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34 comments on “Daily Review 14/03/2018”

  1. Stunned Mullet 1

    RIP Steve Hawking – beautiful mind, remarkable life.

    • Carolyn_Nth 1.1

      Photo at this link.

      Stephen Hawking marching with Vanessa Redgrave and Tariq Ali against the Vietnam War – London, 1968

    • rhinocrates 1.2

      He “should” have died before I was born according to the median survival rates for ALS. I’m nearing 51. He was active as a scientist right up to the end, and always had his sense of humour. Let’s celebrate a life well-lived.

  2. patricia bremner 2

    A star, who reminded us we are in danger of losing humanity.

    • soddenleaf 2.1

      Guy jumps a fence, downs pants, takes a shit on a cow pat. Crime?
      Kid jumps out the car door, that just stopped, and vomits. Crime?
      Basic animal rights to defecate freely, not even human rights, but animal rights
      are discussed openly by national radio as if they didnot exist.
      If a bunch of guest to our country need all to take a dump in the same place, then build a toilet there for them, if they still go round the back to defecate, then pay more to the staff who clean said toilet, if they still don’t use said toilet, then fine the idiots.
      Like a cat does not shit where it sleeps, no self respecting human animal is going to use a toilet, on a hot day, that’s next to their bed in a small van.
      It’s just the rampant stupid venal neolib doffus that blames tourists for basic bodily functions.
      It’s not like pickuping up dog pooh, we don’t need dogs, we could train them but don’t, so that’s the cost of dog ownership. Tourists come to Nz and will need to pass the food they eat, and so we need to use gst to place rest areas with toilets throughout the country. So what if some money challenged people also use them, they live here too, and pay gst. That’s a doffus argument of Boag, that not having money is opportunity to criminalize, fine, people.

      • weka 2.1.1

        It’s a basic fact of nature that there is only so much carrying capacity for waste in an ecosystem before that waste creates problems for ecosystems. There are too many tourists. Yes, we can build more toilets, but now we are talking about developing the wilderness. It’s not a given that this is the best solution. The shit and pee still has to go somewhere, even if it leaves the body in a building that is well cleaned.

        • soddenleaf

          The solutions are, dig up the roads, reforest the farms… …or accept tourism.

          Now we’ve accepted that. The solution would be a container toilet, get a Chinese company to innovate a no.8 wire cargo container solution, that can be dropped in and moved at will with the nomadic tourists.

          Solved. Grow a tree or three around the new cargo privy.

          • weka

            Nope. I’m still resisting tourism in the same way I resist industrial dairying and any other industry that is destroying the planet.

            • soddenleaf

              Freedom of movement then. People still need places to stop…

              Tourism as a scam doesn’t mean honest hard-working people moving and needing a stop over. A swim in a lake… ..etc.

              • weka

                one of my main critiques of mass tourism is that it has impinged on NZers ability to live their lives and there is a class element to this i.e. lower income people cannot afford camper vans with toilets in them, nor to stay in camp grounds. Free camping has a long history in NZ, and regulating that because we have failed to regulate industrial tourism is very fucked up. It’s a direct give away of sovereignty.

                How that gets solved for low income travellers I don’t know, but the place I would start is regulating operators of travelling vehicles. Cap the numbers. Also, put the whole of tourism through a climate change audit, that will wake a few people up.

                • soddenleaf

                  Tourists, or citizens, all pay gst when they buy food, pay the rates when they buy from shops which owners then pay rates. So it follows that anyone, whoever and for whatever reason, finds themselves in need of doing a doodoo should have reasonable access to toilets, that they paid for in gst, rates, etc. It’s not good enough to target a group that has little say, tourists, or workers, and say they have to be criminalized while wealthy people and the anti nature types who never go near the wilderness get the gst rates tax reduction that result. Its just a private tax to take people’s money and not deliver the basic services.

                  Build cheap moveable container toilets and they won’t shit netted to the provide Porto loo that’s overflowing.

