Daily review 14/03/2019

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41 comments on “Daily review 14/03/2019”

  1. Ad 1

    Hang in there James you’re a goodie.

    Noli illegitimi carborundi.

  2. Robert Guyton 2

    Key promised but failed to deliver a panda. The Greens delivered.
    (Kindly meant).

  3. joe90 3

    ‘Murica the deplorable.

  4. Ad 4

    Can someone please tell me Labor’s chances in Australia’s federal election at the moment?


    • adam 4.1

      Day by day Ad. It’s a mess over there. Loads of independants look like winning.

      Does not help that Short is know to be a despicable, two faced, right faction prick.

    • alwyn 4.2

      The people who bet on such things obviously think Labour are home and hosed.
      The Sportsbet site has Labour paying $1.14 and the Coalition $5.00 to form the next Government. That is you have to bet $7 on Labout to get back $8. That is as close to a dead cert as you can get.
      The lowest odds on number of seats Labour will get in the Lower House is the band where Labour has 81 to 85 eats. That is in a House of 150 seats.

      So the gamblers appear to be going strongly for Labour coming out on top.

      • Exkiwiforces 4.2.1

        My local bookie has the current Government at 10 to 1 with U bet at 9-1 and Labour at almost at un-backable odds atm.

        Not sure what the NSW state elections are atm, but I was to have punt on that one I’ll be putting $20 on a minority government for either side (Labour or Lib/Nat’s)

    • ScottGN 4.3

      The two party preferred with Labor 53% to the Coalition 47%, which is where the polls have been for a while now, is a pretty handy lead under Australia’s preferential system. Add to that the fact that the Coalition is in trouble in Queensland and Western Australia and it all looks pretty good for Shorten.

    • tc 4.4

      Excellent by default. They’re a centre right uninspiring bunch lead by a weasel BUT a waaay better choice than the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison/who Rupert wants next party.

      They’ve screwed the pooch, allowed one nation back, fractured the senate, presided over banks/energy/UFB cockups etc which they’re incapable of fixing as they’re dysfunctional.

      Btw they’re not interested in fixing anything as the system doesn’t work that way with puppets as Polly’s.

  5. Fireblade 5

    Simon Bridges “artwork” is being auctioned on Trade Me.


    • Cinny 5.1

      And once again Jacinda is more popular… funny 🙂


      • Graeme 5.1.1

        Love it. It’s taken me a long time to stop laughing at that very astute pice of art.

        We are in good hands.

        • I feel love

          It’s actually a nice piece of art, Bridges, not so much. The trolls ain’t having much luck either. And yes the bids are quite telling aren’t they? Ha!!!

          • alwyn

            Well Helen Clark put up a signed piece of art once that got a bid of, I think, $1,000.
            When it became widely known that she hadn’t really painted it some lawyer, with a great deal more money that sense, paid $5,000 for it and bought it off the original buyer.
            One hears off paintings that are purchased for very little become worth a fortune when it is discovered that Picasso painted it.
            Isn’t it amazing that the Clark one was suddenly worth 5 times as much because she HADN’T painted the thing.
            I’m not certain about the exact numbers. Mickysavage can probably confirm or correct them.

    • Incognito 5.2

      The prospective buyer may not have to worry about CGT on his ‘art’ collection.

      • Andre 5.2.1

        Why Incognito, that kind of snark about the merits of Slimon’s contribution is most unworthy. What happened to “the most important thing is participation”?

  6. Seem to be plenty of Gang and Drug related shootings here in NZ these days, maybe these guys minds/brains are fried from taking P (methamphetamine) ?

    Drugs, gangs and guns are a lethal combination, just go back to the Mr Asia Days here in NZ in the 1970’s.

  7. JohnSelway 7

    It’s really disappointing to see The Standard (which I know is ‘broad church’) host virulent anti-vaxxers (just using that as one recent example) and people who just vilify and use abuse as a means of debate and try use science when it suits them but decry science when it doesn’t is my end.

    I think I am about done. I’m sure I won’t be missed and I don’t really care if no one cares. But it is sad because there are good voices here whom I enjoy engaging with. McFlock is one, vto another (just from the top of my head).

