Daily Review 13/07/2015

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Im with stupid confederate flag

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22 comments on “Daily Review 13/07/2015”

  1. Sacha 1

    Auto-electricians are problematic.

  2. infused 2

    lprent should be in a snickers ad.

    • lprent 2.1

      Why exactly?

      Remember that I don’t watch TV with advertisements. These days it is Netflix, Quickflix, and the odd on-demand news or current affairs programme where the ads have the sound off.

      Should I assume that you are trying to offend with simple coded messages because you have no arguments worth stating? Certainly your trolling on the other post makes it appear that way.

      • infused 2.1.1

        You act like a pissed off old man who just needs to ‘chill the fuck out’.

        Could be offense I guess, or maybe I’m the only one who will say it since everyone else is probably too scared.

        This comes to mind as well. http://i.imgur.com/91sn32Q.jpg

        • Weepus beard

          Heh. Paul Henry was paid handsomely for that TVC. lprent does this for nought and more.

          Nice knowing you…

          • David H

            Yeah I shout at Clouds too. I yell at the Computer / Screen when I get to watch the Warriors break my heart. (However It’s been a good couple of weeks (Nathan Friend. Take a bow, what a pass.)) Better than shouting at my Partner or my Son.

        • David H

          Maybe the banner was a premonition. Stupid’s here

        • lprent

          Nope. Just making a point about dirty politics.

          If I have to bounce some dumb kid up and down to make that political point, then that is collateral damage.

          I realise you probably don’t have any principles worth a damn.

          But that is why I’m a “pissed off old man ” who doesn’t find mixing taxpayer paid political operatives anonymously with dirty politics “funny”. Hopefully this fool doesn’t think so either now as well.

          As for your other point; hell – the authors regularly have a go at me. The commenters often tell me off. Lyn bosses me around when I’m not looking. I really don’t give a shit.

          This happens right up until the time that I’m making a point and people start trying to do diversions OR I’m working and someone is getting between me and completing a task. Then I tend to shift to being a bit slice and dice.

          Mostly you see me here in “work” mode, which after a many decades tends to moderately socialised. The cruelty is planned. The other mode tends to be a bit more in my old style.

          It isn’t exactly a secret…. It is pretty easy to observe.

        • adam

          Wrong analogy – lprent has wittier prose, plus he is a more learned soul, than the pitiful stereotype – that is Paul Henry.

          It must be the third term blues infused, your getting lamer by the day.

          Darn, see above, he bet me to it.

  3. Binders full of women 3

    Greece has just been privatised

  4. Weepus beard 4

    Phil Twyford is a hero.

  5. Binders full of women 5

    Merkel very clear..NO debt write off… Bailout terms require privatisation of Greek banks and a trust set up with Greek govt assets held as collateral I suppose. Privatising airports etc…. Great coverage on Al Jazeera free view

  6. millsy 6

    No wonder the left is in retreat all over.As soon as they get in they fold like paper bags. Someone needs to start a givealittle page to get Tsapiras a backbone.

    • mickysavage 6.1

      The resources and the forces that are against radical change are formidable and sophisticated. What is the left to do?

      • Colonial Viper 6.1.2

        Tsipras has been given an impossible task from the start by his fellow countrymen – reject austerity and stay in the Euro.

        With Merkel, Schauble and Djosselbloem effectively running the Eurogroup against Greece, one was going to be possible, but not both.

        • adam

          I say take the money – spend it on the military. Then go back to the EU and go – NATO commitments – did we do bad.

  7. Tanz 7

    It stands for part of US history and should be allowed to fly. It’s also just a piece of cloth that a madman misused. Big deal.

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