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Slater down and out

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59 comments on “Daily Review 10/05/2016”

  1. Ad 1

    This had been such a good day for the activist left.
    And clearly there’s more to come!

    • infused 1.1

      not sure how you’ve come to that conclusion?

      * Andrew came off looking like an idiot on RNZ
      * #panamapapers is an empty gun, pretty much every media outlet here is now saying this

      Only good thing today was slater. And no one cares about slater, so….

      • Gangnam Style 1.1.1

        “Andrew came off looking like an idiot on RNZ” – no he didn’t, Espiner was trying hard for a gotcha but totally missed.

        “#panamapapers is an empty gun, pretty much every media outlet here is now saying this” – on Planet Key maybe, meanwhile here in the real world its still big news.

        • infused

          I believe he stopped as andrew walked in to the same question 3 times. He really needs some better training.

    • Chuck 1.2

      I would hate to see what a bad day for the activist left would look like then Ad…

      • Gangnam Style 1.2.1

        “I would hate to see what a bad day for the activist left would look like then Ad…” & that’s a bare faced lie.

      • Ad 1.2.2

        I’ve had far too many of them so I’m pretty qualified to see the good days.

    • Bill 2.1

      Nah mate. The rest of whatever beatings and what not weren’t mistakes because he didn’t lose his job or career over the head of them.

    • tc 2.2

      Such an odious insecure individual is our wee tony v.

    • Jeez, that’s sobering reading. I read the police summary far too quickly when I wrote the Veitch post. I had thought it was a relatively short period of repeated abuse, but that is a record of a man out of control over the course of the entire relationship. Good thing he didn’t have access to a gun.

  2. I have some suggestions in regards to the broken post – which I’ll post here.

    “So what to do?



    Yep – do nothing, change nothing, get rid of no one – anything that is done is just hiding the issues and not dealing with them.

    But what about offensive and horrible comments?

    delete and ban them

    But what about making The Standard safer for women?

    It won’t be, not without changing attitudes and that won’t happen anytime soon – especially with fundaMENtalist views and attitudes.

    But The Standard might whither and die?

    So does everything. If you want to change that then contribute, be an author, be a commenter, be involved.”


    • b waghorn 3.1

      My thought was to give the author of any given post the ability to stop a person from commenting on the post in question instead of a full banning.
      Not sure if that’s feasible as computers are still black magic to me !

      • We kind of have that ability, bw. However, it’s limited to editing or deleting comments. And you have to be moderating fulltime to catch the nastier stuff. Even with the best will in the world, I still couldn’t stop some of the rubbish that got through on the ‘broken’ post. But that’s men; always shouting down women.

        ps, g’day marty mars. Thanks for respecting the ‘broken’ post. Hope you’ll keep coming back (and feel free to give me a burst if you want, it’s been a constant theme for the last couple of days 😉 ).

        • Colonial Viper

          oh fuck offf mate, my text on The Standard is just as loud as yours is just as loud as any woman’s.

          Further, i’ve never seen any evidence that women can’t type as fast as men on an internet forum. Have you?

          Pretty sure that the females don’t need your protection in order to make their point on The Standard.

          But keep up the slimy greasing up.

          • te reo putake

            You’re a sad, bitter wee man. But I don’t have to tell you that.

            • Colonial Viper

              my text your text and any womens text comment on The Standard are equally as loud.

              And even though you might think women need your extra help to make their points heard, trust me they don’t.

      • Chooky 3.1.2

        +100 b waghorn…I agree with this….there have been a few people banned who havent come back(Clem is one)…who should not have been banned in the first place imo…and their contributions have been lost because they are goneburger

        ( of course there are others who most certainly should have been banned and i enjoyed seeing them get the chop …especially by Lprent)

    • r0b 3.2

      marty – good to see you – I hope you will decide to comment here again. Adele too. We need your voices.

    • Sabine 3.3


    • Bill 3.4

      Thanks for commenting Marty. Thoughtful post.

      I agree that ‘the standard’ is essentially a reflection of society.

      What I find slightly odd is the notion held by some, that somehow people who consider themselves as ‘left’* are intrinsically more attuned to racism, sexism and authoritarianism. They’re not.

      There are bucket loads of misogynists and racists (or people with blind spots to both) who support the more statist parliamentary parties just as there are bucket loads of misogynists and racists (or people with blind spots to both) who support the more market orientated parliamentary parties.

