Daily Review 14/08/2017

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52 comments on “Daily Review 14/08/2017”

  1. Ed 1

    Jake Tame destroys Bill English over Bootcamps

    • Muttonbird 1.1

      Jack Tame is a lifestyle/magazine broadcaster. If he can destroy Bingles then it’s not looking good for the Nat campaign.

      This is where Bingles lacks of any kind of personality whatsoever and it will cost them.

      I’ll always remember Bill English as the one who went on tv, straight to camera US style to announce that he’d paid $1B of taxpayer money to private SCF investors. I guess they started out as they meant to continue, with corporate welfare.

      • tc 1.1.1

        Yeees SCF requires sunlight maybe in the shape of a royal commission IMO to establish amongst other issues;
        1. why they got a bailout when none of the others got one.
        2. Why treasury advice was ignored twice to remove them from the guarantee scheme
        3. Why 100% plus the at risk interest was paid out.

        No money paid out for the hotchin, graham, bryers, petracevic etc driven vehicles so answers are deserved IMO as it had that feeling of in or out of the club somewhat.

  2. Robert Guyton 2

    Daily review? A good day all round. National has taken some serious knocks and the left looks totally in control. Perfect timing. Yes, good day.

  3. Mrs Brillo 3

    Drove from the Bay of Plenty to Wellington region today and saw approximately a zillion National party billboards. All over the North Island like a blue rash.

    Saw one Maori party, two Green party and only half a dozen Labour party ones.

    Now I know farmers own most of the land alongside highways, but I expected a better showing of Labour and Green ones in the small and larger towns.

    Let’s hope more go up this week. Because what is on show at the moment is embarrassingly puny.

    • Muttonbird 3.1

      Yep. I’m in Aucland and around where I live there are thousands of National Party billboards and very few others.

      I thought there were cost limits in campaign advertising.

      • Anne 3.1.1

        Bear in mind the Labour billboards had to be discarded and new ones are in the process of being produced. Hopefully they will be ready to erect by the end of this week. And of course the Greens are now in a similar boat.

        Having said that, the Nats have money to burn and they can afford to saturate the country in “blue”. A form of subliminal advertising. They don’t lift a finger to do any of it themselves. They pay carpenters – whoever – to erect the billboards for them.

        My understanding is that the large billboards cost around $70 each to produce.

        Edit: I think the cost limit only applies to the official campaign period which starts about a month before election day. Could be wrong though.

        • BM

          Still lots of the Andrew Little, Jacinda Ardern signs up where I live.

          Though it would have been a priority to get those down and replaced with the new ones.

          • McFlock

            maybe where you live isn’t a Labour priority 😉

            • BM

              Has the swing state of Hamilton been abandoned by Labour?

              • McFlock

                I dunno which bits you choose to frequent lol

                Or, maybe, it’s a nice way of saying it was an amicable substitution, not a knifing.

          • McGrath

            They still have Andrew Little signs by the Remurea Golf course. Cannot see those being a priority as the area isn’t exactly a Labour swing state 😊

        • Muttonbird

          Interesting. I wonder if the Electoral Commission are behind the times, in that restrictions and equality on free to air TV is pretty much meaningless today and will be even more meaningless next election and thereafter.

          If we are going to have an equality of campaigning and not go the full feral US route then election hoardings would be a good place to start.

          All I see every day, and all the other people who live where I live see every day is Bingles and Denise Lee.

          Denise Lee who didn’t even have the integrity to finish her term as an Auckland Councillor. What then can we expect, integrity wise, from Denise Lee in parliament?

          Priyanca needs more billboards, lots more billboards.

        • Graeme

          Haven’t seen any around Queenstown yet, there’s a few Labour boards, fresh approach version, a few little TOP ones, not not a blue one to be seen.

          • Anne

            Ahhh, isn’t that Barclay territory? Interesting. National must be attempting to keep a low profile. Btw, have they selected a new candidate yet?

          • BM

            Those TOP signs look so budget, the font and kerning are terrible.

            I could never vote for a party with such a complete lack of design sense.

            • Muttonbird

              You must be taking the piss. Or your bogus ‘partner who is into marketing’ thinks they are bad for purely political reasons. Show me an example of poor kerning. I doubt you know what it is.

              Morgan has huge commercial billboards all over Auckland and they are easily the best design wise. Best photography of a party leader also.

          • ScottGN

            First National one went up in Frankton yesterday. No candidate on it yet though. We’ve a merciful lack of hoardings cluttering up the highways and byways.

