Daily Review 11/08/2016

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Daily Mail Corbyn steals royal baby

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17 comments on “Daily Review 11/08/2016”

  1. What is going on with this dope referendum and little – how can you get caught out like this – amateur hour sigh…

    • McFlock 1.1

      what happened?
      Olympics swamping me news sites lol

      • marty mars 1.1.1

        3 news little saying referendum on weed to student radio. Story about the run for cover and adjustment to what he meant and what he means now.

        • McFlock

          lol ah. That would be why I couldn’t find it – tv3 is the only source that thinks it’s news lol.

          Interesting – I don’t even think to look at their website these days, let alone watch the news on that channel. I’m boycotting those fucks without even knowing it 🙂

          Hardly a chronic backpedal though. Meh.

          • marty mars

            He didn’t look good imo. That is where key can do it better – he cares less and as pm it is a real advantage.

            • weka


              Just having a listen now.

              edit, Yeah, nah, that’s Shub spinning. Little said clearly that he would look at a referendum for decriminalisation but it wasn’t a priority for Labour eg wouldn’t be in the first 100 days. Shub then say he supports a referendum on medical cannabis and then change their mind and say he doesn’t really, but don’t reference his actual position. Shoddy as shit reporting.

            • McFlock

              That is the difficulty with fighting modern tories: they have no principles to stand by, reality is irrelevant, and social consequences can be avoided if you’re rich enough.

              Like Key being booed from the stands at the league match, but all the sycophants in the corporate boxes wanted to suck his cock so any contact with reality was quickly smoothed over.

            • Leftie

              “He didn’t look good imo”

              That’s what newshub’s heavily edited piece was designed to do Marty Mars.

              • it worked and please see my other comments on this today – Little CHOSE to answer the way he did – he could have said right off the bat – we aren’t discussing that now da da dee da but he didn’t, he kneejerked an ill considered response which, when he was shown it later on, his response then made him imo look shifty-eyed, pressurized and dicky and yes they filmed that and put it on the news ho hum.

                Who is to blame if blame be apportioned?
                Which votes is he trying to get?
                Who is he trying to convince of his ability to do the job?

                Not the types who listen to student radio I’d say.

                childlike politics from a ‘leader’

                • weka

                  “Who is to blame if blame be apportioned?”

                  I’d say 80% Shub and 20% Little, but then I’m a namby pamby leftie liberal who still believes that the MSM have a public duty to report news 😉

                  The thing they got him on was him repeating himself and saying no more and more emphatically. Something wound him up and I agree it’s not a good look and he needs to control that stuff better. I do think what he said was reasonable though, and useful to know about Labour’s position (which looks like a shift to me towards decriminalisation).

                  • Little has to control the message and he does that by controlling himself and his utterances on everything from his favorite toilet paper to what to do about cats. He has to become a fucking politician if he is to win imo.

                    oh and I’d never consider you namby pamby weka – the opposite in fact 🙂

  2. rhinocrates 2

    An examination of Trump’s “stochastic terrorism”, defined as “to incite random actors to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable.”


    Links also to killings incited by fundamentalist Christians:


    and the definition :


  3. joe90 3

    A choice between open borders or isolation does seem a little stark but here we are.

    IS POLAND’S government right-wing or left-wing? Its leaders revere the Catholic church, vow to protect Poles from terrorism by not accepting any Muslim refugees and fulminate against “gender ideology” (by which they mean the notion that men can become women or marry other men).

    Yet the ruling Law and Justice party also rails against banks and foreign-owned businesses, and wants to cut the retirement age despite a rapidly ageing population. It offers budget-busting handouts to parents who have more than one child. These will partly be paid for with a tax on big supermarkets, which it insists will somehow not raise the price of groceries.


    From Warsaw to Washington, the political divide that matters is less and less between left and right, and more and more between open and closed. Debates between tax-cutting conservatives and free-spending social democrats have not gone away. But issues that cross traditional party lines have grown more potent. Welcome immigrants or keep them out? Open up to foreign trade or protect domestic industries? Embrace cultural change, or resist it?


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