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Daily review 14/12/2021

Written By: - Date published: 5:30 pm, December 14th, 2021 - 67 comments
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67 comments on “Daily review 14/12/2021 ”

    • SPC 1.1

      When did she do that?

      • Puckish Rogue 1.1.1

        Shes actually very woke herself.

        Google her comments on refugees, retroactively making Dumbledore gay (there was no real indication he was), suggesting Hermione could be black in the stage play (she isn't)

        Unfortunately they turned on her very quickly even the young trio of actors that owe her their careers, that they'll never have to work again turned on her as well

        • weka

          Are you confusing woke with progressive?

          The HP characters aren't real people PR, they can be anything she wants them to be (within the story).

          • Puckish Rogue

            It's woke because she changed the characters after they'd been written, once she'd made her giant pile of cash (and good on her for that)

            There's a good chance that her books wouldn't have sold as many had one of the major characters been gay

            But to appease to the woke, twitter crowd she changed Dumbledores sexuality (or confirmed it)

            Still didn't save her from an attempted cancelling

            • weka

              sounds to me like you are trying to make out that liberal social values = woke.

              … crowd she changed Dumbledores sexuality (or confirmed it)

              Outrageous! Get back in the closet Dumbledore.

              • Puckish Rogue

                She wants to change the character that's her business but pandering to the woke crowd didn't save her so I wonder if she regrets it

                Or as a billionaire she doesn't care

                • weka

                  ok, please link to something so I know what you are on about. Atm you just look like you are running conservative talking points, and repeating yourself.

        • I Feel Love

          A black person could play Hermione, just like boys used to play girls parts in Shakespeare, they're fucking actors, acting.

          • Puckish Rogue


            If a movie is ever made about Jacinda Ardern you'd have no issue if someone like Max Key played her?

          • Sabine

            Men played women parts because Non Males were literally not allowed to act.


            in the seventeen century thousands of boys were castrated to sing in high pitched voices as women were not allowed to sing in Opera and the likes.


            first women to 'officially' act was also a mistress or a women of a certain reputation.


            So you might actually want to be a bit more detailed in your defense of Men acting Women roles.

            It's a Travesty:

            Travesty came into English in the mid-17th century from the French travestir and the Italian travestire (“to disguise”), which in turn came from the Latin word vestire (“to dress”). The English word was used as an adjective, noun, and verb, and was unusual in that all three parts of speech appear to have begun being used in print at about the same time.

            The adjective (meaning “made ridiculous; burlesque”) tended to be used in conjunction with French loan words, or with French words inserted into English. This adjectival travesty was little used after the 18th century, and tended to be employed postpositively (coming after the word it modified).


          • Puckish Rogue

            If its just actors acting why not follow the source material as much as possible?

            • weka

              There's a clear case for this when portraying real life people and/or historical stories. We'd have to clear up that whole matter of the white Jesus as well.

              But other than that, it's an act of creativity to push the boundaries, and stories and culture evolve. Taking identity politics too far is a risk, but the principle is sound.

              • Puckish Rogue

                No it isn't.

                Its disrespectful to the fans of the source material, the people who made it popular, and when you move too far from the source material it sucks.

                Why, because the message is all thats important.

                You want proof, check out the last couple of seasons of Game Of Thrones.

                You want more proof, check out the Marvel movie universe before and after Disney or Star Wars before and after Disney or the Marvel tv series, hell check out Ghostbusters 1984 v Ghostbusters 2016

                You want a prediction, over a billion dollars will be spent on the Lord Of The Rings tv series and it will suck, it will suck massive cave troll balls, it'll look pretty but it won't be Lord Of The Rings

                'Taking identity politics too far is a risk, but the principle is sound.'

                No it isn't. Those who follow identity politics cannot create, they can only subvert.

                • weka

                  I stopped watching GoT after it decided to spend extending scenes graphically showing people being tortured for no good plot reason.

