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Daily review 15/03/2019

Written By: - Date published: 5:30 pm, March 15th, 2019 - 40 comments
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40 comments on “Daily review 15/03/2019 ”

  1. NZJester 1

    Ana’s Incredible UN Speech!
    Ana Kasparian on harassment of journalists

  2. Sabine 2

    i’ma gonna leave this here cause today is one of these days

  3. Cricklewood 3

    Jeez Paddy Gower and Newshub can go and fuck off. Just watched him ‘interview’ a couple who may have lost their son and are waiting on the cordon. Inane and insensitve questions what a fucken wanker.

  4. feijoa 4

    Agree crickle. Absolutely disgraceful

  5. Jilly Bee 5

    Can’t help but think that Jacinda Ardern was becoming a tad pissed off with Barry Soper’s line of questioning at her presser this evening. No doubt he will slag her off with an op-ed in the Herald tomorrow.

    • Anne 5.1

      He’s always trying to catch her out. My pick is Jacinda doesn’t bother with him any more. Serves him right. He’s been asking for it ever since she became PM.

      Old white man can’t handle young woman PM.

      • James 5.1.1

        “Serves him right. He’s been asking for it ever since she became PM.”

        What exactly is he asking for Anne?

        “Old white man can’t handle young woman PM.” – the kind of sweeping statement that makes you sound like a man hater.

        Plenty even voted for her.

    • AB 5.2

      Soper wanted to know why the arrested suspects weren’t on a watch-list. He was looking for a gotcha of some sort. It’s a fair question, but it looked like he was broaching it for bad-faith reasons.

      The question was subsequently answered by Paul Buchanan talking to Hillary Barry – that in all likelihood the intelligence community was more focused on Islamic terrorists rather than white supremacists and the far right generally. And that this is so because spying on the Islamists is easier to justify politically and less problematic.

      And he’s most likely correct, because when does surveillance of the ‘far-right’ shade into surveillance of the ‘quite far right’? And in turn, how quickly does that shade into spying on what constitutes establishment opinion? It’s a potential slippery slope the intelligence community would quite rationally want to avoid.

      • Graeme 5.2.1

        “And he’s most likely correct, because when does surveillance of the ‘far-right’ shade into surveillance of the ‘quite far right’? And in turn, how quickly does that shade into spying on what constitutes establishment opinion? It’s a potential slippery slope the intelligence community would quite rationally want to avoid.”

        Considering some of the sentiments expressed in comments on right wing equivalents to this site it very quickly gets awfully close to mainstream right wing discourse. In which case what the hell do they do. Buchanan is quoted in this piece https://www.odt.co.nz/news/politics/christchurch-tragedy-turning-point-our-politics

        “It’s tough as an intel guy, because all your successes are never revealed, and when you make a mistake … but they obviously now have to spend renewed attention on right-wing extremists,” Buchanan said.

        Hopefully it truly will be a turning point in our politics and the hate will no longer be tolerated by all parties.

        • Incognito

          Hopefully it truly will be a turning point in our politics and the hate will no longer be tolerated by all parties.

          I honestly don’t follow this!? Is hate a problem of our politics and political parties?

          • Graeme

            Fuck 1080

            The tone of National’s opposition to UN Immigration accord (which is probably more about dealing with the fallout from a sudden climate event, but they couldn’t go there, and which has suddenly disappeared from their website)

            Large amounts of vitriol on various right wing blogs in this country.

            It’s there

      • Anne 5.2.2

        Some ultra right wing political activists got away with murder (in the metaphorical sense) for decades and no-one touched them – not the police nor as far as I know the security agencies. They were able to harass and intimidate, often using unlawful and occasionally violent means with impunity. All the while, the police in particular were focusing on anti-nuclear and Green Party activists. Their mindset was such they perceived these people as the evil perpetrators while pandering to those who were the actual law breakers.

        I witnessed it happen and I would not have been the only one by any means.

      • Saintarnuad 5.2.3

        And your views if they started spying on the far left would be the same I assume.