                  • weka

                    I don’t think they should be criminalised, I think NZ should drastically lower the number of tourists it allows into the country and the industry should be regulated so that it focusses on high income, low risk tourism rather than the let’s make as much money as we can any way we can no matter the cost tourism we have now.

                    • soddenleaf

                      So the freedom campers would be all residents. Fruit pickers would loose workers, workers who use the money to freedom camp around nz. So no. Obviously local communities should not be paying for said toilets as the people pass through don’t spend a lot, I.e general get should pay for loos.

  3. Monty 3

    Very sad day, a great mind, a deep thinker and his passing leaves a huge hole in the scientific world.

  4. Anne 4

    He will be celebrated by future generations (that is assuming mankind will eventually heed his warnings) in the same way Albert Einstein is celebrated today.

  5. mary_a 5

    Stephen Hawking … This great and amazing human being, who contributed so much to mankind by way of knowledge. He made us look to the stars to realise what could be if we looked hard enough.

    RIP Stephen Hawking.

  6. Monty 6

    Some musing of the day.

    Considerably sad day with the passing of Stephen Hawking.

    A great man and one who not matter the odds, no matter the adversity believed in humanity and our future.

    A considerable genius it highlights the fragility of us all. The mind is strong but the body is weak, unlike many he refused to allow this to slow him down and be an obstacle to his passion, quest for knowledge and challenging all of us to do better.

    I watched the theory of everything and thought whilst sad it was a very good insight into the early life of Stephen Hawking and his fall into Lou Gehrigs disease. It is a highly recommended movie (by me).

    His life and achievements show how the mind can overcome adversity and once we step out from the shadow of our own personal procrastination you can achieve anything

    I look at my parents and the upset and sadness that are going through moving from the family home to a nursing home, the desperation of my father, who is barely able to walk, to get back home he caught 3 buses and walked close to KM to get the house he built. The tough old scotsman had even worked out what time to travel so he got free busses.

    Just thinking about this now how has made me look back and think about what opportunities did I miss by refusing to learn something new, just accepting the status quo, challenging something I thought was wrong, completing something I started even though I found it boring, hard or time consuming and it could be something silly like buying recyclable shopping bags and forgetting to use them.

    I was about to give up my meat free month tonight as I had been invited to one of Hong Kong’s top steak restaurants tonight, but having read the menu have decided on the vege option. Everyone has the power and mental strength to make a decision and stick to it the question is will you.

    Stephen Hawking didn’t get a chance to make a choice about his body but he didn’t let it stop him, his mind overcame the limits of his body and he will go down as a great scientist

    • Monty 6.1

      Through dinner the Vege options for a Michelin star rated restaurant was poor.

      Trip advisor review will reflect so.

      Luckily I decided to not do a dry month as well or I would have cracked.

      • Exkiwiforces 6.1.1

        I don’t blame you, I’ll be hitting the top self for a good single malt if I was in your position.

      • James 6.1.2

        If you go to a top steak restaurant it’s not surprising that the vege options are limited.

        Hopefully you didn’t have self righteous vegans come and ruin your dinner.


        • Monty

          Having lived in Shanghai and now Hong Kong for the last 3 years it very rare to see stuff like that. Maybe the news doesn’t report it as it’s a non issue or it is censored.

          Being here the choice is amazon American, Argentina, Canadian, Aussie and NZ while a lot is grain feed From the US, Canada and Aus I prefer the grass feed NZ or South American.

          However I was told a number of times that aged NZ rib eye was exceptional and I should try it. But stuck to my vege stack. Friends are always so supportive.

          I am enjoying the meat free month opened my eyes to new dishes etc and much cheaper, meat can be hideously expensive.

          I was home over Christmas what I found was the meat was cheap but fruit and vege quite expensive compared to HKG.

  7. Macro 7

    The Conor Lamb result represents a swing of 20% against Trump. This is a district that hasn’t had a democrat elected since 1994. Even so, he will only have about 3 months in the job as the boundary lines for the districts for the upcoming mid terms have been completely redrawn.