                  I understand what you are saying about honouring the source material (I had all sorts of problems with the Xena Warrior Princess series), but wasn't that some random dude photoshopping a white head onto the Black Panther's body? It wasn't JKR or someone making a white version of the films.

                  JKR outing one of her characters as gay isn't moving too far from the source material.

                  You want more proof, check out the Marvel movie universe before and after Disney or Star Wars before and after Disney or the Marvel tv series, hell check out Ghostbusters 1984 v Ghostbusters 2016

                  Spooks could be a considered a remake (kind of) of The Professionals. It was improved for not having 1970s sexism embedded, and having female characters that were actual characters, not cardboard cutouts. Actually maybe Strike Back is a better example of a remake of The Professionals. Two central bloke characters, didn't stop them having strongly developed female characters.

                  I like modern Marvel films, so I can't help you there. Daniel Craig's Bond is a far better set of films than most of what came before bar the early ones, but not because it replicated the early ones, or even was faithful to the books. Bond in the books was an arsehole. You could make that movie, I doubt you could make a whole series of them. I'm ok with a black Bond next, or a white one.

                  I haven't seen any of the LotR films, because I like the books too much lol.

                  'Taking identity politics too far is a risk, but the principle is sound.'

                  No it isn't. Those who follow identity politics cannot create, they can only subvert.

                  The weird thing about your argument here is that JKR is standing up for old fashioned social justice, she's not doing identity politics in the way you mean it, and she certainly hasn't been appeasing the wokesters. Have you not been paying attention? She gets rape and death threats from gender activists. They publish her home address on twitter. They post graphic trans porn into her threads where she's talking to kids about her children's books. This is not someone who appeases.

    • Anker 1.2

      Yes Pukish Rogue, it defies belief. Women with penises………..pinch me I must be dreaming……

        • Anker

          Thanks Sabine.

          I don't think I have been so angry as reading Newhubs headline and take on this issue. The whole emphasis is on J K Rowling being "hateful".

          A women who has been raped i.e. penetrated by a male bodied person with a penis, without her consent and now is being told she has been raped by a women. Calling it gaslighting doesn't do it justice. Its an outrage. Talk about denying reality

      • weka 1.3.2

        JK Rowling has once again prompted outrage with her commentary on transgender people, this time attacking a new Scottish policy that will see rapists recorded as women if they identify as female, even if they have male genitalia.

        that's the first paragraph and is going to peak a few people though.

        • Anker

          Hopefully it will peak people Weka. Surely this is when many people will hit peak trans………….

          • weka

            Peak gender ideology would be good. I don't think we can blame trans people for the Scottish police being misogynistic. I'd put the blame more with the SNP, who are full of non-trans people and pushing such changes hard.

          • Sabine

            No it won't. As of now, to many really don't give a fuck that Non Males are being harmed. And fwiw, it seems that many get a little excited by the fact that they can belittle, demean, bully and intimidate and even rape Non Males, and these Non Males must not consider their own well being, no they must obey, bend their whole self and affirm the rapist as a Woman.

            This has nothing to do with empowering Transpeople, or helping children find their way into their own bodies and into their own lifes.

            This is a co-ordinated attack on Non Males ( we have lost our rights already), and a push to get them to become obedient little things. So they let men compete them out of their sports, they let man masturbate in women shelters and hosptital wards, they let men run rape shelters and hiring volunteers that 'identify as women' and call non males who would like to be looked after by non males 'bigotted and transphobic', they let men rape Non Males into pregnancies in prisons, they let men wear woman costume on boards for sake of diversity and equity, and men have nothing to say cause it don't affect them, cause the Non males in their lifes, their non male children, their non male birthing parent, their non male spouse all don't count even as humans in their eyes, and should they get harmed in the future by this well, tough luck i guess.

            And what we can witness in the UK – all of it, Canada, US, OZ, will now also come to NZ.

            Non Males, are they even human? And what better way to scold a women then to mock her publicly and call her a scold.

