Daily Review 10/07/2018

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31 comments on “Daily Review 10/07/2018”

    • Carolyn_Nth 1.1

      Where is all that money all coming from? within NZ?

      And meanwhile

      Meanwhile, $18,000 has been donated by 500 people to protect this Māori woman’s free speech rights against Bob Jones

      Time to donate, methinks.

    • McFlock 1.2

      funny company Trotter keeps these days.

      • Carolyn_Nth 1.2.1

        Useful idiot.

        Alex Coleman tweeted:

        I’ve not heard of everyone on that freeze peach coalition list but there’s not one I have heard of who I’d trust on civil liberties. That’s the difference between them and when the ACLU sticks up for fascists.

        Perigo is a known quantity, Brash wanted to choose immigrants based on their opinions, Franks regularly RTs racial theory stuff, Trotter argued the state should have played harder ball re the Urewera 8, Williams is an own the libs troll, etc

        And Paul Moon who defended the Auckland Uni European Students Association and now this. Two from two for the fascists from Paul.

    • marty mars 1.3

      Why not use that money to secure a venue? Because it’s not actually about that is it?

      • joe90 1.3.1

        Clementine Ford joined the dots between the Indianas of this world and the abuse of women. Rather long, but worth the listen.


        • marty mars

          Yes she is awesome and a hero imo. I heard bits of the interview – will listen again and buy her book.

        • Carolyn_Nth

          Thanks for the link. very timely. So Ford around 7.30-8 minutes in, talks about current neo nazis in Aussie, embodying a toxic form of masculinity. They went roaming to provoke some groups in order to get more public attention – bullying men who fail to live up to the neonazis’ ideals of masculinity. They videoed it and uploaded it to Facebook.

          She quotes bell hooks saying it’s men performing forms of masculine power that forces men to conform to their ideal of masculinity – trying to shame men as being “gay” and paedophiles because of their style of behaviour.

          Ford also says people in Aussie are saying these neonazis should be allowed to have public platforms because it’s just one opinion that should be allowed to be stated. However, her description indicates these guys are more about provoking and pressuring men and women and breaking them, rather than about engaging in an honest debate.

          • RedLogix

            Neonazi’s arise as a backlash due to the failure of left wing politics. Trevor Philips explored it here:

          • marty mars

            Yes Carolyn she has an ability to really cut to the chase. So much of this ‘debate’ completely ignores and diminishes the targets of these haters, their voices get trod on in the flurry of ‘this is what I thinkitis’ imo.

      • Rob 1.3.2

        Yes has anyone banned them from coming to NZ or speaking??

        • Draco T Bastard

          The law states that a person can only enter the country if they are of Good Character. Unfortunately for them, they fail on that.

    • David Mac 1.4

      Those donors that live in Auckland will be paying for both sides.

    • marty mars 1.5

      The crew of the ship of fools?

    • Bill 1.6

      Oh dear. So a pile of unpleasant fucks capture the ground on freedom of speech (and will no doubt use their position to twist it into some strange torturous shape), while a whole pile of those who would normally claim to occupy the moral high ground applaud all the wrong shit, and well…fucking cake? Seriously?!

      As Tom Walker (aka Johnathan Pie) asks in the vid…

      “What the fuck is going on when the likes of Tommy Robinson and Katy Hopkins hold the mantle of free speech? They don’t own the principle.”

      And now NZ too. Oh joy.

      • RedLogix 1.6.1

        “In order to get a conviction they had to deliberately misinterpret the intent and context … they even admit to it.”

        Yeah where have I seen that?

        • Bill

          Kinda beside the point that (almost) no-one, other than fuckers like Robinson, spoke up.

          And then Robinson (now jailed) and his supporters launched a “free speech” crusade when he committed contempt of court. That didn’t just hit the likes of my fb because of friends in the UK, but also hit ‘the standard’ ‘Open Mike’.

          And (as far as I can tell), the fact Robinson was jailed fed back into people congratulating themselves for not speaking out against the Nazi pug sentence handed down to Mark Meechan…who has since joined UKIP. (More justification for not speaking out against the ridiculous and dangerous precedent set by Airdrie Sheriff Court?)

          Scan the comments below the post I did on the affair before Robinson pulled his contempt bullshit and before Meechan joined UKIP. A fair few (not all) condemning Meechan for what he said and ignoring the implication of what the Sheriff did.

      • Pat 1.6.2

        “What the fuck is going on when the likes of Tommy Robinson and Katy Hopkins hold the mantle of free speech? They don’t own the principle.”

        And now NZ too. Oh joy.”

        Makes for strange bedfellows but it should be realised that the principle provides shared protection….something too many fail to comprehend.

  1. Gabby 2

    So that farmer may get to haul out his ‘she’s a pretty nazi’ placard after all.

  2. joe90 3

    The UK visit’s going to be fun.

    “I felt like a piece of meat at a meat market”.@BBCPanorama investigates President Donald Trump.Tonight | 8.30pm | BBC One pic.twitter.com/VkRnKSUyrC— BBC One (@BBCOne) July 9, 2018



    • Timeforacupoftea 3.1

      Just normal behaviour here in NZ 1960 through to 1980’s.
      At times it wasn’t pleasant but lots of serious fun was had.
      No use pressing charges now as most are dead, anyway what would be the point.

      Move on.

  3. joe90 4

    So, the day hasn’t been all bad.

    Sydney (AFP) – Five major krill fishing firms Tuesday agreed to halt operations across huge swathes of the Antarctic to help protect wildlife in a move hailed as “bold and progressive” by conservationists.

    The vast frozen continent is home to penguins, seals, whales and other marine life with krill a staple food for many species.


  4. Anne 5

    Eleven boys out of the cave now. One more plus the coach and the team will be out.

    I hope its not too soon but… what a fantastic effort!

  5. joe90 6


    Anyone want a thread on what in the actual hell is going on in the UK ‘government’ right now? Here we go…..— Lauren Dobson-Hughes (@ldobsonhughes) July 9, 2018




    • marty mars 6.1

      That threadreader is sweet. What a brilliant summation by Dobson-Hughes – I think I understand a little bit now. Ta joe.

    • Anne 6.2

      It’s all ya need to know I reckons. Thanks Joe90.

      Just a bit worried about those dancing unicorns. Hope they know how to look after them.

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