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31 comments on “Daily Review 14/02/2018”

  1. patricia bremner 1

    The fracture lines are visible now. So many hats in the ring. Where is the popcorn?

    • weka 1.1

      Have they said how long it’s going to take? (she asked hopefully).

      • Carolyn_Nth 1.1.1

        I thought a couple of weeks.

      • Anne 1.1.2

        Two weeks.

        I watched part of Amy Adam’s press conference this afternoon and was amused to hear her say – and I paraphrase – I grew up in Auckland and married a Canterbury sheep farmer so I can identify with both urban and rural life styles… I’m a mother of two wonderful children so I understand what it is like to be a parent and I believe I am the best candidate to represent all NZers and their aspirations blah, blah…

        Hmmm. So does that mean if you’re not married and you don’t have any children for whatever reason… and maybe you’re old and gave up on aspirations a long time ago, and you don’t own a sheep farm and… maybe you’re too poor to own anything at all (as we have seen by the rapidly increasing homeless numbers) then I guess in Amy’s book you’re not a NZer and therefore you don’t count?

        • weka

          She’s certainly covering all the blue bases, lol. Who cares about everyone else? 😉

          • Anne

            That’s how it came across to me.

            And to add insult to injury to those of us who might not fully comply with her perception of a NZer, her little band of supporters, Nikki Kaye, Maggie Barry and Chris Bishop were all nodding their heads furiously as she said it.

            • fender

              Unashamedly they’re only interested in Blue Zealanders.

              It’s often nauseating witnessing those sycophantic nodding idiots, Tim Macindoe used to give himself whiplash when Key verbalised his mangled mind.

              Why should anyone care about their silly leadership game, it’s not like their party members are trusted to make the choice for them.

        • Ed

          I think she has 5 farms.
          Maybe that makes her know 5 times more than other farmers….

        • Antoine

          The mother of two children bit is considered necessary by the Right in order to beat Ardern in an election

        • Pete

          I was disappointed that Adams didn’t go the whole hog:

          “I’ve proven to be unethical as a Minister and I look forward to using those skills in the top job for all New Zealanders.”

  2. eco maori 2

    TVNZ 1 NEWS Wendy & Simon I spotted a difference with the Antarctic Orca the bull Whales have a small dorsal all the bull ORCA I have seen had huge dorsal fins bent over. They are a separate spices we need to study them more and try and preserve there habitat they are a beautiful creature
    Ka pai. Ka kite ano P.S I tried to post this half a hour ago the sandflys have hacked my mokos tablet

  3. Kat 3

    You know if you spin a coin on a flat surface and it spins and whirs about and then slowly winds down to a wah wah wah wah wah wah….and then tink, it stops and flops flat. Well that is what we are watching with the Nats leadership contest.

  4. Carolyn_Nth 4

    Toby Manhire tweet:

    National leader candidate announcement word clouds

    Judith Collins: Strong Decisive
    Amy Adams: Sensible Blend
    Simon Bridges: Simon Bridges

    a response:


    RNZ Tweet:

    “I’m focused on Simon Bridges becoming the leader,” – Simon Bridges, speaking in third person #nzpol

    • AsleepWhileWalking 4.1


    • Ed 4.2

      Still laughing after watching that Bridges interview on Andarko with a John Campbell.

      • fender 4.2.1

        The last exchange was priceless:

        Campbell: Name me one person in Kaikoura who supports what you’re doing.
        Bridges: No, no John I can’t.

    • Anne 4.3

      The good thing about this Nat. skirmish is that the Greens can quietly get on with choosing their co-leader without all the hype and media inspired false divisions within the party which don’t actually exist.

    • Judith Collins: Strong Decisive

      A strong and harsh cigarette that’s not to most peoples taste.

      Amy Adams: Sensible Blend

      A blended cigarette that has over tones of harshness and undertones of blandness.

      Simon Bridges: Simon Bridges

      A simply harsh cigarette that’s like smoking a bridge wrapped in wet rice paper.

      • Incognito 4.4.1

        It’s the complete lack of mandatory warnings on the packaging that concerns me the most.

  5. AsleepWhileWalking 5

    This is why renters need more rights


    I’m guessing LL also objects to pet cats, fish, the use of blue tack /gas heaters/ “structures” like tents in the backyard and random men visiting at night.

  6. Carolyn_Nth 6


    This on Newsroom – May have just been published this evening:

    Basically, it’s about summer clerk interns at a law firm, during “a recent summer”. It’s am on-going investigation, both by the police and, as investigative journalists, by Newsroom’s Melanie Reid and Sasha Borissenko

    It could be hashtagged as #NotYouToo_Russell_McVeagh_UnnamedLawyers

    Newsroom has learned of a pattern of sexually inappropriate behaviour towards the female students that saw our leading universities intervene, at least one report made to the police and a later reform of the clerk programme including a ban on alcohol and the launch of a helpline for them to seek support.

    Five women among the 10 clerks on the programme who were offered full-time clerk positions at the end of the summer declined Russell McVeagh’s offer, a highly unusual outcome.

    The firm promotes itself as the country’s premier law firm and “New Zealand’s legal employer of choice”.

    Newsroom understands two older male lawyers who were the subject of clerk and university concern are now working in different roles, but one has at times continued on Russell McVeagh work in his area of expertise.

    • Anne 6.1

      Russell McVeagh law firm was also donkey deep in the Winebox scandal.

    • RedBaronCV 6.2

      So some young women who work very hard, have great results, significant social skills and should be up for a significant career, intern with a law firm where at least some of the older male staff seem to see them as nothing more than a new bunch of fresh meat.
      What a horrible start – designed to humiliate them – when they find the firm is more interested in “looking up their dress so to speak” than their brains and ability.
      And the rest of the place looked the other way or were rendered powerless to confront it even though it looks like a lot of them knew about it.

      And no amount of spinning and “damage control” from the partners and law school deans, speaking out, who say changes have been made – but we note there is little detail of these wonderful changes – and window dressing with their statements dribbling false empathy for these women – can hide the fact that it was their offices and their workplace culture that created it and we can assume that they are just trying to protect their income & status .

      What are they trying to say – they don’t run their own offices – give me a break!

      But I can’t say I’m surprised given that the whole of the legal system defaults to a the “a male view of reasonable” and routinely minimizes or dismisses matters of concern to women

      Nor can we expect the Firms corporate clients to take a stand either, after all a major bank and a government owned airline have appointed the pony tail puller to their boards. The whole system is riddled with it

  7. AsleepWhileWalking 7

    “Perhaps most notably though, since 2010 we reduced the number of children living in material hardship by 135,000.”

    – National’s social development spokeswoman Louise Upston in the face of the worst ever NZ in which to raise children.


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