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22 comments on “Daily review 11/02/2019”

  1. millsy 1

    Labour @ 47% and National at 41% in tonight poll. Very good.

  2. joe90 2


    • David Mac 2.1

      The new XC40 Volva is winning awards with the most opinionated of journalists all over the world.

      • greywarshark 2.1.1

        Did Darwin know about this.?

        the female external genitals.
        the external opening of the vagina or reproductive tract in a female mammal or nematode.
        late Middle English: from Latin, literally ‘womb’.

        Mammals AND nematodes? Is there a direct connection from woman’s early beginnings?

    • Muttonbird 2.2

      Pete George will be nodding with approval.

    • Andre 2.3

      “imagine being this stonkingly wrong, and just doubling down on it”

      Hey, if it’s good enough for the Leader of the Pee World, then why shouldn’t everyone else get in on it too?

  3. Gabby 3

    Well that’s him told, at great length.

  4. David Mac 4

    Speaking of a smile, I thought this Lewis Spears clip was amusing.

  5. ScottGN 5

    Even taking into account the great poll from Newshub this is the best news I’ve heard today. This deal, corrupt and cynical, pretty much sums up the National Party.


    • Cinny 5.1

      Oh HELL YES !!! Thanks for the link that’s epic news.

    • The Saudi Agri – Hub always had a stench about it, the National Party Trade wonks got taken for a ride IMHO ?

      Old Maori Proverb “If it smells like a rat it probably is a rat ?”

      • David Mac 5.2.1

        Ha yeah, it’s a Monty Python script.

        “I know, lets start a sheep farm in the Sahara Desert.”


        “Obviously it’s going to be an astronomical financial failure, who shall we get to fund it, the banks would laugh at us.”

        “The Economic Growth Fund is not like proper taxpayers money. They’ve paid it long before we…what are we doing again? Oh yeah, Kiwifruit farms in Antarctica.”

        • Stuart Munro

          It was certainly the wrong group of crooks putting it together – they couldn’t run a bath on their best day. But NZ and possibly Australia ought to put together a solution.

          Hmood Al Ali Al Khalaf didn’t spend all that time trying to set up a supply of sheep to the Haj for no reason. There is an annual shortfall of live sheep at Jeddah of several million. Unlike other commodities, it has the character of a religious duty for the Saudi government to alleviate that shortage. Solve that problem for them, and not only would it prove rather profitable, the Kingdom might even hear the odd hint about how to be more progressive.

          NZ & OZ have the expertise to produce sheep in quantity. Whether that should be replicated in Saudi, or Yemen, or across the water in Somaliland, or whether a shipping protocol consistent with animal welfare (perhaps breaking the journey into short stages) is the best solution, it is a solution we would do well to offer.

          I realize not everyone is happy with the regime, and some folk think we shouldn’t trade with them. But as long as we’re dependent on and happy to buy their oil, that argument doesn’t really hold, and it wouldn’t hurt to level the balance of trade a bit.

  6. Gabby 6

    Gary the Tongkerator wants to be a sister city with Shantou. The city of Lumsden. We could gift them a cycle trail I guess. It’s a much more expensive gift than you’d think. The Tongkerator never got to the bottom of why it’s so expensive, apparently. Just one of lfe’s mysteries.

  7. Stuart Munro 7

    Just goes to show, purple or gray, the Gnats are still dinosaurs. Generational change coming to them pretty soon, history has left their incumbents behind.

  8. Muttonbird 8

    Further evidence, if it were needed, that New Zealand cannot handle the livestock numbers we have especially in the face of the weather extremes which appear to be common at the moment.

    Sourcing more groundwater of course is not a solution because it damages the waterways.


    Excellent policy from the Greens in particular I think to reduce the numbers.

  9. joe90 10

    The Palestinians stand there getting pushed and slapped without reacting because they know only too well they’re likely to be shot if they respond.

    But it’s all kid gloves for the violent maniac.

    Different day, different confrontation, same thugs.

    • joe90 10.1

      I guess international observers have to go if you want to get your fascist on in private.

      You might imagine that a report by a multinational observer force documenting a 20-year reign of terror by Israeli soldiers and Jewish settlers against Palestinians, in a city under occupation, would provoke condemnation from European and US politicians.

      But you would be wrong. The leaking in December of the report on conditions in the city of Hebron, home to 200,000 Palestinians, barely caused a ripple.

      About 40,000 separate cases of abuse had been quietly recorded since 1997 by dozens of monitors from Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Italy and Turkey. Some incidents constituted war crimes.

      Exposure of the confidential report has now provided the pretext for Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to expel the international observers. He shuttered their mission in Hebron this month, in apparent violation of Israel’s obligations under the 25-year-old Oslo peace accords.

      Israel hopes once again to draw a veil over its violent colonisation of the heart of the West Bank’s largest Palestinian city. The process of clearing tens of thousands of inhabitants from central Hebron is already well advanced.

      Any chance of rousing the international community into even minimal protest was stamped out by the US last week. It blocked a draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council expressing “regret” at Israel’s decision and on Friday, added that ending the mandate of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron was an “internal matter” for Israel.


  10. timeforacupoftea 11

    On the eve of National getting smashed in the polls take a look at this ladies.

    Have four kids and never pay income tax again, Hungarian mothers told.

    During his “state of the nation” speech, he described Europe’s left-wing as “the gravedigger of nations, the family and the Christian way of life”.

    Mr Orban added: “Those who decide in favour of immigration and migrants, no matter why they do so, are in fact creating a country with a mixed population.”

    He has accused the EU of wanting to fill the continent with migrants and claimed Hungarian-born financier George Soros is part of a conspiracy to destroy Europe by encouraging mass migration.

    Look here this is HUGE !

    • Sabine 11.1

      well i can see how that would work, she will be a stay at home mum and never pay income tax again as she will have no earnings.

      Hungary is a beautiful country, my parents vacationed there often and had quite a few friends there – friends that were teachers and the likes who would come to Germany in during the summer season to earn money as fruit pickers. Because that money that they made in Germany in three month was a years income worth in Hungary.

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