Daily Review 10/04/2018

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27 comments on “Daily Review 10/04/2018”

  1. Ed 1

    George Galloway provides coverage of the news you just never hear in this country.
    Utterly compulsive listening.
    Once you’ve heard him, you’ll be hooked.

    As an insightful listener says. this is

    A brilliant delivery of the truth and analysis of the embarrassing proceedings, by Mr Galloway, that with no doubt, is a complete set up and excuse to put Russia back in a box and to find an excuse for a war… because clearly they need an excuse for the coming financial collapse.

    This on Skripal

  2. alwyn 2

    Well, it didn’t take long for the Green Party “Deputy Musterer” to use her new found position to apply the whip to the male co-leader, did it.
    She wants to return to the role of being allowed to ask patsy questions of the Government in order to reduce the need for them to actually have to answer real questions. I suppose it allows her to talk now.
    To be fair Ms Davidson does read out the questions she has been handed by the PMs office in ringing tones. A shame that they don’t have any meat to them.

    • Barfly 2.1

      Is that the sound of your “nightie ripping”?

    • Kat 2.2

      National are squirming and squealing at having their “decade of deficits” game played back at them. Bloody good I say and long may the oppositions ears ring with the govts refrain.

    • Stuart Munro 2.3

      If not for Carter these disgraces might have been resolved while the Gnats were in power. As they should have been. But Gnat corruption allowed them to deteriorate further. If they’d got back in no action would be taken to remedy them even now.

  3. Ed 3

    Chris Trotter joins the ever growing number of people predicting the oncoming economic crash.

    On 9 August 2007, however, the global banking fraternity – no longer convinced they could accurately value the financial instruments being offered as collateral for their loans – simply stopped lending to one another. This was “Detonation Day”: the moment when the GFC became both inevitable and unstoppable.

    Everything now points to another such detonation being imminent. Pumped-up by the steady expansion of global liquidity the world’s stockmarkets have climbed to giddy and unprecedented heights. Over the last few weeks, however, the value of the stocks and shares traded on the world’s exchanges has fluctuated wildly. Such volatility, warns Pettifor, almost always precedes a catastrophic market crash.

    Exactly what will trigger the next global crisis is impossible to predict. A sharp uptick in interest rates – especially in the United States – could do it. Or, the outbreak of a full-scale trade war between China and the USA. More likely, however, the crash will be precipitated by pure fear. Terrified of their loans not being repaid, lenders will raise the cost of money beyond the borrowers’ capacity of to pay. That will be the signal. The moment when one or more of the real John Tulds out there will strain his ears to catch even the faintest echo of the market’s music, but will not hear – a – thing.

    Just … silence.


  4. AsleepWhileWalking 4

    Glad to hear of the Zodiac water plant purchase.

  5. Carolyn_Nth 5

    Wow! Auckland is taking a battering right now. Fierce winds. Russel brown reports electricity out in Pt Chev. Someone else reports a “brown out” in Papakura.

    Also reports of power out in Murawai


    • Anne 5.1

      Beat me to it. Scary as… I’m wandering around tightly gripping a torch waiting for the lights to go out. House shuddering… 0MG. Massive gust…

      • Carolyn_Nth 5.1.1

        Yeah. It’s bloody scary. can’t concentrate on anything right now.

        Julie Fairey tweeted:

        Don’t think I can remember a storm this windy – wind literally shaking the house with some gusts. Lights flickering, doors blowing open & slamming, booming sounds like crashing waves but we aren’t near the beach. In Roskill.

        Russell Brown.

        This is as hard as I can recall it blowing in Point Chev in the 20 years we’ve lived here. Wow.

        There’s thumbs and clattering around the place.

    • Draco T Bastard 5.2

      Power down in Henderson. Vector app is not working so no other info.

      House has some storm damage.

      The big problem is that I can’t make a coffee.

      • Carolyn_Nth 5.2.1

        Damn! Hope yous stay safe.

        So far I’ve missed outages, but it’s all around.
        Bomber Bradbury reporting an outage in Mt Eden – that must be near me.

        And someone reported a flash and probably a substation gone around Newton/Mt Eden


        Widespread 100+ km/h gusts to persist until at least 10:30 -11:00 pm in the #Auckland area. ~Chris

        • Muttonbird

          Auckland really is rubbish isn’t it. Only takes a mild blow for some substation or other to blow up.

        • Draco T Bastard

          Yeah, safe as houses…


          Part of the patio roof got blown off. Only clear plastic so not too much of an issue but it was the piece that butts up against the house and helps protect that as well. Got a tarp over it now with proper repairs being scheduled.

          Garage door got blown in. Not too much damage there bit the back window in the garage also got blown out.

          Power finally got put back on about half an hour ago.

          So, all good.

      • Exkiwiforces 5.2.2

        Stay safe in Jaffaville tonight, don’t do what the misses and I did when old mate Marcus come through couple a wks ago in Darwin when we realise we had bread rolls lunch. Driving in a Cat 2 cyclone isn’t much chop to woollies and back home again wouldn’t want to be in a Cat 5 cyclone. 5 Days on the bloody chainsaw wasn’t much chop either especially when I had do it the old fashion way with the pinch bar, the winch on the landie, block and tackle in the wet season.

      • JohnSelway 5.2.3

        We got a wallop down here in the Mount too. Was a bit late in the day for me to be worried about coffee though 😉

  6. Jilly Bee 6

    I can’t help but wonder why Richard Griffin is going to defy the Select Committee’s demand to hand over the phone voicemail between him and Clare Curran – “RNZ chairman Richard Griffin says he has no intention of handing over a voice message left on his mobile phone by Broadcasting Minister Clare Curran. “No, I have no intention of handing it over, so I’m in breach of the select committee directive,” he told the Herald.”

    • Muttonbird 6.1

      Yes, it is very curious.

      Either he’s had a sudden but brief fit of integrity, or the message doesn’t match what he led the public to believe.

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