      One thing I’d pick they have in common is a black hole in their comprehension or awareness of authoritarianism. And no, I’m not saying that all authoritarians are racist and/or misogynistic, rather that a healthy disdain for cultures of authoritarianism (ie – cultures built around following people or leading people) tends to cut through or undermine the cultural norms that prop up sexism and racism.

      * Using the term as commonly used when really referring to politics of statism.

    • Chooky 3.5

      +100…yes agree marty mars

    • Rosie 3.6

      Hey marty mars. Good to see you back in town 🙂

      Please do visit again. I always appreciated your compassionate, understanding and BS free comments.

      It’s been a bit weird lately, kind of off putting. Be good to see you around to help raise the tone.

    • weka 3.7

      Good to see ya marty!

      (I disagree about making the place safer, but hey ho, ever the optimist 😉 ).

  3. Manuka AOR 4

    Anne Salmond is calling for a commission to save NZ water.

    Dame Anne said people feared they were losing control of the water to private interests and that more lakes and rivers were becoming dangerously toxic.

    “You’ve got lakes like Lake Forsyth down south, which is so toxic it’s killing sheep and dogs and that’s a kind of signpost to the kind of future where we might be heading.”

    The battle over water had become so contentious that iwi, farmers, clean water campaigners and other groups needed to find common ground.

    “We need a solution that gives everybody a stake and a way of seeing that everybody benefits.”

    An independently run Waterways Commission would be funded by user charges on commercial users like bottled water and irrigation companies.

    Dame Anne, the patron of Te Awaroa, A Thousand Rivers, an organisation committed to saving the rivers, said the challenge was to make sure that water did not turn into a commodity where the profits flowed into the pockets of a few. [More at the link]

    • Chooky 4.1

      +100 ….Anne Salmond is one voice which should be heeded!!!!…the idea of a ‘Commission to Save NZ Water’ is a good one

  4. Manuka AOR 5

    On this evening’s Checkpoint with John Campbell
    … Bernard Hickey talking about the newly released figures on foreign ownership, says there seems to be an ‘underestimate’, and that the actual figure could be anywhere between 3% … and 48%. http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/303532/foreign-buyers-%27very-under-reported%27

    • Chooky 5.1

      @ Manuka AOR…yes I heard that on Checkpoint also …it seems to depend on the definition of whether people /students in New Zealand buying up properties actually are New Zealanders or foreigners residing in New Zealand for a short period of time…and also whether they are buying for themselves or foreign others /relatives residing outside New Zealand.

      This from a Chinese property developer expert on Chinese buying up of properties outside China …in Australia and Canada:


      ….”Most Chinese purchases hide behind trustees and proxies. Third parties such as friends and relatives were often used.

      “Chinese students are being paid 2 per cent of the purchase price of the property to purchase property on behalf of relatives,” says Tee.

      Another person au fait with Chinese property transactions in Australia told Fairfax Media it was simple for Chinese investors to get around the foreign capital restrictions.

      “The money never really moves. In a simple example, Kunlun is a forex trading and money exchange company. It has bank accounts in many countries with significant cash balances. So if someone wants $40 million in Australia they put the money in a Kunlun China account and Kunlun transfers the money from their Australian accounts to the person’s friend’s Australian account.

      “Kunlun is just one example – any large trading multinational will hold large reserves of cash in each country so they can effect a transfer with an internal paper transaction. No banks or government scrutiny involved. And given that they don’t do effective reporting in this country, who will ever trace it?

      “The current situation is that one of the best assets a local Chinese can have is a permanent Australian residence. They will have ‘friends’ lining up to ‘loan’ them money to buy properties in Australia.

      All the government needs to do is follow the cash.”

      Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/comment-and-analysis/wall-of-chinese-capital-buying-up-australian-properties-20150628-ghztdf.html#ixzz48Fb0WaJ1
      Follow us: @smh on Twitter | sydneymorningherald on Facebook


  5. Manuka AOR 6

    These stats came out over a month ago but are still, sadly, relevant:

    • Chooky 6.1

      +100…thanks Manuka AOR…interesting and sad and disturbing…this needs to be discussed more in society and around the world if ever women are to have real equality

    • Nic the NZer 7.1

      Syreza are a failure. They gave up their trump card (a grexit) entering the negotiations and as a result had to concede to all the creditors demands. Hopefully the next Greek government will run and be elected on a platform of leaving the Euro.

      • Pat 7.1.1

        Yes…they failed to seize their opportunity….bad as it would have been I was surprised they didn’t.

        • Colonial Viper

          Varoufakis has been bitter at how the Syriza leadership sold out.