  8. Heres a brilliant man that has doubt about the greedy short sighted self centered neo libreal man who worships money and power over the best future for OUR Mokos Grandchildren and ECO MAORI has the same view here the link to Elon Mus views.


    Kia kaha when I see the MSM whip up a frenzied attack against a Government that has humane and equality at its core it shows me that the MSM who worship the money they are being paid to keep this farcial attack on Labour and it cause me to lose faith in my fellow Humans did MSM attack shonky for all his lies like GST is one the laws he changed to turn NZ into a haven for his billionaire buddys to launder there money there many more things MSM let him off on and they attack the good people wtf . Ana to kai ka kite ano

    • Some people in MSM were quick to laugh at ECO MAORI misfortunes even when I have been supporting them I seen all those teeth I had already predicted this sad behavior . Some MSM turned on me for that mighty dollar that the sandflies are throwing around in there farcial attack on me and this behavior is one of the main reasons I say we have to abondon MONEY to become a humane Equal society .
      Some think they are playing me. ECO MAORI sees all I have worked out the good people and I will look after them. Im the Flute master and those that treat me unfairly well you can answer that for yourself Ana to kai ka kite ano

      • eco maori 8.1.1

        I say the sandflys are going to interfere with my internet tonite to stop me posting there were 2 people outside my house working on the internet cables today yesterday when I got home my sky lost viewing it said rain fade the weather was fine as it was 6 Oclock the regarly stuff with my computes what have I done to deserve this attack of my rights nothing Kia kaha ka kite ano

        • JohnSelway

          Do you have someone you can talk to or someone to assist you?

        • eco maori

          Good evening Eric young from Prime News how did you like my move above to counter you no whose move my tip for Prime is to copy Opra Winfrey media business model you could get revenu from other avenues and more viewers like one the ones that one of your co workers use at there other job Opra business model is a very successful model that many people have copied I am not saying exactly how because I dont want others copying the idea Eco Maori will help to .Kia Kaha Eric
          Ka kite ano P.S a great Rugby league player used it to .

          • eco maori

            News Hub TV3 Its awesome that the mokos of Aotearoa have come out and protested about Russell mcveagh people like him have been above the Law that is imposed on common Kiwis untill now ana to kai .The system will change to make the 00.1 % accountable for there bad behavior there is a lot they get away with I wont say but it is well documented in the media. So long as brave people stand up and let everyone know whats going wrong and standup and protest about there farcical behavior a lawyer at that one who imposes the law on common people we will stop this enough said my bp is rising Ana to kai ka kite ano

  9. eco maori 9

    Rumble radio station I tryed to Congratulat Jen on Tuesday for playing 3 AC DC Song in a row but was blocked.
    I have picked up on some of the song you have been playing??????????????????? I tryed tx?????? I’ll try later

    • eco maori 9.1

      More shit music Rumble radio station looks like I’ll cutting my support of you muppets

      • eco maori 9.1.1

        Rumble Rock radio Your m8 told you that I was milking today so you timed your interview with Mike King for this morning??????? You timed your bosses part for this morning. Your sponsor don’t like ECO MAORI damageing there sales you muppets cannot see the big picture that you sponsor is proffeting of a drug that causes more harm to our society and mokos than anything else in our society so long as they keep your pockets full Ana to kai

  10. eco maori 10

    Rumble that drug is alcohol my truck radio is tune into the sound radio I will see how they are Ana to kai PEOPLE. IF they block me from the standard I have a twitter account with ECO MAORI on their to Kia kaha Ka kite ano

    • eco maori 10.1

      The AM Show Ron marks was set up some one bait him to take the plane rides you MSM don’t like getting a server for your farcical behaviour Ana to kai

  11. eco maori 11

    Thane and Duncan just by the news items you played show ECO MAORI that you have a direct link to ECO MAORI adversaries reap you own bad wairua

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