            • Graeme

              Someone must have taken a break from the screaming match (sorry, mean candidate selection) to whip out and put one up

        • Carolyn_nth

          Out working in the Epsom electorate back streets this arvo – passed a very big Green Party sign on the outside fence of someone’s property – no photos of candidates – just asking for party vote with the logo and authorisation. Was surprised as I haven’t noticed any such signs in the area before.

        • Mrs Brillo

          The Green party billboard I saw had James Shaw on his own. So some are ready!

    • The difference that money can make in politics.

  4. Muttonbird 4

    The stories continue to come out. The rort that is the New Zealand international education/immigration industry.

    I say education/immigration industry because the two seem to be two parts of the same industry, the same industry which has abused students and also let tens of thousands of people into this country with one goal in mind – to keep wages low for employers.

    Here’s another story of woe from this industry which the National Party has promoted but (as always) without the necessary oversight.


    • “We are getting a lot of complaints, almost on an every day basis,” he said.

      Mr Bela said many young Indians were vulnerable to abuse because they or their families were deeply in debt.

      “They are desperate to pay that money back and the local businesses, particularly Indian businesses, they will take those students and exploit them basically – let them work below minimum entitlements and in some cases slave-like conditions.”

      Mr Bela said some students did gain residency by paying their employers for their jobs, but many failed.

      He said they were victims of education trafficking.

      “Education trafficking is going on in our country.”

      “When you look at the education sector as a money-making sector, then there’s a problem. Education should be a human right,” he said.


      As if National didn’t know whats going on.

      Lying Bastards.

      • Muttonbird 4.1.1

        Education trafficking. That’s a new concept. One which the current corrupt government owns completely.

  5. Muttonbird 6

    Sorry but can the National Party be announcing such reactionary initiatives within the election period as ‘the government’.

    They are just the National Party in this instance, surely?


    Not to mention their announcement of the Christchurch convention centre years too late. Their supposed stellar response to the 2011 earthquake has a contract awarded 6.5 years after the fact. Yet they chose an election period to announce it!


  6. “Consumer New Zealand researcher Jessica Wilson said supermarkets could lawfully inject chicken with water, but it had to be added to the product’s ingredients list.”


    Why would they inject chicken with water? 1. Weighs more therefore costs consumers more and more profit. 2. Looks better than the shrivelled up pre-injection chicken – therefore more people get sucked into buying it therefore more profit.

    • Johnr 7.1

      Today’s chickens are to be eaten at your peril. It takes 42 days from egg to supermarket. By any stretch of the imagination that cannot be thought of as a natural process. Water is probably the healthiest part

      • Ed 7.1.1

        Best solution- a plant based diet.

        ‘Never mind CCTV in slaugherhouses, we need to end the meat and dairy industry altogether
        It isn’t just horrific for the animals, producing meat also has a huge effect on the environment and health consequences to humans – even those of us who are vegan’

        ‘Dairy farms are no better: there are some where baby cows are separated from their mothers within 24 hours of being born so humans can consume the milk meant for the calves, and egg farms where male chicks are killed at a day old in gas chambers or thrown into a grinder still conscious. This happens on factory and organic farms. Cameras in slaughterhouses won’t have any effect on this. If we as humans can exist without taking another life, why would we choose to do so?’


      • marty mars 7.1.2

        I just never knew this happened and was accepted – been a vegetarian for 37 years – never buy chicken – unbelievable.

  7. adam 9

    To go with the photo for today. A just short of 5 minutes demolition.

    • weka 9.1

      Very good as always (reverse Godwins, lol). Can’t help but sit here and think ‘it’s not enough John Oliver’. Maybe there was more after that bit?

      • Sabine 9.1.1

        obviously there is a lot of white male working class anxiety in the US, and only Trump can fix it.

        can you feel the anxiety?

  8. Sabine 10

    thanks Goodwin.

    • adam 10.1

      Great link Sabine.

    • Ad 10.2

      That was a lot of fun.
      I particularly liked the full circle ones:

      “In America you call it the Alt Right.

      In Germany we call it “Why Grandpa lives in Argentina now.’ “

      • Sabine 10.2.1

        I am glad you thought it was a lot of fun.

        btw, the Anitfa won the war in 1945. Just sayin.

        also, Grandpa died in a ditch in Russia. the ones that made it to Argentinia or the US did not fight. Lucky them ey? History, its for losers.

  9. dv 11

    SO the Natz are going to put $100m into mental health


    A leaked Ministry of Health document has revealed the ministry warned district health boards against paying mental health workers more.


    Do these guys have ANY sort of joined up plan

    • Incognito 11.1

      There are always two stories: one for the voters and one for wage slaves & workers who’re at the coalface. This is why we need a properly functioning OIA and much more transparency.

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