    • bwaghorn 7.1

      See it as a window into how diverse human thing is Surely understanding how mad some of us are must help those that want to make the world better.

    • Muttonbird 7.2

      See ya!

    • One Two 7.3

      Selway, you’ve got it twisted… again…

      Your handle and those who share a similar fixed point of view, have been the abusers the agressors and the vilifiers on the subject raised by handles, who have also been extremely abusive, vilifying and fundamentalist in written commentary…

      Now, after your contribution to the abuse and vilification, you’ve got the temerity to grandstand a …possible exit is it….

      Take responsibility for your own actions…it is severely lacking…

      Be well…see ya…

    • WeTheBleeple 7.4

      Science is not some unwavering gold standard by which we learn all things. It’s not Science = good, not science = bad. It’s also not a stick for bashing people with. Science is our best guess given the information available to date.

      The fact you refuse to even glance over some of the materials posted by other members is distinctly non-scientific. Cos you’ve already seen it all, or already know it all, or made your mind up, or been told by some confident child in some publication…

      Now your aggressive moves don’t work you’ve switched to passive-aggressive.

      Never underestimate the lunatics. They probably saw daylight well before you, then got sidetracked by the interminable wait for society to catch up.

      People like you don’t want to see daylight for the truth, you just hope it’s a chink in someone’s armor by which you might tear them apart thus winning whatever battle you’ve staged for that day. You take a side and defend it with no real idea what you defend.

      Did you learn about live vs dead vaccine effects this week? About the priming of immune systems in general, WOW was my reaction. New exciting stuff. Did you learn?

      Or did you hate. Make labels, seethe, victimize, ridicule…

      Did you grow in understanding like a scientist, or hide behind science like a prick.

    • marty mars 7.5

      All voices are important John and you have added a lot. I’ve left here many times – it happens – take a break and see how you go. All the best.

      And dont worry about the fuckwits here – they’re just doing their best too.

  8. joe90 8

    Best of the interwebs.

    Across the board, all the moms mention one golden rule: Don’t shout or yell at small children.


  9. Muttonbird 9

    This Vance column is interesting. It’s part of Stuff’s OIA series and in it she cites two practical examples of misuse.

    …obstructive policies were put in place under Bridges’ tenure. Where there was disagreement between the ministry and Bridges about what information should be released, the request was to be transferred to his office.

    If the request was for Cabinet papers, again, Bridges’ office would take care of it. Staff were also instructed to withhold details of any unsuccessful bids for Budget funding, to save Bridges’ blushes.


    As Internal Affairs minister, Guy had made the decision to grant Thiel citizenship after only 12 days in the country.

    “Some of us thought the decision was wrong. But, there was broad political pressure to protect Nathan Guy. In this instance the pressure came down from PMO [Key’s office] who weren’t keen to release [documents],” an insider said.

    So Bridges and Key. Anyone see a pattern?


    • NZ Politican’s have had a habit of hiding the Truth fpr example the “Winebox Enquiry” was a Classic Example, where politicans have influencedthe predetermined outcomes for Commision’s of Enquiry,to hoodwink the NZ Public.

      “The Erebus Disaster” and the “Orchestrated Littany of Lies”, this destroyed Justice Mahon’s reputation and his life, he lead the Commission of Enquiry.

      Examples of Political Interference ?

      You can see why the NZ Public have lost faith in the Political and Legal Establishment here in New Zealand.

    • Yes John Key and Simon Bridges are definitely related.

  10. NZ Politican’s have had a habit of hiding the Truth fpr example the “Winebox Enquiry” was a Classic Example, where politicans have influencedthe predetermined outcomes for Commision’s of Enquiry,to hoodwink the NZ Public.

    “The Erebus Disaster” and the “Orchestrated Littany of Lies”, this destroyed Justice Mahon’s reputation and his life, he lead the Commission of Enquiry.

    Examples of Political Interference ?

    You can see why the NZ Public have lost faith in the Political and Legal Establishment here in New Zealand.

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