            And again, just for clarities sake, I do not joke about this one bit.

  1. SPC 2

    Todd Muller after one month takes National from 29% to 38%.


    Chris Luxon takes National up 5% by taking support off Seymour and ACT.

    • Dennis Frank 2.1

      An informative contrast, huh? Luxie ain't pulling centrists, just pulling back defectors to the right. Still, early days. Although I'm interested to note comments from a few here who have watched him performing in parliament, suggesting they are underwhelmed. I wonder if Nat supporters are too.

      • Blazer 2.1.1

        the latest poll shows that Natz supporters are just relieved …the CARusher' has been….crushed.

  2. Byd0nz 3

    This is a quote from Blinken on his ‘visit’ to Indonesia during his SEA tour. This is typical double standard hype from US bullies talking about freedoms of a region far from Uncle Sams’ own borders.

    “Let me be clear: the goal of defending the rules-based order is not to keep any country down. Rather, it's to protect the right of all countries to choose their own path, free from coercion and intimidation."

    Whoes rule based order?

    • Blazer 3.1

      Laughable isn't it!

      Like Bush…'they're jealous of our freedom and …democracy'….so we will have to bomb them back to the…Stone Age.

    • Dennis Frank 3.2

      But what does “rules-based order” mean?

      The unsatisfying answer is that the concept is used in official discourse to mean many different things, and they’re not always complementary.

      Although the term “rules-based international order” was only coined after the Cold War, Canberra typically dates it to the aftermath of the Second World War and the institutions and norms – centred on the UN – that were established then. It is often credited with having delivered 70 years of peace and security.


      Sorta like a security-blanket to a two-year-old, y'know?

  3. Dennis Frank 4

    Poor old Barry. crying The PM's so mean to him.

    "With the flick of a hand, she'll switch to another questioner. She's trained the media to raise their hands which allows her to rattle off the order in which the questions are to be asked. If you're working to a deadline, which if you have to go on-air in radio is constant, it's of no consequence to Ardern, television takes precedence."

    However, one person said the gift had a hidden message behind it, writing: "Sending a good-humoured gift to Barry does not exonerate her of her one-eyed bias and desire to control others for her own wishes … it just highlights how aware she is that's she's doing it."


  4. Dennis Frank 5

    vaccine apartheid surprise

    Report from a unionist:

    Vaccine apartheid describes the stark inequalities in access to Covid vaccines between rich countries and the rest of the world. It is sustained by a handful of rich countries whose populations now have broad access to vaccines, but are refusing to support a temporary relaxation of WTO intellectual property rules on covid vaccines and technologies (the so-called “TRIPS Waiver”) that would extend that access to poorer countries.

    The emergence of Omicron has meant the postponement of the WTO Ministerial meeting, in which developing countries were planning to advance negotiations on the TRIPS Waiver.

    On Monday, 33 local and international groups wrote to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, calling on the New Zealand Government to make support for a TRIPS Waiver a pre-requisite of its bilateral trade negotiations with the United Kingdom and European Union.


    Equity principle vs realpolitik + economics…

    Covid vaccine profits have minted at least nine new billionaires since the pandemic began, and the vaccine manufacturers know implicitly that rich countries have deeper pockets than low-income countries.

  5. Blazer 6

    class Aotearoa /NZ act…

  6. Pat 7

    NZ is going to convert its infrastructure to low carbon in the next couple of decades….it is going to repair its water infrastructure after decades of neglect….it is going to replace its substandard housing stock….

    …but it cant complete an approved design 27km motorway in seven years (and counting)

  7. Fireblade 8

    If your flying around NZ, please stay safe, be vigilant, respect others, wear a mask and scan.

    Lean to fly by Foo Fighters. A pre Covid funny music video (1999).

  8. Gezza 9

    The Free Speech Union NZ in its latest podcast has put the spotlight on the curtailing of speech, and the victimisation of marginalised workers – by both employers and some of Kiwiland's bureaucrats.

