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20 comments on “Daily review 10/04/2019”

  1. This may have already been posted but I haven’t seen it. No power here today so am just starting to catch up on things. A friend sent this link through to me last night and I did expect to see some reference to it in at least one of the local papers – haven’t seen anything about it though. It is worth taking the 45 minutes to watch the episode of 4 Corners which is linked to from within the article.


    • francesca 2.1

      This too

      Have there been any updates on the strange tale of the Ukrainian far righter who seemingly committed suicide during a stand off with police?…when the police dragged him from his car a police dog bit him on the face.
      Happened in ChCh a few days after the massacre

      • Psycho Milt 2.1.1

        Charming. How nice for you that his death can be press-ganged into supporting your partisan bullshit about Ukrainians (not that I’ve seen anything to suggest he was a Ukrainian, but why would you let that get in your way?).

        • francesca


          And I’m more concerned by the police actions of dragging a critically injured suspect from his car and allowing a police dog to attack
          But don’t let that get in the way of your narrative

          • Psycho Milt

            Sure, you were so concerned about the poor man’s fate that you called him a “Ukrainian far-righter” under a link you posted about neo-nazis in Ukraine, something that immediately sparks suspicion given your previous examples of pro-Russian propaganda and attempts to portray Ukrainians as fascist. And are you claiming the headline you found declaring him a Ukrainian outweighs other headlines declaring him a Russian, or shall we just do the obvious thing of accepting that his nationality doesn’t actually matter?

            • francesca

              Yep Psycho
              You’re all good

            • Jenny - How to get there?

              Psycho Milt
              10 April 2019 at 9:51 pm
              Sure, you were so concerned about the poor man’s fate that you called him a “Ukrainian far-righter” under a link you posted about neo-nazis in Ukraine, something that immediately sparks suspicion given your previous examples of pro-Russian propaganda ….

              Not to mention her continual spruiking for the fascist Assad regime.

    • Pat 2.2

      It is an interesting read ..especially to see a relatively recent ‘outsiders’ view but given the observation that right wing hate crime has risen drastically in Germany in recent years perhaps the kiwi dismissal of overt (and frequently misplaced) nazi symbolism as insignificant and irrelevant is the most effective way of addressing it.

      • Sabine 2.2.1

        funny i read it more as a thing of different cultures.

        And yes, neonazis have been hanging around since the 80’s. And for waht its worth, while west germany discussed the third reich in public, in media, in schools, while schoolchildren had to go to the camps and while many young germans in the 70.s travelled to Israel to work in Kibbutzes (now they are called settlements – yes i know) non of this was required in East Germany. So really the rise of Neo Nazi-ism in East Germany is an interesting thing to look at, most of it due to the incompetence of the Kohl government after the re-unification by forcing factories to close and not throwing enough funds at the regions to keep people employed. Plus that coupled with the sending of Refugees awaiting settlement onto the East German Countryside. Did not help at all and made the feeling of powerlessness even worse. A lot went wrong with te Reunification process and even Merkel has done little to change the trajectory.

        I think there is a misunderstanding here that all east Germans wanted the wall gone. Many did not. They wanted a few more freedoms, like travel, shorter waiting times for cars (16 years on average) etc, but where quite happy in their own life, and these are the ones that lost out most.

        But i don’t think the writer is an outsider, i think when you live for over 20 odd years in NZ you are somewhat a ‘kiwi’ even if that is hard to swallow by some.

        And please consider the dead of the Mosquee, and ask yourself if the Kiwi dismissal of overt nazi symbolism was an effective way of addressing it. I honestly don’t know.

        As many germans of a certain age i feel nothing but shame seeing the symbols. We call it Blutschande – Bloodshame. No matter where i see them. To me it only stands for death and destruction. It is the symbol of untold sufferings, cruelty, and mass murder. Personally me, i would simply go and wash it away. It is a hate symbol. It is there to intimidate others. It means that maybe you or i are not human enough. That is what the swastika stands for.

        the third reich to some is goodwin, to us germans it is living history. And i guess some of us are worried – very worried.
        And yet, at some stage we will have to address this. Not because they are Neo Nazis – i don’t believe that, but because they are willing to kill in the name of racial purity and superiority. Maybe we need to look at these symbols and start washing them off the walls when we see them.

  2. newsense 3

    The Herald has waited long enough apparently. Two days and two blatant partisan attacks on the government. And now leading with an article with it’s nose a million miles up Trump.

  3. marty mars 4


  4. WeTheBleeple 5

    Hosking the racist


    “The authority said presenters of a popular prime time television current affairs programme such as Seven Sharp are in an “influential position”.

    “They have the capacity to both inform and shape public debate and opinion about important issues. The two presenters’ comments – including Mr Hosking’s view – were dismissive of a valid issue in New Zealand which deserves meaningful discussion,” the BSA said.”

    Hosking and election interference (bonus more casual racism included)


    “Mr McCaughan submitted that Mr Hosking’s comment, that those on the ‘non-Māori roll could not vote for the Māori Party in the general election’, was inaccurate, and that his clarification of this statement did not contain an apology or admission of the inaccuracy.”

    Then there’s the corruption, you know the 48K in payments from Sky City as he promoted govt pushing the Convention Centre deal.


    Just a snapshot of the form of this pathetic man child who thinks he can lecture our PM.

    • tc 5.1

      And a great example of how pissweak and ineffective the BSA are if that’s the best they can do after all this time given such a blatant lie told for political gain.

  5. A 6

    Love that Gosford Church notice board. Always a good read.

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