        Come across more far left types who seem to encourage, promote or incite violent confrontation these days, particularly at university campuses, which appear to be a hotbed for many holding extreme views.

        Appears the days of the old left and peaceful protest have passed, and replaced unfortunately by very radical and militant far left to whom violence is no better than those on the far right.

        • Stuart Munro.

          That’s an interesting assertion – let’s see you substantiate it with a couple of instances.

          • greywarshark

            It wouldn’t be hard to come across as a left wing activist at universities these days of student debt, RW zeitgeist, capitalistic mindset, conformist everything….

            • Stuart Munro.

              No doubt. I still think he’d struggle to find local instances of radical and militant left student violence. If he were anything more than a shitposter this lie would embarrass him.

          • Saintarnuad

            So you purport that the far left are not capable of violence, just the far right.
            Both are equally capable, and both equally engage in similar conduct. It’s just some of us can see this, other prefer living in ignorant bliss.

            Let’s leave it there, as sensible dialogue is simply not possible with yourself.

            [OK, bud. You’ve made the claim, lets see the evidence. Please provide a breakdown of recent terrorist attacks, identifying which are from the right and which are from the left. Or you can just apologise for an offensive false equivalence. TRP]

            • McFlock

              Here’s my straw man! I have perception beyond your comprehension! You cannot prove otherwise!

              [runs away laughing maniacally, leaving everyone else wondering when you’ll realise your fly has been undone all day]

            • Stuart Munro.

              I don’t purport anything you lying POS.

              You claimed to have instances of left violence. Produce or apologize, liar.

  6. adam 6

    Can I just say that Senator Fraser Anning is a low life scum bag, his particular sort of christian fascist relies heavily on hate and fake pathos.


    • [ ” his particular sort of christian fascist relies heavily on hate and fake pathos ”]

      Settle down mate. if that’s the case then so does your communism.

      • Mark 6.1.1

        Not much to say today eh…….the sort of racist rhetoric you and your idol Winston Peters indulge in is what creates the seedbed for the extremism we saw on display today.

        • WILD KATIPO

          You can try baiting as much as you want buddy.

          So Winston Peters isn’t your favorite politician obviously. And obv still stinging from the truth lashing you received. Go take it up with Peters then. Quite humorous you were waiting in the wings to have a go. I notice you were kind of silent today as well… until now.

          What a creep.

          • Mark

            Sort of predicted you would not have much to say, as you are a closet white supremacist yourself. An obvious one. With obvious sympathy with the shooters

            This sort of shit is from fuckers like you worried that they are losing their place in the sun and people who don’t look like you are all to blame for it.

            Too bad. The gears of history are shifting. And not in your favour – what we saw today is the ultimate outcome of the kind of white rage you manifest on this site. Well keep getting angrier dude. That axis of wealth and power is surely and swiftly moving back from West to East.

            • WILD KATIPO

              Your drunk , and trying to milk an emotional response from a tragedy . And every post you submit makes you look even uglier.

              And unhinged.

              Anyways, today has been ugly enough without your inflammatory bile filled postings.

      • adam 6.1.2

        Racist cluck, and by the way I’m not a communist you idiot. Just saying you right wing nazi loving mofo.

        • WILD KATIPO

          Not once have I said anything racist, or condoning of today’s events . And , – like the Mark character above you , I suspect you also are drunk. Go home. You are just another one who wants to air their faux concern and outrage while secretly using it as a springboard for your own personal political beliefs.

          Its easy to see how the old convenient ‘bash the christian western crusader imperialist’ card comes out of the woodwork yet again to be used as a political tool and weapon. That , – on the eve of of the deaths of so many innocents.

          THAT is the sad thing with both you and Mark.

          • The Al1en

            That’s just adam’s crippled logic on show. Nothing of worth to see here.

          • adam

            OK so more lies and bullshit from Wild Katipo.

            I’m a Christian, I don’t drink and my concern is driven from being close to the last massacre.