    Whitmore talks to unionist, political commentator, and FSU member Matt McCarten about his two planned summer campaigns aimed at giving exploited workers a voice.

    Matt asks FSU members to support a petition that will shine a light on the exploitation of migrant workers, many of whom are silenced by their abusers by unnecessary suppression laws.

    Matt also in this podcasts lifts the lid on the long-lived culture of bullying in parliament by MPs, and says he intends to name & shame them in an upcoming campaign of exposures.


  9. weka 10

    JKR's tweet, and the essay she wrote for reference, for those trying to figure out what is going on. The Times link for those paywalled https://archive.md/wydND

      • weka 10.1.1

        Here's what JKR is saying (because quite a few people seem to not be getting it). As I understand it,

        1. Scottish police are going to record the sex of male rapists as female if the rapist so chooses
        2. The Scottish government is trying to bring in gender identity self-ID law
        3. In Scotland, there is no charge of rape that can be applied to women. Rape is a male crime only and can only be commited by someone with a penis)
        4. Allowing male rapists to be recorded as women will change the stats, and will accelerate the social engineering framing that people rape (not men) and/or that women do it too.
        5. Other possible changes are:
          1. that people working in the justice system will be required to refer to the male rapist as a woman (she/her) women will be required
          2. that women who have been raped may be required to refer to the male rapist in court as she/her
        6. Self-ID means that male prisoners are more able to identify as female to be housed in women's prisons. Women prisoners in various parts of the world have already been raped because of this policy. I don't know what the Scottish prison service policy is for men with sexual offences. Anyone?
        7. It's institutional gaslighting, which is why JKR quotes George Orwell's 1984 in the tweet.

        This is on the left. The Scottish government parties pushing self-ID law are the SNP and the Green Party.

        • Gezza

          Those parties have obviously been taken over by the young PC, Woke Idiot, & straight out Weirdo fringe. That's the only way to explain what has happened to previously sensible parties. Without support from members on the inside these policies surely couldn't be driven through?

          • weka

            How do you explain Labour then? Who just passed the same legislation in NZ

            • Sabine

              overtaken by woke, and i would like to see a list of industrial type donors to the labour party and that includes medical research, pharmaceutical research. And can you explain the Green Parties involvment?

              And i really would like to see that. In Germany two men – fully entire men, who are married as men, have fathered children, have not undergone any changes other then wearing female frocks – or female costume if you so like, have been elected on the Non Male role of the Green Party. Can you see that happening here? Can you see a male in a frock, lippy and heels – but otherwise entire male – challenge Marama Davidson for the role as Non Male leader, winning and thus you now have two males leading hte party? Because i can.

              As a Green Women in Germany said, before we ever reached parity we are being replaced by men.
              Essentially the Green Party in Germany has now men on the women list telling non males how to women correctly.

              • weka

                I saw a tweet about the German situation today, let me see if I can find it.

                NZ GP is looking at changing how co-leaders are selected. I've heard the idea of a rule that at least one leader has to be a woman. Whether that means female or not, I'm unclear. If they try that before the next election, expect fireworks. I think it would damage the party, and I’m not sure if they are that stupid.

                Obviously the self-ID legislation changes things too. Cross-dressers apply here.

                The wording in the GP constitution uses the term 'female'. They don't define what that means (lol, written in a more gentle time). Do you know what the German Greens constitution says?

                • weka

                  English translation

            • Gezza

              How do you explain Labour then? Who just passed the same legislation in NZ

              Most Kiwis haven't a clue what just happened, what it was all about, what objections there were, and how those objections were completely ignored by the PC, Woke Idiot, & straight out Weirdo fringe members of the Select Committee.

              I think exactly the same is true of Labour MPs. It just wasn't on their radar as important for debate.

