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Daily Review 13/04/2017

Written By: - Date published: 5:32 pm, April 13th, 2017 - 17 comments
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17 comments on “Daily Review 13/04/2017”

  1. adam 1

    Bernie Sanders was critical on CNN, and they react badly.

  2. “A social democracy with only one previous owner was asset-stripped and replaced by a series of franchises.”

    Chris Trotter’s latest.


    • Just read it . Another gem from Trotter, clearly demonstrating what our artists , comedians and musicians of the time were trying to warn us all of post 1984 ,… and the special place we truly had before the globalists , the neo liberals , and the economic treasonist’s and saboteurs really started to sink in their fangs and draw blood.

      It hardly seems credible we allowed that to happen.

      • Once ..whatever 2.1.1

        We did! and that’s even before I’ve listened/watched Mike Moore being interviewed by the gorgeous Guyon in the 9th Floor series. I confess, I have heard a couple of stings between the news and weather. I’m not holding my breath tho’ as to weather the ‘G’ held him to account, or merely allowed him to rant and reminisce and indulge in some revisionist history. The ‘G’ is, after all of an age when his adult experiences have known nothing other than a neo-liberal agenda ….. and, well he’s got a mortgage to pay and a comfort zone to protect.
        And of course we should all feel a little sorry for Moik and darling woif, because he had cancer, and it was a real battle – not too unlike the battle a good many more people have to face as a result of his wisdom. Thankfully though, Moik and darling woif are housed, in receipt of the necessities of life, and can now rely on the political network (going forward) to ensure his survival. That is of course unless the natives get really really REALLY restless.
        Awe poor Moik! ya did ya best eh?
        In truth, there’s another grave worth pissing on if a @Countryboy had his way.
        If I were busting for a leak, I might join him but I wouldn’t go out of my way

      • The New Student 2.1.2

        All for some and none for all.

        It actually takes more courage and brains to rise above the urge to exploit your fellow man. Greed is base.

  3. pIES 3

    [Don’t do capslock again. If I could have shrunk that down to minuscule, I would have] – Bill

    • Muttonbird 3.1

      Good post. Says what we’re all thinking.

    • Once ..whatever 3.2

      Naughty naughty CAPSLOCK Pois.
      Listen to your betters and Mamma Paula. There’s a whole group of them, and they are at ONE. They’ve got the thick and the philistine, the cultured and the classy amongst their ranks.
      There’s a Nafe, and a Soimon, a Pulla, and a Jerry. One or two chin dimpled ‘don’t you know who I are-s’, and a flabby sales trickster called Stevie Choice (Stevie’s the expert and media whore when he’s not too busy as the puppet master strin puller).

      And just for a bit of ‘class’, they’ve got a Finlayson (he’s a subscriber and suppota of ‘the arts dontcha know). Oh, PLUS he’s committed to resolving all those Murray grievances.
      Krus ‘grew up and saw sense’ and admonished his left-leaning ways. He wasn’t actually that bright, but he studied hard.
      It’s a shame he didn’t see the need to become as politically celibate as he claims to be sekshully, although I imagine at his age, the test”rone is pretty much dead anyway
      They’re a broad church these National Party people ffs. They’re a broad church dedicated to putting money in the plate and watching left and right amongst the pews to see who isn’t doing the same.
      They’ve even got a few part time ‘femnists’, a former radio ‘Miss’ personality pretending concern for the environment with VAST experience (just as long as it allows her current lifestyle to continue).
      I think her peers call her Meggy, but anbyway she’s gorjiss – even Jessie thinks so, as do the birds and wildlife who’d be just as happy crapping on her.
      Plus she’s from the Wairarapa – the heartland of her gorgeous heritage that reeks of both old money and protest. (I suspect Ron Mark might give her a slap or two, and there’d be one or two DOC employees that wouldn’t be too heartbroken if a rising river washed her and her moisteuriser towards Lake Ferry, then out to sea – darling)
      They even have the aesthetically and intellectually ugly, with one or two with beauty, a bit of wit, but no balls.
      A broad church!
      The New Zealand National Party – a Broad Church!
      Why they even have a Murry Party providing support

    • Richard McGrath 3.3

      God good man, stop shouting and learn how to spell ‘loser’ and ‘Balclutha’. Simon W. English has been a list (‘scum) MP since 2014.

  4. joe90 4

    Jujitsu for United travelers.


    If you're ever being dragged against your will, use these moves… pic.twitter.com/gwxjeGGjIn— 120 Sports (@120Sports) April 12, 2017


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