about it. But it could be that the Minister didn’t know the contract process was going badly.

      • Antoine 1.1.1

        Fundamentally though it’s a casualty of the ongoing underfunding of disability services

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          Fundamentally the health system is a casualty of the witless drivel that right wingers pay lip service to, until it’s time to put their hands out for government subsidies.

      • Once ..whatever 1.1.2

        They understand well enough, and if those amongst them (the thick and the brain dead) that don’t, they have enough overpaid consultants, ticket clippers and spin doctors (at great expense) to bring them into ideological line.
        If I ever had any doubt about that, it was dispelled yesterday on Ryan’s Nine-to-Noon with her interview with the parent of an ADHD child facing the Natzi approach to social policy, non renewal of contracts that have worked, and social engineering dressed up as ‘social investment’.
        I still don’t understand why opposition political parties can’t see any mileage in advocating for public service reform.

  2. Where is Gerry?-Manning the pumps? Getting fitted for a flack jacket maybe? Pray tell.

    • Once ..whatever 2.1

      He’s having some quiet, quality time with the family in deference to those able to afford the luxury of ‘work-life-balance’. Fear not though @TD, he’ll be back fronting the tough questions from our MSM over the BoP flooding – just like Croy’s Church and Koi Kaura.
      Either that, or he’s off on another secret mission, after which he’ll come back and try to portray himself as the ‘no nonsense’ practical man and voice of common sense.
      (There’s a fair bit of covering up and turd polishing to do after the past 2 or 3 weeks, and Guyon and Watkin haven’t helped with their interview with Spud. It’s a damn shame they limited themselves to former Prime Ministers because there’d be one or two other principled former National Party Munsters that aren’t that chuffed with the current state of the party.)

  3. Ian 3

    Media knuckle draggers need to report on the Selwyn river.Amazing whathappens when it rains.

    • weka 3.1

      Facebook link off that is interesting.

      It would help if we hadn’t cut down all the trees, and if they didn’t let industry mine water from the river.

      • Ian 3.1.1

        It is flowing again because it has rained .North Canterbury has also had the first decent rain in 3 years.doesn’t suit media knuckle draggers agenda that is to bankrupt farming business especially Dairy farming business.

        • weka

          Not following you. You think the media want to bankrupt big irrigators?

          Yes, rain, but that’s not the only thing that affects rivers, including the Selwyn. Dropping the water table by cutting down forest, and then taking water from the catchment are pretty big impacts.

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          How did the lack of rainfall affect dairy farming? Three years of no water. That must have been really tough.

          Unless you got water from somewhere else I suppose.

        • Ad

          The irrigators’ and farmers’ point isn’t rain.
          Their point is consistent flow volume.

  4. FOR SALE. Mobile number –0800 fuck john key.–{ open for sensible offers} –Ph 0800 fuck the tories.

  5. AsleepWhileWalking 6

    Richie Allen Show segment titled “Listen To The Warmongering & Lies Peddled By The BBC That Led Up To Trump Bombing Syria!”

    Awful stuff. Truth in this war died before it even began.

  6. Jim Stafford Sings Wildwood Weed Branson, MO – YouTube

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