              • weka

                The Bill has been on the books for a number of years. It was delayed during the last term because they tried to sneak the self-ID in the back door and women found out and objected and then Tracey Martin put it on hold. Sometime in all that Louisa Wall went to a public meeting and called gender critical feminists TERFS, for which she got a lot of negative attention including in the MSM.

                It's inconceivable that the Labour caucus are unaware of this Bill and the controversy around it.

                Instead, MPs either support self-ID because of an ideological commitment to gender ideology (deep or superficial), or they're too afraid to speak out (people lose their careers over this).

                • weka

                  I don't know what happened in Labour, but the Greens actively blocked debate within the party by members, it just wasn't allowed to progress.

                  • solkta

                    I'm not sure exactly what you mean by this. I do know that consensus does not mean that you have to listen to a tiny minority prattle on endlessly with opinion that is contrary to what the party stands for. The Greens have stood for trans rights since forever. They have been using self ID for internal purposes since before i joined in 1999. The idea for the petition that led to this bill was supported by Jan Logie as far back as 2013. The policy in this area was well established through the usual democratic processes.

                    I don't really know what you expected? If a small group had wanted to 'debate' gay marriage or the existence of Climate Change would you expect the party to put the process gearbox into neutral and have a rethink?

                    • weka

                      my understanding is that members tried to talk about the issues for women and were stopped. Also the piece that got removed from the GP newsletter, and how that was done.

                      I don't really know what you expected? If a small group had wanted to 'debate' gay marriage or the existence of Climate Change would you expect the party to put the process gearbox into neutral and have a rethink?

                      Yawn. You are ok with women's rights being removed and so choose to misrepresent what the gender critical position is. Gay marriage didn't require the removal of the rights of other groups.

                      Lol climate change deniers, there are people out there arguing that biological sex doesn't exist and was invented by western colonialists, and that trans women have periods. Don't come 'science!' at me.

                • Gezza

                  or they’re too afraid to speak out (people lose their careers over this).

                  That’d be my pick. That that did bother to look into it would’ve just flagged it away as not worth the aggravation – not worth dying in a ditch over when it was being pushed by a teeny minority of weirdos & their stony-faced supporters.

                  It’s quite weird how the msm kept right away from the debate too. Wokism has now reached so far into our society no one wants to be publicly accused of being bigoted & attacked by whack jobs & SJWs.

                  That’s the only explanation that makes sense to me, weka, becsuse this legislation creates a nonsensical situation that has very bad ramifications for biological women, and genuine trans women and trans men.

                  • Gezza

                    🙄 *That THOSE that did bother

                  • Anker

                    100% Geeza. Cheers.

                    • Gezza

                      Too many young Wokists & SJWs don’t yet have sufficient life experience to know that their vocal, passionate idealism is based on woolly thinking & they exhibit a complete inability to foresee the negative consequences of this legislation that others clearly can, Anker.

                      Rather than think about those, they seem to just put their fingers in their ears & double down making even more loud, vacuous, but unfortunately effective, noise about bigots & TERFS.

                      When the shit hits the fan – as it eventually will – a few of them will probably realise how foolish they were & just fade into embarrassed obscurity. Damage done.

                    • weka

                      SJWs are the people that make gains for everyone who is basically not white and male and wealthy. If you throw all that out of the Labour Party that just leaves Grant Robertson.

                    • Gezza

                      @ weka

                      Yes, they certainly have their place in the scheme of things, & they do achieve gains for (or at least keep the pressure on the pollies to cater for) all those left behind, utterly crushed, by the neoliberal steamroller.

                      But, imo, they are also the ones who can be too easily persuaded by stronger minds & wills that those opposing the gender self-ID legislation are motivated solely by negative motives or at least that their concerns are overblown & the threats they foreseee will never come to pass.

                      And they’re also likely to be the ones who get onto social media & criticise & disparage or attack opponents of the legislation. Like I did at that age, they know they are right even though they actually know stuff all & often don’t even check out what’s happened overseas.

  10. weka 11

    This is how it’s done, whole thread by clicking through

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