          Mind you if they hadnt its quite likely the Greek military would be in charge now. And that was probably made clear to them.

          BTW exiting the Eurozone is not the same as exiting the EU. (Brexit and Grexit refer to different things)

          • Pat

            think its a given that various unpleasant scenarios were presented to Tsipras at those (un-minuted) meetings, and the military back in control was very likely one of them…..it may happen anyway

            Chess with 7 billion pawns

          • Nic the NZer

            Your suggesting the Greek military is forcing the country to remain in the Eurozone? I see no evidence of it but it would explain things.

            • Colonial Viper

              you may think Greece has been facing budgetary austerity but check out all the nice new million dollar weapons the Greek military has been getting.

              • Pat

                “Having been fourth largest arms importer in 2003–2007, Greece was 15th largest in 2008–12. Its volume of imports declined by 61 per cent between these two periods. As part of its own cost-saving exercises, Greece placed no new orders for major conventional weapons in 2012 and has delayed or cancelled a range of arms import plans, including the acquisition of 6 FREMM frigates from France and over 400 armored vehicles from Russia.”

                looks like its historical orders approaching delivery…..spending in real terms slashed and morale v low


            • Pat

              how on earth do you glean that position from what was written? @Nic

              • Nic the NZer

                I thought it was implied by CV. But it doesnt seem like the sort of thing the EU would want, a military dictatorship in the middle of Europe actually. Its just not clear what Syreza thought they could achieve by taking grexit off the negotiating table.

                • Pat

                  the implication is the EU would support a military coup or at least not oppose one should it occur….not that the greek colonels threatened another coup should they leave the EU.

                  “Countries such as the United Kingdom and the Federal Republic of Germany on the other hand were voicing criticism about Greece’s human rights record but supported the country’s continued membership in the Council of Europe and NATO because of the country’s strategic value for the western alliance.[53][54]”


                  • Nic the NZer

                    Even if the EU would support a Greek military govt this has no effect on the negotiations unless the Greek military is understood to be likely to undertake a coup. If this impacted negotiations it was a perceived threat put by the military some how. I understood the EU would only tolerate democratic governments as members however.

                    • Pat

                      a coup by the military in Greece was proposed as a possibility by CV and it was and remains so….it was not a prediction of imminent occurrence ….however should you wish to pursue the prospect (as you appear to do) then nowhere has it been suggested that should such an event occur then Greece would remain member of the EU….although going on past performance Im sure Brussels could manage to accommodate such an event if it suited.

      • Chooky 7.1.2

        +100 Nic the NZer…if I was Greek I would be wanting to vote for leaving…I am sure the average Greek and Greece could do better on its own..

        from what I can see…Greece’s debt is in trumped up printed monies from rorting banks which should know better, exchanging disreputable bankster loans, on the advice of Goldman Sachs

        • Nic the NZer

          Kind of. Greece problem is they use an external currency and so their govt is not able to determine its own budget. On this basis, mostly at the behest of the IMF, they have been cutting expendature in response to a fall in total spending. Of course this exacerbates the fall in spending though the IMF demands were based on projections which expected to opposite to occur.

          Returning to the Dracma will put that issue under control of Greece again so they can then tackle their economic issues under their own steam. Special mention to Donald Trump for pointing out that the US already issues its own currency and can always ‘print’ it rather than default. This as he pointed out means the US has only a self imposed budget constraint. Comparison between the US and Eurozone nations is therefore meaningless and the same goes for NZ and other nations which issue their own non convertable (floating exchange rate) currencies.

          • Colonial Viper

            People need to remember that Greece has defaulted on its debts several times over the last 200 years. Let it do it again and let its people restart their lives free from debt slavery.

  6. Nessalt 8

    10/5 been and goooooone! no sign of any smoking guns from the panama drop. thought NZ was an international pariah? all trade would stop?

    Nope, just more bull shit hyperbole in the echo chamber that is the left’s activist base. Oooh cam got name suppression dropped. think JK gives a toss?

    • Whateva next? 8.1

      And your point is……?

      • fender 8.1.1

        The point seems to be that JK won’t give a toss that his friends and advisors are being exposed as rather dodgy undesirable scoundrels who lie often.

        Probably a factual point too. The jokes on us and all of NZ.

    • joe90 8.2

      The drinking week starts on Thursday night…

    • framu 8.3

      “10/5 been and goooooone! no sign of any smoking guns from the panama drop. thought NZ was an international pariah? all trade would stop?

      Nope, just more bull shit hyperbole in the echo chamber”

      i like how you described your first sentence

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