            And the truth is there are Christian Fascists, they are armed and they are very angry.

            The fact of the matter is that right need to own their bigotry and people like you need to accept you have feed these murders.

            • WILD KATIPO

              Strong accusations , mate.

              Go kneel and have a prayer.

              Think about what you’ve said. Get over your anger, then come back to the harsh light of reality. Then take a history lesson. There you just might grow up enough and realize the ‘christian fascists ‘ you are really talking about are whats called ‘ nominal Christians’.

              I’ll forgive you for your over emotive outburst yet educate you further that times have not changed.

              There were more than enough Viking Kings who became ‘ nominal Christians’ , ordained that as the official religion ( with a little paganism thrown in for good measure and to appease the general populace ) and then proceeded to give the edict that ‘ any one , being Anglo or Saxon , or Viking shall have their heads cut off if they do not accept my decrees and become Christians”…

              There you go, … nominal Christianity.

              Not dissimilar to radicals in the Islamic faith today.

              Get your history and your facts straight.

              Dry your crying eyes.

              And then ,… when the tears wash you clean and your naivety or guile has gone,… you might,… just might… recognize the difference between a true faith and one concocted as a nominal follower for political expediency.

              • adam

                You are the one reacting with anger WILD KATIPO, I’m not angry. Just disappointed by the likes of you.

                If you can’t get your head around the term Christian Fascist – that really is your problem.

                Here try this


                or this


                Oh so you now blaming the muslims for what happened, I was wonder how long it was going to take you.

                • No , you are a ‘ Bible in one hand , rifle in the other type’.

                  A nominal ‘christian ‘ who is not.

                  And you use this as political expediency to advance your online social justice warrior status and in the end , don’t give a flying rats shit about people murdered. Nor democracy , nor vigilance, nor your country.

                  I’ve spoken to you bluntly and plainly. You refuse to learn or admit your falsehoods. I’m not even angry but do believe in answering peoples posts. In fact I’m bored by all the try hard’s. Seriously that’s all I am. I don’t know you , don’t even care about who you claim you are and actually… am more annoyed that I bothered to humor you.

                  What was the instruction of Jesus when people wouldn’t listen?

                  It had something to do with sandals and dust.

                  Cya later chump.

                  • adam

                    You got nothing but your ego. Your talking rubbish. And ranting like Alex Jones. Get over yourself buddy.

                    Take a chill pill and go smell some flowers, even better go outside and get some fresh air.

                • greywarshark

                  Please desist. Continued arguing with WK just brings long-winded wraparound comments.

              • Interesting, the comments I made were not copied into my reply. Perhaps the GSCB are doing overtime….

                As I had edited ,

                Not dissimilar to radicals in the Islamic faith today. Who are less ‘true Muslims’ and more nominal Muslims and using the faith as a springboard to manipulate and carry out genocidal acts. They never were believers but users of the provision of ‘Jihad’ to justify their political agendas.

                And the same can be said of many of the military adventures of the Crusades. Under the auspices of the Pope.

                You really need to learn your history , boy.

                Stop being a victim and swayed by every small breeze like a reed in the wind…

                • adam

                  You are pushing your own personal political agenda, you’re just too stupid to acknowledge it. Which makes your comments so jarring.

                  Maybe if you got over yourself, and that need to be right, you might take a minute to reflect on the shit you are saying.

  7. Cricklewood 7

    Read some of the older stuff on 8chan you’d like to hope he would’ve garnered some attention but on the flip side the net is full of keyboard warriors and if his manifesto is to be believed he was quite well organized.
    Just another nutcase unfortunately and found at both extremes of the political and religious spectrum.
    I sincerely hope we don’t make substantive change to our lifestyle and freedoms based on this idiots actions. In effect it will give him what he wants and set out to achieve.

    • Incognito 7.1

      It’s the tragic result of the intersection of motive, means, and opportunity. It is the first element that initiates a chain-reaction and to a large degree determines the severity of the crime or the act. Simple ‘solutions’ will fall short in dealing with this very complex problem.

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