Daily Review 11/04/2018

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12 comments on “Daily Review 11/04/2018”

  1. Exkiwiforces 1

    The terms of reference for the Inquiry into Op Burnham are interesting to say the least and I’m looking forward to following this Inquiry to the end. Might have to buy the bloody book now since the inquiry is a go for launch.

    I’m wondering if this was part of the horse trading that I heard about a wee while ago IOT keep the DWP funding sort of on track and also in light of what has happen in the last 24 odd hrs in our sleepy backwater to the South Pacific?

    They couldn’t pick a better two people to lead this inquiry btw.


    PS, I see the supporters of the No Mates Party are already jumping up and down screaming blue murder about the inquiry.

    • Cinny 1.1

      Thanks for that link Exkiwiforces.

      “They couldn’t pick a better two people to lead this inquiry btw. ” for sures 🙂

      Sounds like Hager is rather happy with this choice too, progress, yay.

      “This is very, very good news for New Zealand,” he said. “It is vital that, as a country, we can face up to incidents where our military does terrible things.”

      He said good people have been chosen for the inquiry, the terms of reference are broad and resources have been allocated so it can do a proper job. “It feels like the start of a sound and thorough process.”


    • BabaYaga 1.2

      I was interested in David Parker’s comments at

      “The footage I have reviewed does not seem to me to corroborate some key aspects of the book Hit & Run.

      “The footage suggests that there was a group of armed individuals in the village.“

      For the sake of all concerned, an enquiry is the right call.

      • Exkiwiforces 1.2.1

        Yes it is the right call, I have some issues with the Operation and something doesn’t feel right about from my POV. From the start it seems to hasty planned OP at either end of the chain of Command and there seems to be rush in getting the job, the execution of the mission seems to be right royal cock and not up to the usual standards I would expect of the NZSAS and the post action phase was a complete shit fight as everyone seems to covering their backsides while leaving the poor bloody troopers in the wind as a result.

        If Nick Hager is right about members of the NZSAS direct action team or member of the support group who took part in OP Burnham and breaking ranks to talk/ informing him what happen is real also their concern’s that the whole OP was vanity/ big nose project for someone high up the food chain. Then i’m very concern and so should a lot of people as UTU is not the done thing in the NZDF.

        The last time a SAS unit broke ranks was BSQN of 22SAS during the Falklands War so for them as SAS Troopers etc it a big thing.

        We all have High Morals, Values and ethical standards to maintain at all levels of combat and at peacetime. We have a very good bullshit radar when know when things aren’t right, when we see our pollies not upholding our standards and ducking, weaving and dodging question’s like a WW2 bomber crew through flak on their final run in to Tgt then something doesn’t add up.

        SAS are the top 1% of the Army and having work alongside the SAS of Aus, NZ the UK on Ops and at Peacetime. Their planning and orders are very detail down to the last man, in other words they leave no stone unturned and they never never take a gamble or a risk for no body unless it the Queen or the GG they protecting at the time. As one chicken straggler said me once you can replace a pollie anytime, but the not head of state

  2. Kat 2

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern showed up the leader of the opposition Simon Bridges to be the amateur performer in the house today. At all levels of engagement from National MP’s the opposition looked out of puff and stuffed.

    Anyone here feeling sympathy for Doctor Death can send donations to “building-repairs@middlemore”

  3. Ffloyd 3

    She’s *supporting* her new crush. Looks like she may have had a little bit of bit of bit of botox. Still can’t work out why shes even there.

  4. joe90 4


    In 2003, one year before Facebook was founded, a website called Facemash began nonconsensually scraping pictures of students at Harvard from the school’s intranet and asking users to rate their hotness. Obviously, it caused an outcry. The website’s developer quickly proffered an apology. “I hope you understand, this is not how I meant for things to go, and I apologize for any harm done as a result of my neglect to consider how quickly the site would spread and its consequences thereafter,” wrote a young Mark Zuckerberg. “I definitely see how my intentions could be seen in the wrong light.”


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